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Waking Up With You Episode 001

Waking Up With You Episode 001

Waking Up With You Episode 001

Maia, a doctor, tells her best friend, Freda that she plans to break off her relationship with her boyfriend Federico. This is because she does not feel any chemistry with him. She believes that love should be magical and should make one feel like going crazy and trembling and none of these has she felt once with Federico. Freda is in support of her decision.
Maia’s father, Othón Alcalá, finds it hard to fathom why Maia would want to break it off with Federico, seeing as he is the kind of guy every woman would like to have as a boyfriend, and that he also comes from a wealthy family, seeing as his father is an extremely important and known politician. What Othón does not know is that Federico forged this story, and he does not really come from the wealthy family he claims to be from. The truth is, he is struggling financially and he rarely ever has any money to cater for his own expenses and is ever borrowing money from his friend, Rodolfo. Federico knows that Maia is not a simple girl to deal with, but he is completely enamored by her and he will not let any other man have her. He is lucky that Othón is in complete support of their being together.

After a hard day of being a bodyguard for the doctor, Pablo Herminio, tells his friend that he plans on proposing marriage to his girlfriend, Cindy, but not at the moment as he knows marriage is an eternal commitment, and as such, he had best wait.
An attack ensues on his way home and Pablo ends up saving Antonia, a famed floriculturist and her husband, Eligio. Eligio says that Pablo should be hired alongside his friends, to become bodyguards to Antonia.
Cindy’s father owns a garage. He does not fancy seeing his daughter around the workplace fooling around, but she finds his thinking absolutely preposterous and finds it normal for her.
Othón wants Federico’s help. He wants to destroy, Antonia, who is his greatest nemesis and foe. He tells Federico that if he does this, he is more than willing to vouch for his relationship with Maia, and give him a place in his home, much to Federico’s delight.
Pablo informs Cindy that he is attending a flower convention with his new employer, Antonia, but Cindy is in opposition to this. She does not want him risking his life, because he and she are soon to get married and asks him to quit his job as a police officer, but Pablo will not have any of it. He tells her that saving people is in his blood, although she is quick to remind him that it was this constant need to save people from trouble that ended his father’s life. Pablo tells her that he had planned to propose to her, and even has a ring – which she has not realized earlier, but that if she cannot accept his loving his job, then they cannot be together. He goes on to dump the ring in the mechanic’s box and leaves. She tries to beg for forgiveness for uttering such nonsense but he leaves anyway. She looks for the ring and picks it up, and when her father stops by, she tells him that Pablo proposed marriage. He is ecstatic and heads to get champagne to celebrate the good news. They head to Pablo’s house.
Federico tries to woo Maia with a fire themed display, but this only agitates her more and evokes feelings of melancholy because her only brother, died due to fire, and she turns down his proposal, much to Othón’s dismay.
Othón, Maia and Freda prepare and head out to Houston for the flower convention. At the very same time, Antonia is head to Houston with Pablo in tow. Othón and Antonia find themselves stuck in the same elevator and there they begin to attack each other with insults out of pure hatred.
Meanwhile, the convention is in full swing as people walk around admiring the displays. Maia is busy taking pictures and she finds herself snapping a photo of Pablo as he is partially immersed in a piece of art, and their eyes meet abruptly.

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By: Ian Walter

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