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Unforgivable Episode 78

Unforgivable Episode 78

Unforgivable Episode 78

Virginia raises her shoulders without saying anything. Veronica instantly start reproaching them. Daniel tries to explain to her. Virginia tells him they don’t owe Veronica any explanation. Veronica is allowed to believe whatever she wants. she tells Veronica Daniel is only her friend. moreover Mariana was also with them. Virginia plays her card well. while Veronica as usually gets aggressive. She doesn’t believe them. she assures them she is doing to tell Emiliano. Virginia asks Daniel to relax. she will convince Mariana to lie that she was with them. She calls Mariana and Mariana laments about her break up with Pablo. Virginia shows no interest in listening to Mariana’s story. She only wants Mariana to lie that she was with them. Veronica informs Martin about her confrontation with Virginia and Daniel. Martin asks her to calm down. he reminds her that Virginia and Emiliano are getting married. Veronica tells her that is the reason why she has to tell Emiliano. Martin wonders why she is so affected by this. she tells him she won’t give in to his jealousy.
She won’t allow Emiliano to be mocked by anyone. Martin then remembers he also saw Virginia and Daniel coming out of the same hotel. He remembers she told him she was dating Daniel but asks him not to tell anyone. Virginia goes to the hospital. she pretends to console Mariana. She suggests Mariana forget about Pablo. Mariana tells her she loves him. Virginia tells her he treated her badly. She quickly changes the subject. she prefers to talk about her problem. She tells Mariana that Veronica saw her with Daniel at the hotel. Veronica misinterpreted it. she thinks she and Daniel are having an affair. Mariana tells her Veronica is determined to make her life miserable. Virginia tells her Veronica is doing all this just to prevent her wedding with Emiliano. Mariana asks her to calm down. Mariana asks her what she was doing in a hotel with Daniel. Salma apologies to Magdalena about what happen in the morning.
She judged her without knowing what happen. Magdalena accepts her apologies. however she can’t forgive her for treating Veronica badly. Salma receives an urgent message from Virginia. Veronica scolds Martin for not telling her about it. Martin tells her he forgot. moreover Virginia asks him not tell them. She, Salma and Jorge believe they should marry rich men who can treat them like queen. Veronica tells him she was lying. she intends to inform Emiliano as soon as possible. Daniel informs Cresencio that Manuel is too weak to return to Mina Escondida. Cresencio then decides to rent an apartment in the city. He also informs Ana Perla that the rest of the family will soon join them. Eleazer offers to help him search for the house. Crescencio is glad and feels he didn’t make a wrong choice for his granddaughter. Salma joins Virginia in the hospital. Virginia plays the victim. Salma as usual believes her. Salma feels they should inform Jorge. Virginia refuses.
She doesn’t want Jorge to be disappointed in Veronica. Salma disagrees with her. she thinks it is time they expose Veronica.

Nancyiaga brings fruits to the priest. they have a chit chat with . Nancyiaga is sad because Martin isn’t around. She want to tell him about the secret she knows. Veronica isn’t the bad woman. The priest asks her if she saying that Veronica isn’t the woman who had a relationship with Demetrio. She refuses to answer and tries to leave. The priest stops her. he tells her she could have avoided all the misunderstanding in the San Telmo marriage. Crescencio informs Ana Perla that as soon as they return to Mina Escondia. she and Eleazer will get married. Mariana runs into Pablo in the hospital. he tells her he is tired of her. he asks her to do whatever pleases her. He regrets ever falling in love with her. he now realized she is selfish. She was always trying to help in his career in exchange for him to marry her. Veronica goes to the company to see Emiliano. She wastes no time in telling that Virginia and Daniel are having an affair. Joaquin says good bye to his family. he asks Polo to take care of them. Emiliano doesn’t believe Veronica. he thinks she is confused.
Virginia has shown him that she really loves him. Veronica tells him it is true. Martin also saw them once in a hotel. Virginia herself told him they were dating. Emiliano tells her he doesn’t believe her. Virginia never had a relationship with any other man except him. He tells her not to interfere into their relationship and asks her to leave before he calls Virginia. Nancyiaga gives an amulet to Blanquita to be given to Martin. She wants her to informs him that Veronica isn’t the bad woman. Veronica joins Martin outside the company. she tells him Emiliano didn’t believe her. Martin tells her she did what she was supposed to do. If Emiliano insists on marrying Virginia. it is his own problem. Pierre and Claudia return to the hotel. Romeo updates them on what happens. Virginia assures Emiliano that Daniel is only her doctor and a good friend. Emiliano doesn’t buy her story. he tells her he won’t accept to be taking for a fool. She quickly plays the victim. she tells him if he prefers to believe Veronica. Then there is no need to go ahead with wedding. She takes off the engagement ring. Romeo gives the debtors list to Pierre. Pablo has a very long one. Emiliano tells Virginia he defended her in front of Veronica. he wanted to talk to her first and clear things up.
he tells her he can’t believe Veronica will make up such a story. She asks him to promise her he won’t let Veronica comes between them. He takes the rings and put it back on her finger. Veronica and Martin runs into see Daniel at the hospital. Daniel asks her to stop insisting on what she thinks she saw. She will end up tarnishing his image. This can affect him professionally and even lose his license. She asks him not to worry. It is between him and his conscience. she knows what she saw. Blanquita advises Ana Perla to return to Pablo if she feels he is telling the truth. Ana Perla doesn’t want to think about it. Manuel threatens to kill Pablo if she gets back to him. Martin hands over a check to Pablo for his bill. He informs him he is leaving on a trip with Veronica the following day.
Virginia runs into Veronica in the hospital. she brags that Emiliano didn’t believe Veronica. Veronica wishes her happiness. Virginia informs her she and her husband is not invited to their wedding. Veronica sarcastically tells her she had no intention of attending that weeding. she will end up destroying Emiliano’s life. She is nothing but a liar and hypocrite. Virginia gets angry and slaps her. Veronica slaps her back but twice. don’t mess with Veronica the salvage. Virginia tries to slap her but Veronica grabs her hand. She assures Virginia that anytime she slaps her. She will be slapped twice. She is not going to drag around like she deserve. because Virginia is already a miserable person. She warns Virginia that she ever hurt Emiliano. she will deal with her and let go of her hand. Virginia tells her she will make Emiliano happy. Veronica doubts it because someone as selfish as she is cannot make Emiliano happy. Virginia promises to make sure she doesn’t inherit part of the Prado Castel mansion. Once she gets married to Emiliano. Veronica tells her she is not even married. yet she already stared claiming the Prado Castelo fortune.
She now realized that she only want to marry Emiliano because of her own selfish interest. Magdalena informs Botel about her intention to divorce Aaron. Botel tells her once they are divorce they can finally get married. Aaron and his brother share the same cell. Raymunda tries to convince Ana Perla to accept Eleazer as her husband. Ana Perla tells her she can’t because she still loves Pablo. Raymunda warns her if she continues to insist on marrying Pablo. she will lose all them. Virginia runs into Manuel and Cresencio at the hospital.
Virginia hides and listens to their conversation. She smiles when she hears Cresencio telling Manuel he will be in charge of his properties. The Prado Castelo holds a family meeting about the distribution of Jorge estate. Veronica insists she doesn’t need to be included. Jorge tells her he has already made up his mind. The men leave the office and Virginia attacks Veronica. She calls her hypocrite for pretending she didn’t want to be included in the will. Veronica turns to Salma and tells her Virginia doesn’t love Emiliano. She is only interested in his money. She assures Salma she will one day regret supporting Virginia. Salma seem indifferent, Veronica tells her she created a scorpion that will sooner or later bite her.

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