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Waking Up With You Episode 002

Waking Up With You Episode 002

Waking Up With You Episode 002

While the convention goes on, everyone is admiring the designs all around them. Maia is busy taking photographs of the beautiful flowers and the art displays when she mistakenly takes a picture of Pablo, who is immersed right in front of a piece of art. Their eyes meet abruptly, and she runs off in a hurry. Pablo decides to follow her and ask her why she took the picture, but Maia’s bodyguard stops him.
It turns out that Cindy has another boyfriend, Wilson, whom she wants to break up with. Wilson, however, does not want to break up with her. He points out that it does not matter whether or not she is in love with him, but it is evident that she fancies his company more than she likes being around Pablo and he is sure she only wants to get married because her father has promised to give her the mechanic garage if she succeeds in marrying Pablo.
Wilson then gives her an idea. He tells her it would be best if no one found out about her breaking up with Pablo. Pablo may just as well decide to forgive her and that way she can end up getting married to him, and eventually get the mechanic garage as she has always wanted. Cindy tells Wilson that she loves him because he is always very understanding.
Othón and Antonia insult each other but he decides that he will not waste any more time arguing with her because she is just but a withered flower.
Rodolfo and Federico are having a conversation. They plan to engage in the flower growing business and have plans of renting a piece of land where they can plant and grow the flowers.

Maia and Frida are at the beach sunbathing. Freda intentionally unties Maia’s bikini top and Maia does not notice this. Pablo approaches and almost stumbles upon Maia, to which Maia stands up agitated and begins to chide him. He stares at her and it is only then she notices that her bra has fallen off and covers herself with her hands in embarrassment, telling him that his gazing at her is sexual harassment. Federico tells Othón that he should get involved in the floricultural arena, and the latter replies by saying that he does not have the right amount of capital to star off but Federico tells him that he knows exactly how he can go about all the details.
Pablo takes off his vest and gives it to Maia to cover herself. She takes it, but still demands that he get out of her sight. Frida then tells Maia that she is the one who caused the ruckus because she untied her bra.
He takes advantage of the situation to ask her why she took a picture of him. They eye each other but Maia and Frida take off in a hurry. Pablo follows them because he thinks it is right that he apologizes for staring at her boobs, but Maia says there really is no need.
Cindy decides to visit Pablo’s mother. She wants her help in convincing Pablo to forgive her. Pablo’s mother calls him, and asks her why he never told her she broke up with Cindy. Wondering how she found out about the breakup, Pablo asks her and she tells him that word goes around and he just confirmed this. Tulia tells him that Cindy is crushed and is apologizing for her crude behavior towards him, but he says there is nothing to forgive, after all the nasty words she said to him. Cindy grabs the phone from Tulia and hangs up the call. Jenny, Pablo’s sister, comes in all dressed up in makeup. Tulia, their mother, wants her to take it all off because she thinks she is too young. Jenny tells her mother that makeup is normal because she too is a woman.
Antonia bumps into a businessman who seems interested in her. She knows just how to play her cards right when it comes to closing a business deal.
When Othón sees that Maia’s bodyguard has lost sight of her, he is enraged. He goes looking for his daughter, who is in her room, smelling Pablo’s’ vest and looking at his picture. He asks her why she has been, and she says she was at the beach with Frida. He asks her who is the guy in the photograph in her camera, and she is quick to say it is nobody as she does not even know him at all. Othón warns her not to even fall for him, because she is getting back with Federico, but Maia says he cannot dictate who she will be with in her life.
Antonia escapes her bodyguards, who are also looking for her strenuously. She bumps into Pablo who tells her that protecting her will not be effective if she is hiding information from the bodyguard team.
Maia goes to a bar where coincidentally Pablo is with his friends. She happens to be pushed by a person and her purse falls. She bends to pick it up, and somebody rushes to help her. It is Pablo. They look at each other again deeply.

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By: Ian Walter

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