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Wild Skin Episode 055

Wild Skin Episode 055

Wild Skin Episode 055

Camila sees a woman with the exact descriptions given to her by Mother Isabel. The woman stop speaking into the phone as Camila waves excitedly. Torrealba tells all the disguised men that the woman has arrived.
Patricia tells Fausto that Rosa and Camila are meeting today. She informs him that Rosa uses Luciano as an intermediary. Fausto tells Patricia that he wants to know the exact date and time that Rosa and Camila will meet. He is sending the details to someone who will do a job for them. Rosa is in their hands now.
Max tells Torrealba he is far from Camila but can see the woman and the description fits the one given to them by Mother Isabel. Anton, the hit man, also prepares himself with a gun. The police intervene and capture the woman who was with Camila.

Anton is also almost apprehended but manages to subdue the man who has caught him and escapes. Luciano receives a call from a paranoid Rosa. She says the meeting was a trap but Luciano assures her it wasn’t. She then tells him all that happened at the mall. Elda arrives home and Luciano asks her where she was. She says she was at the mall with Patricia. Luciano tells her he does not believe her and that he knows she sold out the details of the meeting between Camila and Rosa to Torrealba. Elda says maybe now; Rosa will stay far away.
Torrealba apologizes to the woman (who is not Rosa Blanco) and she is released. Camila asks Torrealba angrily why they would want to capture an innocent Rosa who has not committed any crime. She has already served her sentence. Torrealba says it was to protect her because a man was ready to kill her. They should be thanking him instead.
At Mascarada, Ezequiel wants to know how the meeting between Rosa and Camila is going. For that reason, he instructs Octavia to call Julia.
He wants Julia to call Camila and know what has happened so far.
Torrealba along with Max and Camila are at a café. Camila tells him that her mother is no criminal. He understands that but tells them that after the attempted hit on Rosa some days before, he only wanted to protect her. He leaves sulking. Camila is sure that Rosa will not pick up her call. True to fact, Rosa does not pick up her call. Camila is nervous and starts to call out to her mother and Max comforts her.
Fausto tells Patricia about the ambush by the police that has happened at the mall. Anton has informed him. He has been told that Rosa Blanco did not show up. Patricia is a nervous wreck and says that Rosa will not spill the beans.
Fausto tells her to watch her mouth and not say anything otherwise; she will have to deal with him.
Julia agrees to call Camila to find out what has happened. Camila tells her that an ambush made her not see her mother as she would have wanted. Julia tells this to Ezequiel and Octavia. Ezequiel is stunned.
Camila and Max arrive at the Salamanques residence and tell Elda and Luciano all that has happened. Luciano tells Camila and Max that it is all Elda’s fault. She was the one who gave all the details to Torrealba. Camila is angry and wants to know why she did that. Elda claims that she wanted the police to protect Rosa especially after the first attempted assassination.
Octavia goes into Astrid’s office and tells her of the meeting that was to take place between Rosa and Camila. At first, Astrid does not think it is any of her business, but then Octavia tells her that Rosa’s return will mark the end of her mother as well as all those who betrayed her. She tells Astrid to be careful that her parents do not fall victim to Rosa’s impending vengeance.
Luciano assures Camila that he will convince Rosa to talk to her and assure her it was not a setup. Camila tells Elda that next time she wants to help; it should be to her (Camila’s) advantage. Luciano also leaves ignoring Elda.
Sebastian is in the church praying to God desperately for inner peace. He wants to be absolved from the incessant desire he feels for Amelia.
Gregory decides to visit Amelia. She tells him of Sebastian’s sudden change of attitude and how he went from wanting to leave his vocation for her to suddenly leaving her stranded. Gregory is sure that a love as strong as hers can overcome anything. However, she wants to know what Ezequiel could have told Sebastian to get him worked up like that.
Camila and Max go to the orphanage where she finds Mother Isabel mid conversation with Rosa. Camila can tell who it is and picks the phone to talk to Rosa but then Rosa hangs up. Mother Isabel tells Camila that Rosa believes it was all a trap and she wonders how she will be able to see her at all.
Elda calls Marcelina to tell her all about what happened at the café with Rosa and Camila’s meeting. Luciano listens in long enough and once he has had it, comes into the living room and grabs the phone from Elda. He asks her to whom she is speaking. Elda says it is Marcelina.
Father Tiziano is with Sebastian in the church and asks him how he feels. Sebastian says he feels awful and needs to find a way in which he can find the inner peace which he is missing at this moment in his life.
Moises comes into the Glamor salon and wants to see Chila. He tells her that he wants to be her personal trainer at the gym where he works. She puts him off saying that her body is too perfect. She can tells what his game is, and is in no mood for his endless professions of love and romance. He leaves and Rosario and Chuchi chide her for being too hard on Moises.
Rosario tells her that she should keep searching for a man online. Yeli interrupts and says all the men online are all desperate and some murderers. Leandro comes into Glamor to see Yeli who suggests they go out for a coffee and Chuchi. Yeli and Rosario watch romantically as the duo leaves.
Torrealba visits Luciano who wants him out of his house. The captain explains all they want to do is protect Rosa. She is an important witness in the investigations concerning the deaths of Leoncio Lopez Mendez and Augusto Aragon de la Rosa.
A phone call comes through to Luciano who nervously pretends it is an investor who wants to invest in his enterprise. He says it is not Rosa although Torrealba tells him he did not even talk. The captain tells him to send his apologies to Rosa for the misunderstanding. Luciano tells him he doubts if Rosa will call him again.
Astrid goes into Max’s office and tries to comfort him telling him that the return of Rosa could then lead to Camila’s love changing.
She tells him all she doing is as a friend. Max asks her politely to leave him alone.
Ezequiel finds Julia in the company of Camila and he asks how the meeting went. She narrates to him of how the police ambush soiled her opportunity to see her mother. Eezquiel encourages her and tells her that she should not worry. Once Rosa finds out the kind of daughter she has, she will wants to see her. Camila thanks him.
Father Tiziano has a talk with Mother Isabel. She tells him of Rosa’s fear of being incarcerated again. After the talk they had, it is clear Rosa and Camila might never ever meet as Rosa would rather disappear.
Max comforts Camila and tells her that maybe; Rosa is just looking for the right time to see her. He assures that her mother also wants to meet her.
He even suggests that maybe they should get married and have a child – that would make Rosa come back fast. They smile at each other and kiss.Sebastian comes down the stairs with suitcases and Javier asks him where he is off to. Sebastian tells his brother he is going back to Spain to reflect and think. Ezequiel arrives and asks his son where he is going.Luciano arrives at the destination where Rosa has led him to. She tells him to get into the building and he asks her if she really is coming to see him and the answer he has received seems to mean she will.

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