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Unforgivable Episode 7

Unforgivable Episode 7

Unforgivable Episode 7

Veronica makes it clear to Emiliano that she only loves him as a cousin. Julio gives a flower to Ana Perla. Don Crescencio interpts their conversation. Veronica tells Emilano  she started having feeling for Martin. Emiliano tells her so it true that they say she goes from one man to another. she feel offended and slaps him. she wonders why he will say such a thing to her. Manuel enters the canteen and demands that workers respect him. a guy tells him respect is earned. not gain because your grandfather is the boss. Manuel tries to attack him but Ireri comes between them and calm him down. Father Juan , Magdalena and Botel discuss Manuel rude behavior towards others. Virginia tells Salma she tries to see if Emiliano feel something for her but she realize he felt nothing. he is only interested in Veronica. Salma tells her not force herself on Emiliano. she advices her not to let Emiliano knows how she feel about him. Ireri intentionally serves Manuel some tacos made with her special sauce. Manuel taste the food and complain bitterly about the pepper. everyone laughs at him. he threatens the workers that he will fire anyone who laughs at him.
Magdalena, Botel and Father Juan talk about Magdalena lost daughter. Jorge tells Selma Emiliano is in love with Veronica. Matilde enters Veronica’s room to check on her. Matilde tells her Emiliano left the house very early. it seems he went horse riding. Veronica quickly wears her boot and goes after him. veronica finally catches  up with Emiliano almost as he is about to ride off a cliff. she pushes him off the horse and reprimands him. she tells him  he could have hurt himself. she could not bear it because she loves him-like a brother. Botel and Magdalena talk about her missing daughter. her abusive daughter and why he took her away from her daughter. he promise her to search for her again now that they have money. Salma is not happy about the news Jorge gave her.
Veronica tells Emiliano it will be best is she leaves the house and the company. she doesn’t want her presence to make him uncomfortable. moreover she doesn’t want his feeling for her affects their friendship. Emiliano begs her not to go. he asks her to give him a change if thing doesn’t work out with Martin. Magdalena remembers her husband beating her in front of their daughter and began to cry. Virginia, Jorge and Salam are at the breakfast table. Matilde tells them Emiliano and Veronica went horse riding. Virginia complains about not going with them. Jorge tells her she can join them if she wants.

she tells him she would have love to but her heart doesn’t allow her to do a lot of things. she tells them she is not hungry and leave the table. Claudia tells Alfredo that Martin will be very rich. he asks her why she tells him that Martin is very hard working so it is obvious. Alfredo tells her to give up and reminds her she and Martin will never go back together. Salma tells Jorge not to be too harsh on Virginia. she is sick, Jorge tells her Virginia uses her sickness as an excuse not to do anything. he wants to talks to her doctor to see how serious her heart condition is. Salma tells him not to worry she trying to get an appointment with a cardiologist. Emiliano tells his father Veronica doesn’t love him. she is in love with Martin. Jorge tells him not to give up. he advices him to take advantage of them working together to get closer to her. moreover he doesn’t think Veronica is imprudent enough to date someone she just met. Veronica tells Matilde she has strong feeling for Martin. she tells her nanny she wonders why everyone is asking her about Demetrio. Matilde tells her may be it is because she and Demetrio were very close.
Veronica tells her she once saw him arguing with Virginia. Demetrio didn’t tell her why they were arguing and few days later he left. Claudia tells Martin she knows about the goldmine. Martin tells her not to read his documents without his consent. Pablo visit Martin in his office and tells him he is ready to go to  Mina Escondida. Manuel comes home and get mad at Ana Perla for giving food to the poor students. Abuelo comes and reprimand him.  he tells him it is stated in the bible to feed the angry. Blanquita and Polo join them. Mariana joins Pablo in Martin’s office. he tells her they are all set to leave for the jungle. Mariana tells him it is too soon. Salma tries to convince Emiliano to give up on the love he has for Veronica. she tells him Veronica father was a drunk Emiliano get upsets and tells her not to talk ill of Veronica and her parent.

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