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William Levy And Elizabeth Gutierrez Together In South Africa.

William Levy And Elizabeth Gutierrez Together In South Africa.

It is definitely an ongoing doubt when it comes to our controversial couple , whether they are still a couple or not.

Levy and Elizabeth have been sharing supportive messages on social media but it came as a shock when Elizabeth announced she was leaving the play “Brujas” in Miami to join Levy in South Africa, where he is shooting scenes for “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

The controversial couple has been sharing photos and videos of their time together in South Africa with their children, Christopher and Kailey, but they made sure not to take any photos together.

However, Elizabeth shared who her current crush is to all her followers when she posted a photo of Levy, tagged him and made reference to his smile.

My #mcm #thatsmiletho❤️ #drvibes @willevy

A photo posted by Ely (@gutierrezelizabeth_) on

Levy recently confessed that if it wasn’t for the media meddling in their personal life all the time he wouldn’t have to make his personal life public, “I don’t need to be clarifying rumors in magazines and TV shows. It’s not my style. I always try to keep myself apart from everything they say or make up,” he wrote on an Instagram post.

Saludos desde #southafrica Los quiero! A video posted by William Levy (@willevy) on

Despite the ongoing criticism the Levy Gutiérrez family has to go through, William, ElizabethChristopher and Kailey are having the time of their lives in Cape Town.

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