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Unforgivable Episode 49

Unforgivable Episode 49

Unforgivable Episode 49

Daniel further explain that she received a fatal blow to the head, and they don’t enough equipment her to make a proper diagnostic. Martin suggests they move her to a hospital in Mexico, but Daniel tells him it is too dangerous at this stage, he turns to his wife and assures her she will be fine. Daniel advises he stays with her in case she wakes up, Martin pleads with his wife to react, he apologies to her, all he wanted was for her to tell the truth he didn’t know this tragedy could happen and cry. Pierre and Claudia show up at the clinic, as soon as Martin opens the door, she throws herself at him, and hugs him, and starts asking him so many questions. Pierre watches them with anger, Martin tells her he is fine but Veronica is in critical condition. Daniel opens his eyes, and then pretends to be sleeping again and listen to their conversation. Pierre offers to help them in any way he can, Martin thank him but request to be left alone with Claudia, he reproaches her for telling the truth to Veronica, but he checks to make sure Daniel is asleep. Virginia and Emiliano come home, Salma tells her she is happy they are finally home, but Jorge informs Emiliano he is going to Rehab. Joaquin comes home and give an update of what happen last night. Claudia justifies herself by blaming Veronica, she was carried away and told her, but Martin tells her he regret trusting her and he will never do that again, and tells her he doesn’t want to see her in his life ever again, she cries and begs him. Emiliano refuses to go and assures his father that he is perfectly fine, but Jorge remind him of the problem is cause in Veronica’s marriage because he was drank, Emiliano reminds his father he is no more a child and walks out of them.

The priest thanked all the workers for their support, Ireri tells him everyone has been very supportive except Manuel, she tells them that Manuel said if it was up to him Martin and Veronica will die in the flame, and also add that Manuel wasn’t surprise when he heard about the fire accident. Daniel comes to check up on Veronica, Martin wishes she wakes up so he can apologies to her, and feel guilty for what happen to her. Daniel tries to get more information and asks him if he is responsible for the fire, he tells him no, but Veronica wanted to leave to Mexico to divorce him but he stops her, if only he had allowed her to leave, she would not be in this condition. Manuel suffering from his hangover, he is sleeping in the middle of street having his usual nightmare, with his knife closer to him, the priest sees him and wakes him up, he quickly gets up and try to attack the priest with his knife, but back down when he realized it was the priest, the priest reminds him of the deal he had with Martin not to carry weapons around, then questions him what about Ireri told him, but he denies it. Cresencio allows his granddaughter to go to the San Telmo house to help them, Martin still beside his wife, he feels guilty, he regrets bringing her to his place to avenge his brother death, cries and begs her to wake up, he doesn’t want to lose her. Magdalena wakes up all of sudden and mention Veronica’s name, mothers’ instinct, but Botel tells her he is anxious because she meeting Aaron’s brother, she insists and tells him she feels like Veronica needs her. Daniel advises Martin to get some rest but he refuses to leave his wife alone, Daniel succeeds in getting him out of the room, Martin goes home, he looks around the house which was entirely destroy by the fire, and recalls the good time he spent with his wife, he enters the bedroom and recalls their babies making moment and cries he wonders what his life will be like without his wife, Pierre confronts Claudia about her feelings for Martin, poor Martin is ready to give up his life so his wife can recover, Pablo joins him to check on his wife, he tells him she is still the same, he notices the virgin’s portrait he offered them, and assures him that nothing happen to picture, and advises him to see it as a good sign, Virginia in her usual self, tells Jorge that Martin caught Veronica and Emiliano in bed.

Claudia apologies to Pierre and assures him she loves him but he disagrees and asks her to pretend as if nothing happen between them, and leave, she calls him but he still goes away, she starts crying, Martin takes the portrait and places it near his wife for protection, after praying he holds Veronica’s hand and notices that she is reacting, he starts calling her, turns to portrait, smile and kiss her, then calls Daniel to inform him, but Daniel tells him it no big deal, but for Martin it is, Nancyiaga listen to Martin as he voices his anger out, she offers to heal Veronica because she doesn’t want Martin to be sad, Virginia tells Salma that Martin caught Veronica in bed, Nancyiaga enters Veronica’s room with some herbs, she performs some ritual, then applies some herbs on Veronica’s forehead, the PI informs Botel and Magdalena that Clement want to meet with only Magdalena, Nancyiaga interrupts Martin and the Priest conversation, and tells him to come and see Veronica, he gets there and notices that his wife is awake, he asks for forgiveness but she doesn’t know why he is asking her for forgiveness and asks him what happen.

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