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Wild Skin Episode 052

Wild Skin Episode 052

Wild Skin Episode 052

Camila tells Max that it is clear that Rosa and Isabel are sisters. That is why Mother Isabel has worked so hard to hide the whereabouts of Rosa as well as protecting her. Max asks her is she is sure and Camila says she is.
Sebastian confesses to Amelia that since what happened between them, he has not had an ounce of peace.
Mother Isabel and Luciano arrive at the antique house where Luciano has been sent to by Rosa many times. He tells her that he will leave and be back in an hour so that she and Rosa can get some privacy to talk.
Ezequiel adheres to Julia’s plea to let Gregory go. Julia cries at his side and tells him to forget she ever existed as she will try to do herself. Octavia scolds them to stop talking in such a manner otherwise Ezequiel will hear them and do something worse.
Fausto receives a call from his hired hit man. He tells him that he has found out Rosa is in communication with a man named Luciano. The hit man asks if Luciano should be handled as “collateral damage” but Fausto says no. Rosa is the only one to be eliminated.
Amelia asks Sebastian if he is in doubt but he refutes and she asks if they can marry when he leaves the priesthood and he agrees.
Max and Camila decide that it is time they left for Father Tiziano’s so that they can arrange for the date of their wedding.
Gregory is led out of the house by Santiago much to the horror of Octavia, Rita and Julia.
Roger asks Fausto who he was talking with on the phone. Fausto answers by saying that it was just someone who was doing him a service. He tells her very soon, Rosa Blanco will no longer be in his list of problems. Roger tells his uncle that if he is that calm, then he has something up his sleeve.
Gregory arrives home all weak and beaten up. Fernando takes him in his arms and leads him to a chair. He calls Patricia who comes in and is horrified at the sight of her wounded son. Fausto arrives home and asks what happened and soon as he hears that Ezequiel did this to Gregory because of Julia, he slaps his son as well.
Ezequiel tells Julia that she is going to marry Celso. He is the man he has chosen for her. He cannot trust her again after the betrayal she has committed by involving herself with a member of his enemy’s family. Julia, however, says it is not her problem. Ezequiel asks her if he decided to kill Gregory, would she say it was no longer her problem?
Camila finds Yeli at home crying and asks her what happened. Yeli tells her that Fernando told her he is not interested in her or her baby. Camila almost goes out to look for him and give her a piece of her mind, but Yeli tells her not to. Camila comforts her and tells her she is by her side.
Sebastian tells Father Tiziano about the restlessness he feels and despite understanding him. Father Tiziano tells him he cannot applaud him for not following the right procedures of leaving the priesthood.
Luciano returns with a bouquet of flowers and Isabel is all alone. She tells him that Rosa came and they spoke. Rosa is set on her revenge and wants to see Patricia and Marcelina in prison. She explains to Luciano that 20 years is enough time for Rosa to have planned the perfect, flawless revenge she has in store for them. Luciano is afraid for Elda.
Camila looks for Mother Isabel at the orphanage and asks her for the truth about her being her aunt and Isabel confesses to it being true. She tells her that she looked for her for many years. When she finally found her, she did a DNA test on her. The result came out positive and she was relieved. Camila asks why she never stayed with her and Isabel dodges this, but Camila can tells a lie when she hears one.
Elda is curious about the meeting between Rosa and Luciano. Rosa calls and thanks him for the kind gesture and he thanks her for seeing Isabel. When Elda asks what gesture that was. He says he bought her some flowers and Elda is annoyed.
At dinner, Amelia reproaches everyone at the table. She is not surprised about what happened to Gregory because they did the same to Sebastian. She also reproaches Fernando concerning his child. She feels distant from this family day by day and Fausto tells her to leave the table. Before she leaves, he tells her to be careful not to have the death of a man of God in her conscience.
Max tells Marcelina (in Astrid’s presence) that he is about to marry Camila and asks her to be happy for her much to Astrid’s annoyance.
Celso visits the Lopez Mendez house and Ezequiel tells him and Julia that they need to get married instantly and Celso agrees so as to keep a close eye on her. He also shows Ezequiel the pictures he took of Julia and Gregory.
Later, Celso warns Julia that he has to respect her and he is the one who has the final say in their affairs.
Patricia goes to Mascarada where she tells Ezequiel that she blames Julia for being the one chasing after her son and he is outraged and asks her to leave. She goes back to Caprice and tells Fausto that she wants to report him to the police but then he tells her not to.
Camila and Max go to Father Tiziano and ask him to be the one to marry them and he say that he would be honored and blesses them.
Yeli goes to Mother Isabel and tells them of her predicament of a father who does not want anything to do with his child and she cries. They comfort her.
Luciano goes back to the antique shop as he expects to see Rosa aging. He is told by the caretaker to wait and then hears the voice of a woman thinking it is Rosa. He follows the voice and calls out to Rosa but sees it is not her and apologizes.
Yeli goes to Mascarada and is told Camila is not there and decides to wait for Camila. Leandro comes and says hi to her. It is clear to him that she is not happy and explains that she is saddened. Leandro thought she was happy with her husband as Chila told him. Yeli says she has no husband and the baby’s father is not interested in her. He decides to sit next to her and wait with her before Camila can come back.
Elda arrives at the antique shop and Luciano tells her she shouldn’t have come there but she too wants to see Rosa. Luciano leads her to a place where she can stay without Rosa seeing her. They notice a man standing straight, dressed in black and looking at them suspiciously.
The man is Fausto’s hit man. He calls Fausto and tells him that he is close to Rosa and wants the order to kill her.

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