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Unforgivable Episode 94

Unforgivable Episode 94

Unforgivable Episode 94

Emiliano watches them for a moment then tries to pick up a fight with Martin. Veronica stops him and tells him she and Martin have reconcile. She asks him to let her explain to him but he refuses. He accuses her of playing with his feelings but she reminds him she never gave him any hope. Emiliano gets angry and nearly use the gift he bought for her to hit her. He starts calling her name but Martin is right there to defend her. Emiliano reminds him that not long ago he also believe the worse of her. Veronica tries to explain things to him but he asks her to keep quiet. He tells her he will never forgive her and tells her she is worse than Virginia. Ana Perla recognizes Julio’s voice but before she could response Manuel shows up and covers her mouth. Emiliano destroy all is effort to win Veronica over. Manuel drags Ana Perla back to her cage and locks her up. He tells her Crescencio will get rid of her baby just like he also did with Pablo. Veronica runs after Emiliano and tries to calm him down. She understands how he feels but her heart is with her husband. Ana Perla mourns her painter’s death in the cage. She daydreams about the two of them dressed in white. He promise to always love her, she tells him he is the love of her life.
Pablo is not dead; he is awaked but badly hurt. Father Juan visits Crescencio house to talk some sense into his empty outmoded head. Pablo manages to get on his feet and walk. Crescencio sacks him from his house, Raymunda intervenes but he asks her to keep quiet. Blanquita assures him they all love him and tries to convince him but he refuses and leaves. The priest takes advantage and tries to talk to Raymunda on behalf of Joaquin. Father give up she is worse than her father, she refuses to listen to him. Medel check his notebook and tell the fat useless cast that he won’t be able to pay Crescencio this month. Manuel enters and offers to gamble with Medel in exchange of the payment. However, if Medel lose he will give the canteen to Manuel and leave town. I told you that fat guy is useless, he convinces Medel to accept the deal. Pablo manages to walk back to the hotel. Martin is right there at the reception and sees him. He quickly rushes to help him. Martin takes him to his room and Pablo updates him on Ana Perla condition. Martin can’t believe her own grandfather and brother can lock her up. Martin decides to go and talk to Cresencio and Manuel. The nurse informs Virginia that tomorrow she will be discharge. She gives her the injection and asks her to be very careful about the dosage. An overdose will be very dangerous for her. Virginia wonders what they will about Veronica’s accusation. Salma doesn’t know yet but she won’t let Veronica have her way. Virginia wonders how she is intend to stop Veronica. She reminds Salma that if Emiliano and Veronica put their share together.
It will be difficult to defeat them. The only way is to get rid of Veronica. Veronica feels responsible for what Emiliano is going through. Martin tells her not to do because she always told him the truth. Emiliano on the other hand is in his room cursing Veronica for taking him for granted. He won’t let Veronica and Martin be happy. Pablo manages to take his bath and promise to rescue his baby mother. Medel won the game, he reminds Manuel of their deal. Manuel storms out angrily. Nancyiaga collects some leafs and recalls her last encounter with the San Telmo. Just like Emiliano she also swear to not to let them be together. Martin goes to sees Cresecencio. Manuel goes to the canteen early in the morning and set the place on fire. Martin reminds Crescencio that keeping Ana Perla lock up is a crime especially in her condition. Crescencio denies knowledge of what he is talking about. Martin assures him he knows very well.

Martin tries to sweet talk him and tells him about the pain of losing a close one. Crescencio still pretend he knows nothing about what Martin is talking about. Martin asks him if he also want to lose Ana Perla, just because she fell in love with someone that he doesn’t like. Martin asks him what he will do if anything happen to Ana Perla. Crescencio won’t listen; Martin tells him a pregnant woman need attention and care. Martin gives up but tells Cresencio he is a selfish man who pretend to love his family. If anything happen to Ana Perla and her child it will be on his conscience for the rest of his life. On this note Martin walks away leaving him standing.
Medel tries to put the fire off and calls for help. Virginia has been discharged and she returns home with Salma. She manages to convince Salma that she is going to rest. Salma goes to her room. Virginia stands at her door and feels it is the right time. She sneaks out without anyone noticing her. Veronica visits the mine but doesn’t go inside. Martin, Botel, Emiliano and the workers comes out to meet her. Martin tells her they have enough gold to meet the demand for the project. Emiliano excuse himself, Veronica suggests the miners get bonus. Botel and Martin agree with her and Martin gives the good news to the miners. Joaquin asks Martin for a job at his mine and tells him about what he is going through. Julio follows Cresencio and tries to convince him to let him marry Ana Perla. Joaquin informs Martin and Veronica that Gaby has already left town. Martin informs Lorenzo that Joaquin is now working with them and asks them to respect him. Arturo looks at Blanquita’s picture and recalls she told him she comes from Pueblo Nuevo. Nancyiaga runs into Emiliano in the bush, she tells him she can see he is suffering. Emiliano is not in the mood to chat, he decides to leave but she stops him. Manuel overhears Romeo tells Pierre about Pablo’s condition. Veronica wants to go shopping so she can cook for Martin. Nancyiaga tells Emiliano she is also suffering because of Veronica.
She proposes they join force to separate Veronica and Martin. Virginia enters Matilde’s room and takes out her injection. Crescencio want to release Ana Perla but Manuel tries to convince him otherwise. He tells him they will be the laughing stock when they find out about her pregnancy. Crescencio has agrees to let Julio marry her. Virginia tortures Matilde before finally injecting her. She kisses her forehead and sneaks out of the room before Matilde died. Crescencio enters Ana Perla’s cage and sees her unconscious on the floor. He however manages to wake her up. He agrees to free her on condition that she married Julio. Martin happily arranges his matrimonial bed against making babies in the evening. Nancyiaga joins him in the bedroom with a concoction and spoils his mood. He reminds her that he told her he didn’t want her in this house again. She tells him she came to break the tie that links them together.
Martin doesn’t understand what she is trying to say. He has no time to listen to her, she reminds him of when she save his life. She asks him to drink the concoction to free her from him and extend the drink to him. Ana Perla doesn’t want to marry to Julio. Crescencio tries his best his convince her. He lied to her that Pablo is already dead and begs her to accept. He threatens her to stay lock up until the child is born or she marries Julio to be free. Martin drinks it and hopes she is now satisfy so he asks her to leave. Martin tries to get rid of her but feels bad. Nancyiaga takes advantages and get closer to him, Martin sees her as Veronica. He wonders what happen. Nancyaiga plays along and tells him she loves him. She pushes him on the bed and start kissing him.

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