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Unforgivable Episode 74

Unforgivable Episode 74

Unforgivable Episode 74

Salma tells him she already told his father she doesn’t want Veronica to receive anything. Emiliano reminds her that Veronica is also a Prado Castelo. Salma also reminds him that she made him suffer. Virginia tells him Veronica is married to a rich man, no need to worry about her future. Martin should be worry about that; he is her husband which Emiliano is already aware. He tells her not to remind him; Virginia quickly changes the subject and plays the jealous fiancée. Emiliano asks them to accept his father decision. Virginia tells him just like her aunt she thinks Veronica doesn’t deserve anything. He tells her he is very disappointed in her. she pretends to be offended and hugs her aunt to console her. Veronica and Ana Perla head to the hospital to see Cresencio and Manuel. Crescencio sees Pablo accompany by Mariana in the hospital. He and Mariana stare at each other without saying anything. Emiliano gets angry and leave. Virginia goes running after him. Joaquin gives Blanquita the go ahead to go to Mexico and help in taking care of Manuel. Raymunda on the other isn’t happy about his decision. someone knocks at the door. Blanquita opens it and start smiling, a new character is introduced. Crescencio reproaches Ana Perla for coming to Mexico without his permission. Martin and Veronica assure him that they promise Raymunda to take care of her.
He once again reproaches them for putting ideas into his granddaughter’s head. Cresencio and Martin nearly get into an argument. he assures them he will put Pablo in jail. The new character is looking for Ana Perla. Blanquita introduces herself and leads him inside to meet the rest of the family. He informs them he is Eleazar, Ana Perla husband to be. Veronica tries to defend Ana Perla . Cresencio tells her his grandson nearly died because of Pablo. Veronica tells him Pablo didn’t intentionally shoot Manuel. he doesn’t carry weapon around unlike Manuel. Martin also tells him Manuel is also responsible for starting the fire at his residence. So if he wants to accuse Pablo, then Manuel will be in trouble. Ana Perla interrupts to calm them down. Cresencio refuses to leave her under the care of the San Telmo. Virginia informs Daniel that her uncle wants to add Veronica in his will. She is pissed off because she wants everything for herself. She tells him about the argument she had with Emiliano. He informs her that Veronica and Martin are back in Mexico. Nicolas runs into Salma crying. she tells him she just had a fight with her husband and Emiliano. Nicolas doesn’t want to interfere into their family matter but he assures her everything will be fine.
Virginia joins Emiliano at the bar. she apologies and tells him she was only defending Salma. She was also jealous because if Veronica inherits part of the fortune. she may want to live with them in the house. She promises him to always support and defend him. Emiliano is sick and tired of her jealousy against Veronica. Virginia tells him Veronica didn’t care when she was sick. Emiliano reminds her she didn’t want Veronica around. He tells her if she is always going to be suspicious about Veronica then it is better they end their engagement and walks away. Daniel informs Cresencio that Manuel is fine but it will take him more time to recover. Mariana hides and listen to them, when Cresencio leaves she runs to Daniel. She begs him to help her transfer Pablo to another hospital. Martin and Veronica inform Botel about Cresencio intention to send Pablo to jail. Botel tells them according to Julio it was Manuel who was holding the gun and shot Pablo first. Cresencio talk to unconscious Manuel and admit that he was right when he warn him not to trust the outsiders. He even risk his own life just to protect his family, Manuel opens his eyes. Cresencio promises to put back all his properties under his name once again. Manuel smiles and tells him he loves him, Cresencio gives him his blessing. Botel tries to intervene on behalf of his wife but Veronica cuts him down.

Botel insists and asks her to at least hear what happen. Veronica tells him if he keeps insisting they will stop being partners. Nancyiaga is hopeful that Martin will belong to her. Martin goes in to see Pablo; he updates him on Manuel condition. Paul is relieved because he didn’t want to have Manuel death on his conscience. Martin reminds him that what happened was self-defense, thought Cresencio insist on locking him up. Martin asks him to concentrate on his health and promise to talk to Cresencio. Pablo informs him about the possibility of losing his ability to paint. Mariana has decided to pay for the cost of his operation although he disagrees. Martin then offers to take care of the cost and will not accept no for an answer. He doesn’t want him to give up on his talent, Pablo is grateful for all his help. Martin asks Botel to try and understand Veronica; she suffered a lot after her mother abandoned her. Botel understand but she still has to know what really happen. Just at that moment Magdalena joins them. Aaron is patiently waiting for Veronica in front of the company. As soon as he sees her he comes out of his car, and walks towards her. She doesn’t recognize him and walk pass him but he calls her and tells her he is Aaron. Veronica tells him she doesn’t know him, he tells her he is her father. she informs him that her father is dead. Magdalena narrates to Martin what she went through in Aaron’s hand. Martin tells her Veronica isn’t having a phone at the moment but she went to see her uncle at the office. Aaron assures Veronica he isn’t dead and plays the victim.
Veronica doesn’t believe him and tries to leave but he holds her back. He manages to make her listen to his lies and assures her he loves her and wants her forgiveness. He gives her his contact details and tells her she can call him anytime she wants to talk. Virginia comes in the room and sees Emiliano packing his stuff, he is returning to Mexico. She manages to convince him to stay and they end up making love. Ana Perla informs Martin and Botel that Magdalena left to meet with Veronica. Martin and Botel decide to go after her. Crescencio informs Ana Perla that her husband to be is already at home. He wants her to return to Mina Escondida and takes good care of him but she refuses. Aaron updates Clement on his conversation with Veronica. Magdalena shows up and they threaten her with a gun and take her away.

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