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Unforgivable Episode 62

Unforgivable Episode 62

Unforgivable Episode 62

Raymunda can’t believe Teo didn’t have to courage to show up and break up with her daughter. Romeo tries to defend him but Banquita tells him she prefers not to have a relationship with someone who can’t fight for their love. Virginia tells Daniel she is glad Emiliano feels responsible for what happen to her. She will use her condition to make him marry her. Daniel tells her Emiliano intend to bring a specialist to check on her, he reminds her it will jeopardize everything. Salma cries over Virginia’s health, Jorge console her and admit it is also hard for him. He doesn’t think they made decision concerning Veronica and suggest they don’t abandon her. Mr. and Mrs. San Telmo are still at the waterfall cuddling after their babies making section. She tells him he is her family, he tells her he loves her and they kiss. He reminds her she also has her uncle and others, she agrees but she never gets along with Virginia and Salma. Her relationship with Emiliano has also gotten worse and her uncle is behaving strangely towards her. Martin asks her if something happen; he tells her he will stop doing business with him if he treats her badly.
Botel is all alone in his house, he misses his wife Magdalena, and he goes for a bottle of whisky. Aaron enters Magdalena’s room and sees her in the provocative dress he asks her to wear. He drags her closer to him and start kissing her, she asks him to let go of her and give him the information she needs. He tells her she is till his wife and woman then drags her to the bedroom. He tears her dress and tries to force himself on her. She struggles with him, he slaps her and orders her to keep quiet, and end up raping her. Salma asks Jorge how he can be thinking about Veronica when Virginia is dying. Martin assures his wife he won’t end his business with Jorge because he wants to make her happy. She tells him Jorge is like her father and Matilde her mother. They end talking about Veronica growing up without her parents. Manuel enters the canteen and hears Medel and Julio talk about the engagement dinner. He confronts Julio about it; Julio confirms it and reminds that if his grandfather has agreed to their engagement. There is nothing he can do about it. Manuel insults him, Julio get angry and dares him for a fight.

Martin tells her he feels bad she had to grow up without her parent. He assures her now that they are together, they will also have their own family. Monserrat tells Salma Emiliano feels responsible for what happened to Virginia. Medel returns with the wine for the dinner and sees Manuel and Julio busily fighting and throwing things around. He grabs Manuel and throws him out, Julio confesses to them he was waiting for the right opportunity to beat Manuel. Martin and his wife return to the hostel and join Matilde at the table. Pablo shows up and invites them to his engagement dinner. Manuel comes to Raymunda’s house; she is startled to see him with blood all over him. He goes on his knee and asks for forgiveness for all the harm he caused. Pablo tells Martin and Veronica he is glad that they will be with him at dinner, because he has no idea if his mother will make it. Ana Perla joins them and Martin introduces her to Matilde, they all congratulate them. Veronica suggests they go look for a gift but Ana Perla asks her not to worry.
The best gift she could receive is their friendship, especially Veronica. Ana Perla confesses to Veronica that she already made love with Pablo. Veronica tells her not to feel bad about it but she advises her to be very careful. Daniel informs them that Virginia is now stable but she can only see one person, Salma tells Emiliano to go in. Jorge asks her why not her, she says because Emiliano and Virginia are dating. Magdalena coils in her bed as Aaron takes his bath. Veronica calls her to check up on her since she heard of her breakup with Botel. She assures Veronica she is fine, Veronica hears Aaron’s voice at the background. Magdalena tells him it is her therapist and suggests they hang up. Aaron takes the phone and listens as Veronica assures Magdalena she can always rely on her for anything. Aaron violently grabs her hair and demands to know who she is talking to. Nancyiaga overhears Martin tells Alfredo Emiliano is getting married to Virginia.
She says to herself that Emiliano is destined to her, Martin introduces Alfredo to her but she pays no attention him and runs off. Pablo informs them about Emiliano’s intention to study her tribe; Martin asks if Emiliano intends to return to Mina Escondida. Nancyiaga walks in the street and wonders how Emiliano can be getting married when he is destined to be with her. She recalls their conversation and believed her elders misinterpreted the message. She and Emiliano are destined to be good friend. She how has hope that she can be with her boss Martin. Emiliano promises Virginia to always be by her side until she recovers. He tells her he loves her very much she also replies she loves him. She starts having an attack and Emiliano runs out to call the doctor. Virginia tells Daniel she is exhausted, he reminds her it was dangerous to use drugs to fake her crisis. Martin joins Veronica at the reception and she begs him to take her to Mexico. Martin reminds her she can’t travel and asks why she desperately wants to go to Mexico. He gets up and asks her if it is about Emiliano and Virginia’s wedding, she begs him not to start with his jealousy. She wants to see visit Magdalena, she tells him she spoke with Magdalena and felt something was wrong

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