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Wild Skin Episode 053

Wild Skin Episode 053

Wild Skin Episode 053

The hit man, Antón leaves after receiving the order and Luciano come out of hiding. Immediately a gunshot is heard, and they cower under the table. Luciano immediately thinks they should leave. Elda tells him to stay put and wait for the police to get there.
Leandro introduces himself to Yeli and tells her Mascarada belongs to his father. He then offers to take her on a tour of the company as they wait for Camila to return and he tells her he can trust her. She happily agrees so as to get her mind off things.
Mother Isabel walks in on Camila telling Father Tiziano her outrageous desires for her wedding. Camila is annoyed even though Mother Isabel is happy to see that they are planning their wedding. Camila tells her she is too mysterious as usual and wonders what she means that not a person will separate them. She tells Max that she wants to leave because she does not like people who speak in riddles.
Fausto then tells Patricia that he will not stand to hear of Amelia seeing Sebastian and will personally help terminate him. Patricia tells him to calm down as she will talk to him.
Luciano is worried about the gunshot. Elda suggests that he call Rosa just to find out if she is alright or has arrived at the antique shop.

Ezequiel tells Octavia that he wants to speak to Amelia and so he wants her to come to the mansion. Octavia does not think it is a good idea. He suggests talking to Amelia herself but then Ezequiel wants things done his way.
Father Tiziano speaks to Sebastian who is not at peace.
Antón tells Fausto that he can do the job once more. Fausto is being a bit careful as he knows Rosa is alert now after the hit attempt on her.
Camila and Max come to the office and announce their wedding inviting both Octavia and Ezequiel inviting them. Octavia is happy and Ezequiel throws an angry fit after they leave. Octavia tells him that they are in love and no matter what happens Camila cannot feel anything for an old man like him, who will be the grandfather of her children with Max.
Luciano calls Rosa and she assures him that is well and fine and unharmed much to the relief of Luciano and Elda. Alone, Luciano sits down and asks himself what is it about Rosa that makes him feel different.
Leandro takes Yeli for a tour round Mascarada and even offers to teach her to be a computer expert as he is part of the IT and design team of the company.
Amelia arrives at the Lopez Mendez mansion and Ezequiel receives her rather deviously. He tells her he wants to talk to her about Sebastian.
At the same time, Sebastian arrives at the Aragon mansion and has a talk with Patricia.
Ezequiel tells Amelia that if she really loves Sebastian. She should distance herself because he would rather have a dead son rather than one who is alive and married to an Aragon.
Sebastian assures Patricia that he will leave the priesthood for Amelia. Despite this sacrifice, Patricia tells him that he needs to remember the great enmity between Fausto and Ezequiel. If he really loves Amelia the way he says he does, then he ought to distance himself from her.
Captain Torrealba and Luciano arrive at Caprice and want to know if Fausto is responsible for the attempted assassination on Rosa. Fausto gets angry and kicks them out of his office.
Marcelina insists to Max that Camila will abandon him and not stay by his side. She also makes sure to tell him that Astrid is the right woman for him.
Yeli thanks Leandro for the tour but then she has to leave and she kisses him on the cheek goodbye, making Leandro feel wonderful.
Sebastian arrives at the mansion and Amelia tells him of all of Ezequiel’s threats over his life and how he said his life is in her hands. Sebastian just tells Santiago to take Amelia home and confronts Ezequiel.
Camila asks Mother Isabel to call Rosa for her wedding. Isabel is completely no in synch with this idea because Rosa is full of hate and a soul for vengeance and would only make the wedding horrible.
Yeli comes back to Glamour and Javier comes to pick up Rosario for a drink. he mentions that Yeli was with Leandro (arising the curiosity of the gossipy trio of Chila, Rosario and Chuchi). She says that nothing happened and they just talked.
Celso makes an unpleasant visit to Julia’s room and tells all he wants is to see his wife.
Gregory is talking with Amelia and tells her that he loves Julia even more now. Meanwhile, Julia is telling Sebastian that she cannot imagine how her life will be without Gregory.
Luciano comes to the orphanage and tells Isabel on the hit on Rosa’s life. Isabel weakens and almost faints but is helped to a seat by Camila, Luciano and Max. Luciano tells Max and Camila about the hit and they both want to see her to help her.
Yeli tells Chuchi and Chila that she is clearly not meant to be with anyone. She is just a pregnant woman whose baby daddy does not want her. They should not drag a good guy like Leandro into this-He is a good guy.
Torrealba visits Ezequiel and tells him of the attempted hit on Rosa’s life but then Ezequiel tells the captain it is not him as he, more than anyone else, wants to see Rosa alive.
Chila and Chuchi are busy checking guys out online and Moises arrives just as Chila is commenting on some really sexy guys she has seen online.
Sebastian visits Amelia and she calls him out on not letting her tell him in front of Ezequiel what his father said and Sebastian remains silent. He then tells Amelia that they cannot be together.
Luciano with Max and Camila in tow have been standing by a busy roadside hoping Rosa will call. Rosa calls and he tells her Camila wants to see her and he assures her it is not a trap. A few seconds later, Rosa sends a text message telling Camila that she wants to see her alone. Camila is ecstatic that her mother finally wants to see her.
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