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Wild Skin Episode 054

Wild Skin Episode 054

Wild Skin Episode 054

Camila is ecstatic that Rosa wants to see her. Max is just a tad worried if Rosa is really the author of that message but Luciano assures her it is. Camila wants to call her mother. Rosa does not pick up the call, making Camila get hysterical and calls out to her. Luciano assures her they will meet.
Amelia lashes out at Sebastian for being a liar. He says that he thought hard about it and he does not want to be responsible for her becoming distant from her family if they are to disown her because of being with him.
Celso, in Julia’s room.
He tells her that Gregory is nothing but a kid. Julia says that maybe so, but he is a gentleman, unlike he who is dirty. She slaps him when he gets close to her. He tells her he will have the final say and she orders him out of her bedroom. Moises calls Sheila out on her searching for a man online. She claims to be looking for a man who will love her and understand her. he says he wants to give her all that. He knows all she is looking for is sex.
Captain Torrealba is still talking to Ezequiel.
He claims to be the one person who needs to see Rosa. The captain does not believe him. He knows that Rosa’s return will be Ezequiel’s undoing. It will prove he murdered Augusto Aragón. Ezequiel tells the captain to leave the house and do his job. Luciano talks to Rosa, who tells him that she wants to meet with Camila, again insisting that it should be alone, and without Max.

That evening, Father Tiziano and Mother Isabel visit Camila at her place and they all enjoy drinks with Camila, Yeli and Max as Camila is ecstatic about seeing Rosa finally. Mother Isabel tells her that Rosa is a very elegant and beautiful woman who took after their mother. Mother Isabel reminds her that even though their meeting does not go unplanned to be content as she is going to be happy anyway with Max. Max says positively that they should look to this meeting as a start of something new.
Max tells Marcelina, later at home, that Camila will be meeting with Rosa the next day and Marcelina wonders if Camila will still love him the same after Rosa plants hatred in Camila’s heart. Max asks her if she is Rosa’s friend, but Marcelina says not anymore and leaves the table.
Rosa calls Luciano and leaves the address of the café where she would like to meet Camila. Elda sees the address and tells Luciano that the place is too public for Rosa and she will not show up. She also says that it is unbearable how Luciano works to Rosa’s whim day and night and Luciano tells her to stop being jealous.
Marcelina visits Octavia and Ezequiel and tells them that Rosa and Camila will be meeting the next day and Rosa will be taking her revenge on Ezequiel sooner than he can imagine. Octavia says that Marcelina should leave because all she wants is to fill them with fear, but Marcelina assures her that she too has a role in this story and should wait for the anvil to fall on her as well, much to Ezequiel’s surprise.
Amelia tells her mother that Sebastian telling her all that he did was just not normal and maybe this all sprouted from her visiting Ezequiel. Patricia is surprised to hear that her daughter visited Ezequiel.
The captain wants to see Rosa and visits Luciano and Elda. Luciano goes to his office to talk to Rosa takes advantage of this to tell Captain Torrealba of the time and place where Rosa plans to see Camila. Luciano comes back and tells the Captain that Rosa does not want to see him and the captain leaves.
Amelia tells Patricia that she believes Ezequiel must have told something to Sebastian to make him change his mind about leaving the priesthood for her, and Patricia is a bit worried.
Sebastian tells Father Tiziano that he is in regret of what happened and also realizes that Patricia’s words are true and he does not want to be responsible for Amelia becoming distant with her family because of her being with him.
Chila tells Chuchi that she wants a man to can perform and live up to the occasion because she is just not looking solely for affection.
Fausto wants to have breakfast and has Fanny serve it to him and Gregory. He has a talk with his son and tells him what he feels for Julia is comprehensible but he is young and that passion will fade because he knows this, as he too was once young. He also knows that Ezequiel will find another guy for Julia to keep him far away.
Camila arrives at Mascarada happy and Ezequiel wants to know what has her happy as a lark. She tells him because she will be getting married to his son, and because she will be meeting with her mother that very day. Julia congratulates her and tells her she should get her mother to come to the wedding.
At the salon, Roger comes to see Rosario while Chila and Chuchi are talking about what is important in a relationship.
Yeli says that what is important in a relationship is honesty and Roger sees her. He knows it was her who Fernando got off with and tells her they cannot be together because of family related issues. They all defend Yeli; including Rosario that Fernando is a scum who should not show up at Glamor.
Julia goes to Ezequiel’s office to tell her him that Celso is abusive and came into her bedroom by force. Ezequiel tells her she inventing stories because it was she who told him that Celso is good and kind and Julia leaves saddened.
The group of four (Mother Isabel, Marcelina, Elda and Patricia) meet up once more. Mother Isabel insists that they all ask Rosa for forgiveness but they all refuse especially because she is Rosa’s sister and will surely be forgiven. They then ask her to leave as they have other issues to discuss. After she leaves, Patricia tells them that it was Fausto who tries to have Rosa killed and all she wants out of them is their silence and they make a pact on that.
Ezequiel and Fausto each receive more threats from The Mourner. Ezequiel tells Octavia that wants to use this to his advantage. Patricia tells Fausto that it is clearly a threat from Rosa.
Camila leaves for the café eager to see her mother.
Torrealba, has a number of men posted at the café disguised as he tells them through earphones that Rosa is a very difficult woman to trap and they are alerted on the lookout.
Camila arrives at the café and takes a seat. Each one of the men disguised watches her and so does Torrealba from the security footage room of the mall. Camila texts Rosa to tell her that she has arrived.

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