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Wild Skin Episode 045

Wild Skin Episode 045

Wild Skin Episode 045

Luciano picks up the phone and greets Rosa telling her that he is in the company of someone who would like to speak to her very much. Camila takes the phone and starts to call out to her mother and telling her she wants to see her but Rosa does not speak and eventually hangs up without saying a word to Camila.
Yeli speaks to Max about the fact that she is afraid of what pregnancy could be all about and they talk about marriage with Max telling her that Fernando told her that he loves her and she has decided to live with pleasure and Max tells her that he will support her and she tells her not to say anything to Camila because she could get all crazy and approach Fernando for a good smacking.
Camila is saddened wondering how her own mother could not even be the least bit concerned about how she is, how she is doing, not even mentioning a simple interest in seeing her. Elda and Luciano sit beside her and she (Elda) tells her that soon she will be with her mother and can ask her all she wants to ask her.
Octavia brings Sebastian to Ezequiel who studies his son’s wounds and lectures him on letting himself be beaten up by the Aragons. He then tells Sebastian to assume responsibility for his actions and not blame the hit on the feud between him (Ezequiel) and Fausto because their feud began a long time ago.
Camila arrives home to find the house spruced up with decorations by Max who reminds her that everything he does is because he loves her. She appreciates it but tells him of what happened at the home of her godmother. She is downcast by the fact that Rosa could not say a word to her even her longing to speak to her.
At the Aragon residence, Gregory calls off his father for what he had done on Sebastian and calls off Roger, Fernando and Aldo as well. Patricia asks if it is true and Amelia wants an answer and Fausto does not bother denying that it is a lie. He says he will not let a Lopez Mendez near his daughter and Amelia walks out on the dinner.

Octavia asks Sebastian if he is in love with Amelia and when he starts dodging, Ezequiel orders him to answer and he says his feelings for Amelia are intensifying yet he still does not want to leave his vocation. Ezequiel starts to mock him because he wants Amelia while he still wants to be in priest hood. He says his calling to the priesthood is still intact. Ezequiel decides to make it clear that he is okay with Sebastian leaving the priesthood but he will not allow a son of his to have any kind of relation with an Aragon.
Yeli tells Camila about her pregnancy and hopes that it will uplift Camila’s mood but instead, Camila is outraged and calls her stupid because she was foolish enough to let herself be fooled by Fernando.
Sebastian arrives at the orphanage and his wounds shock Sister Isabel and Father Tiziano. He explains it was nothing, just but a hit and run on his way on the street. Amelia arrives and is devastated to see what his father did to him and Sebastian explains to the nun and priest that what happened was due to the ongoing feud between the two families.
Everyone at the salon congratulates Yeli on her pregnancy and Rosario even says she will be the organizer of the baby shower, but Chuchi says that Fernando will never acknowledge a child by a hairdresser making Yeli more downcast.
Max and Camila go to Commander Torrealba and tell him about the phone call that Rosa Blanco made to Luciano Salamanques and all they know is that she is coming back for revenge because she was imprisoned for the crime of killing Leoncio Lopez Mendez which she did not commit in truth. She also explains that the DNA test carried out has proved that she is not related to the Lopez Mendez making her the daughter of Augusto Aragon.
Javier and Leandro contract two girls to go to seduce Fernando under the pretext of the casting and to get him right where they want him under Ezequiel’s orders.
Amelia goes to the office of her father and calls him off on his evil action of ordering Aldo, Roger and Fernando to beat up Sebastian. She tells him she can choose to denounce him but he warns her against threatening him and orders her back to work.
Octavia arrives at Captain Torrealba’s office to file a complaint against the Aragons for what they did to Sebastian and Max is infuriated. She then trashes the police and tells the Captain hat she hopes for once, they will for their job – after having a brief argument with Camila and blaming her mother for being the cause of the existing feud, she leaves angrily.
The new catalogue arrives with Roger in tow at Chila’s salon and Roger introduces himself to Rosario and asks her out because it is clear he likes her very much, much to the thrill of Chila and. He leaves Rosario her card.
The two girls arrive at Fernando’s and lure him under the pretext of the casting, seducing him provocatively and one of them takes out her phone prepared to do alert Ezeqiuiel of the hotel where they are with Fernando.
Gregory and Julia meet up and embrace each other. She tells him she used the pictures of Celso and Chila to blackmail Celso to stop bugging her but Ezequiel knows their wedding is postponed. Gregory is impatient as he wants to be with her, but Julia has her cards laid out right for them to be together. They kiss and Celso arrives to capture the scene with a phone and saves the photos.
Captain Torrealba goes to Fausto’s office to question him on the hit that Sebastian got because Octavia reported him as being responsible but Fausto acts all serene about it saying that he is a devout catholic and would never order an attack on a man of God.
Ezequiel calls Octavia out on going to the police to report what happened saying he takes matter into his own hands. He affirms that this is men’s business although she says she is not willing to be part of their war and Ezequiel warns her that she may be the next victim if their war.
His phone buzzes and he sends Javier alongside the Santiago ambush the hotel and seize Fernando. They hold him down and beat him up because of what he did to Sebastian. Ezequiel asks Leandro to keep watch as he has Fernando completely beaten up by Javier, but the former continues to mock Ezequiel for having been betrayed by his own because what he does not know is that Leandro denounced him unknowingly for the death of Marco.
Chila lectures Rosaio for being stupid and not taking advantage of the fact that two men from very rich families are fighting over her and when Yeli tells Chila to quit it, Chila says that she ought to learn a bit from this as she was used by one of the rich ones.
Sebastian brings Camila’s kid friend over and she tells him of how Octavia went to report his beating to the police leaving Sebastian worried as he knows worse will come after this.
Fernando returns to Caprice and tells his father it was Ezequiel who had him beaten up and he says the next hit on Ezequiel will be a bloody one and this time he will deliver it personally.
Octavia tells Max she went to the police and Max is called by a guy whose name is Henry and when he leaves, Octavia asks herself who this Henry is.
Henry turns out to be a nephew of Rosa’s and hands Max a stack of letters from Rosa to her late sister Esperanza that should have been given to Camila.
Ezequiel calls for his son, Leandro and starts to shout aggressively at him asking if it is true that he accused him of murdering Marco and Fausto knows this.
Sister Isabel goes to The Aragon residence and Patricia tells her she does not want to see her but Sister Isabel tells her she has a message especially for her from Rosa Blanco.

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By: Ian Walter

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