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Unforgivable Episode 54

Unforgivable Episode 54

Unforgivable Episode 54

Veronica opens her eye and sees Martin beside her bed; he greets her calling her “my love”. Veronica reminds him they are no longer a couple and asks him to leave. He asks him not to enter her room when she is sleeping. Martin smiles and tells her he like seeing her sleeping and hopes that one day she will mention his name in her sleep. He brings out a flower and hand it over to her but she refuses to take. He decides to offer it to the Virgin to thank her for looking after Veronica. He assures her he will bring her one flower every morning, until she accepts it. Manuel complains to his friend that he didn’t have a sound sleep in his house. The man asks him if he was expecting to be treated like a king. He advises Manuel to look for a job if he intends to stay with him. Martin places the flower beside the Virgin’s portrait and offers to make breakfast for his wife. She tells him not to and decides to wait for Blanquita, he sits beside her and tells her both Blanquita and Ana Perla will come in the afternoon. She asks him not to worry, she will wait for Daniel, and he tells her Daniel has already been here. Daniel even strongly recommended that she eats breakfast, he smiles and heads to the kitchen. Veronica watches him leaving and smile. Magdalena refuses to eat, talk or do anything; Botel tries to cheer her up but nothing. She tells him she doesn’t care about him or anybody else, all she wants is to die so she can join her daughter.

Martin made breakfast for Mrs. San Telmo, and feeds her, he manages to make her smile and they start talking like a normal couple. As soon as Martin leaves for moment, Veronica holds the plate and start eating. She smiles and says he is a good cook but she won’t complement him. He returns and sees the plate empty; she tells him she doesn’t like throwing food away. Salma advises Jorge to try to make up with Emiliano, he promises to do it but in private not in the presence of Virginia. Matilde asks Jorge for any update concerning Veronica. Jorge tells her no and asks her if anything happen to Veronica. Jorge leave and Salma forbid Matilde to mention Veronica’s name again in her house. Veronica informs Martin that she hasn’t taken her bath and feels dirty. He goes out and comes with box of wipe and start wiping her. Veronica can’t help but laugh at her husband. Pablo shows up to interrupt their sweet conversation; he came to draw a picture on her POP. Matilde stops Emiliano to confirm what his mother told her, Virginia hides and listen to their conversation. Matilde advises Emiliano not to date Virginia because he is trying to forget Veronica. She asks him to take his time and find a good woman. Virginia walks in and interrupts their conversation, Matilde decides to leave. Emiliano tells Virginia he really admire Matilde, she has become part of the family and she always care about him. Emiliano leaves and Virginia add Matilde on her list, she has to do something as soon as possible.

Veronica informs Daniel she still have headache, he decides to check on her wound. Veronica informs Daniel about her plans to return to the city as soon as possible. Daniel tells her it can’t be possible in her condition. He suspects she has a blood clot in her brain and if she takes a plane she may die. Pierre instructs Teo to make sure that the room is very comfortable for Veronica; Claudia hides and listen to him. Daniel advises she rests for some

few more day, which is the only way she can quickly recover. Daniel even decline her suggestion of staying at the hotel, she breaks down and start crying then tells him she doesn’t want to stay around Martin. He offers his shoulder to cry on but she tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. Daniel suggests she forgive him if she still loves him, but she tells him it is better to stay away from people who hurt you. Claudia makes another desperate move, but Pierre is smart enough. She threatens him and leave. Daniel tries to sedate Veronica but she begs him not to, she will try and be calm. He manages to convince her to take the pills. Matilde and Virginia have a confrontation, Virginia forbids her from giving any type of advises to Emiliano. Matilde tells her she is sorry for worrying about her son and sarcastically calls her Miss Virginia. Virginia laugh and reminds her she is nothing but a maid, they continue with their argument until Salma joins them.

Virginia hears Salma’s voice and gets ready to play her usual trick. Daniel waits until Veronica dozes off; he goes into his bag and takes out a syringe then fills it with a substance. He apologies to Veronica because Daniel does what Virginia says. The shock on Matilde’s face as Virginia does what she know how to do best is priceless. Salma get mad at Matilde for still talking about Veronica in her house and asks her to leave. Daniel injects the substance into the IV, he apologies again and says he is following Virginia’s instruction. Blanquita rushes in, and he mistakenly drop the syringe and the needle get broken. He gets angry and leave, Salma later tells Matilde that she is no more fired. Virginia was able to convince her. Virginia tries to hold Matilde’s hand but she removes her hand as soon as Virginia holds them. Salma asks Matilde to take some few months off to while Emiliano tries to forget Veronica. Martin goes to the hotel to make a phone call and pay for Veronica’s hotel room. Pierre refuses to take his money and you know the rest of the story. Half naked Nancyiaga takes her bath in the river; she closes her eyes as she pours the water on her body. Manuel shows up at the river, takes him shirt off and tries to join her. She quickly bends and brings out her cutlass and walks slowly towards him. Salma and Virginia go shopping to give Virginia a new look as suggested by Emiliano.

Back at the river, it is Nancyiaga VS Manuel, Manuel takes his knife out and they start fighting. Manuel manages the get the upper hands, he holds her tight and place his knife on her throat. She gives in and Manuel takes advantage of start kissing her neck, then turns her over to face him. She also moves and plays along; Manuel starts caressing her lips, and tries to kiss her. Salma and Monserat have a chit chat at the pool about their usual stuff. Claudia is planning to make her next move on her last target. She imagines Cresencio’s face when Manuel informs him she is his girlfriend. Uspin shows up and she asks him to take her to Mina Escondida, Pablo soon joins them. She tells him she is going to the mine to see Manuel, he tells her Manuel no longer work there. His grandfather even sacked him from the house, and took everything away from him. Emiliano comes home and Virginia shows up in a bikini with a different haircut. He opens his mouth as she slowly walks towards him. Magdalena is bit calm now, she even decides to call the hotel to check on Veronica. Someone knocks at the door; she opens it and comes face to face with her dead husband Aaron. She instantly collapse in his hands, he takes advantage and caresses her. Ana Perla brings all the school kids to visits Veronica, Martin comes in with a wall painting. Polo the representative sits beside her in the bed and gives the speech.

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