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Unforgivable Grand Finale

Unforgivable Grand Finale

Unforgivable Grand Finale.

Veronica, Martin, Magdalena and Botel visit Ana Perla in the hospital. Blanquita invites them to her wedding in Pueblo Nuevo. Father Juan is doing well and now walking perfectly. Veronica and Martin inform him about Virginia. They end up chatting about the villains and Blanquita upcoming wedding. How did Virginia manage to end up in Mina Escondida? Well she is now with her accomplices in a little cabin in the jungle. She isn’t having a nice time. Manuel threatens her with her knife; she does what she is good at. Aaron wants their enemy dead. Manuel is only interested in his money. Pablo takes his pregnant wife for a walk, her stomach is now showing. Manuel paces in the hut and wonders why Aaron and Virginia are still not back from town. He hopes they were able to buy the gun. He tries to sleep and hears someone’s voice. He turns and sees his grandfather standing. Cresencio tells him he hasn’t learnt anything. He didn’t bring him up to end up an evil man. He walks towards Manuel and asks him to repent before it is too late. Manuel coils himself against the wall in fear. He finally speaks and tells Cresencio he is already death. Manuel yells and asks Cresencio to stop tormenting him. He is already a dead man and tells him to leave. Trouble in the fugitive camp, Aaron and Virginia argue over Veronica. Blanquita and Arturo have their church wedding in Mina Escondida. Nancyiaga is present and all dressed up. Father Juan celebrates their wedding. He is assisted by little Polo in his Mass Servant uniform. Congratulation; the newest couple kiss. The three fugitives come to town and Aaron notices the place is too quiet. Manuel tells him there might be a wedding or something. It is party time, everyone dance, Ramon finally got himself a girlfriend. While everyone celebrates, the fugitives plan their revenge.
Fireworks; Aaron interrupts them with a gun shot. He shoots several times in their air, everyone run for his life except our casts. Martin asks Joaquin to inform the police. Veronica decides to inform her mother and Botel. Martin and Pablo walk toward Aaron, Martin tells Aaron he has no problem with the town folks. Ana Perla refuses to leave Pablo behind and asks her aunt to go home. Aaron agrees he has problem with Veronica and her mother. He came to Mina Escondida because of them and shoots several times in the air. Aaron distracts Martin and Pablo, Virginia and Manuel take advantage and kidnap Ana Perla. Martin and Pablo run after Aaron in the bush. Joaquin joins them and informs them Ana Perla is missing. Blanquita and Arturo have their first night at Pierre’s hotel. Aaron leads Martin to a hole they had dug earlier. Aaron lost in gun, he and Martin start fighting. Martin overpowers him; he tells him he will send him to the police. Aaron punches him and pushes him into the hole. He tells Martin his revenge has just begun; now he can go for Magdalena and Veronica. Pablo and Joaquin join the rest in the church. They have no idea what happen, everything happen so fast. Pablo is sure Manuel is behind it and decides to go after him. Manuel drags his pregnant sister to the fugitive hut. She wonders what else he wants; after all she has already sign the document and handed over everything to him. Pablo and Joaquin search for Ana Perla in the bush. Veronica wants to go with Raymunda and the priest but Magdalena stops her. Manuel tortures his pregnant sister, he tries to strike when Crescencio appear again. They start chatting, Ana Perla has no idea what is happening. Virginia interrupts Veronica and Magdalena prayer in the church. She has a gun pointed at Veronica and asks her to do what she says. She informs them they have Martin so she decides to go her. Aaron also shows up and kidnaps Magdalena. Veronica witness the kidnap, she attacks Virginia and manages to knock her down. She goes after Aaron and her mother.

Virginia gets up, takes her gun and tries to shoot. Just at that moment the police show up and she runs away. The chase begins; Veronica rides a horse and goes after her mother. Manuel and Cresencio’s ghost continue with their conversation. He coils himself on the bed and asks for forgiveness. Pablo enters the huts and sees Manuel crying on bed. Manuel wants them to tell him they also see him. Cresencio tells him he is the only one who can see him. He is going to be the voice that will echo in his head for the rest of his life. Manuel cries and asks for forgiveness; Pablo wonders what wrong with him. Manuel yells at them to gets out, Ana Perla refuses. Pablo drags her out, Cresencio voice continue to torture Manuel. Manuel searches under the bed and brings out a rope. Veronica catches up with Aaron and Magdalena, Aaron pushes her. She falls and knock her head on rock, Aaron holds Magdalena tight against a tree. Manuel hangs himself in the hut. Aaron ties up Magdalena against the tree, he set fire and tries to roast his own daughter. He tries to tie unconscious Veronica up and tells Magdalena she is going to watch her own daughter die. Magdalena manages to untie herself and uses a stick to hit him. Aaron falls in the fire and gets roasted instead. Virginia returns to the hut and surprisseeeeeee. Manuel’s death hangs from the roof. She starts crying, he was all she had, she lost Demetrio and now she also lost him. Veronica finds Martin and rescues him. Virginia swears to Manuel’s body she will get her revenge against their enemy. Aaron didn’t roast to death; I don’t know who tie him up. Aaron walks behind Veronica with his hand tie up together joined by a rope to Veronica’s horse. Martin walks behind them. When did Emiliano comes to Mina Escondida and where is Claudia his girlfriend? Well Emiliano and Nancyiaga walk hand in hand in town. She has changed her dress and looks very sexy. Virginia sees them and swears one by one; her enemy will fall. Nancyiaga takes Emiliano to the waterfall to perform some ritual. She wants to cleanse him because she knows he wants to give his heart to Nancyiaga. Virginia shows up from a distance and shoots Emiliano in the back. Emiliano falls into Nancyiaga’s arm. Nancyiaga tells her she will die and her body will break into thousand pieces. Virginia yells at her to keep quiet and tells her she hates her. She blames Nancyiaga for telling the truth about Demetrio. Nancyiaga tells Emiliano their destiny was written. She notices Virginia was about to shoot again and turns Emiliano into the other direction. She takes the second bullet in her back.
She holds tight unto Emiliano, kisses him and they both fall into the river. Salma and Jorge join Martin and Veronica in Mina Escondida to mourn Emiliano’s death. Virginia joins Salma, Martin, the priest, Ana Perla, Pablo and Veronica on a bridge. She walks straight to Veronica and point her gun at her. Virginia tries to drag Veronica along and they both end up in the river. They struggle continues in the river. Martin joins them in the river and drags Virginia away from his wife. He goes to check on his wife, Virginia takes advantage and leave. She makes it to the shore first. Rebecca receives a wedding invitation card. Back to Mina Escondida, everyone is out of the river and now running after Virginia. She makes it to the edge of the waterfall and asks them not to get closer. They all beg her to turn herself in and assure her it will minimize her sentence. Virginia doesn’t wants to go to prison because she knows she will be sentence to life. Salma walks towards her and tries to reason with her. Virginia apologizes to Salma and hugs her. She whispers something into Salma’s ear and tries to jump with her. Salma manages to hold onto something and Virginia falls into the waterfall. Veronica and others helps Salma out of the cliff. Jeronimo proposes to Rebecca and she accepts. Martin and Veronica renew their wedding vow at the waterfall. The priest blesses their union and everyone clap. Veronica is happy and tells her husband everything in her life led her to this place. Mr. San Telmo tells her his paradise is loving her. He will love her for the rest of his life. He tells her he loves her and they kiss. Unforgivable Grand Finale

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