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Unforgivable Episode 30

Unforgivable Episode 30

Unforgivable Episode 30

Veronica wonders what made him change his mind. it is the love I feel for you, Veronica I love you followed by passionate kiss. they even forget they are still standing outside. some kids see them and clap. Veronica asks him to go inside so he can rest. Martin tells her he first has to thanked his audience. he laughs and says thank you to the kids. Veronica tells him this is the Martin she fell in love with. the one who laughs, jokes and loves, as she caresses his face. the kids asks them to kiss again. Botel tries to calm Magdalena down but she tells him with the dead of her daughter she can never be happy again. Veronica tell Martin home and ask him to go bed as she goes get things to clean his wound. Nancyiaga tells him he seems happy may be the bad blood is out of his wound. Martin checks to make sure Veronica isn’t there. he asks her what if what she saw wasn’t the storm but a wind changing direction. he asks her if she really sees the future. he wants to know what the dove they saw at Demetrio’s grave meant. she said it bring peace. Martin says it doesn’t even know how he is asking her all these question. after all he doesn’t believe in such things. she tells him he doesn’t need to believe because those signs appears anyway. she tells him it is good sign but he should not trust too much and leave. Veronica show up he stares at her and thanked her not given up on their marriage she kisses and takes him inside.

Magdalena clings to Veronica’s grave with all her strength. Botel tells her she can’t open it and help her to get up. the PI shows up and Botel blames him for Magdalena current condition. Magdalena tells him she wanted to see her dead husband grave. she tells the PI she wants to know the cause of her daughter’s death. Botel tries to convince her that it will hurt her more but she insists on knowing it. Veronica takes care of Martin’s wound. he looks at her and tells her she is the best nurse. she put the basket away and kiss him. she tells him she always wanted to be nurse when she was child. they chat for some time and she leaves him. she later returns and see him using paper to form a heart and he gives it to her. she tells him she loves it and promise to take good care of it. he tells her his heart belong to her. she gets closer to him and kiss him. he hugs her and cuddle in bed. Virginia joins Salma and Jorge at the table. she tells them she has spoken to Emiliano. she also want to let them know she is ready to go back to work. Jorge tells her he knows she is only using the company to get closer to Emiliano. Salma reprimands him but he says he is aware Virginia is interested in Emiliano. Martin promises Veronica to take her round town when he feels better. she kisses him and leave to cook. Salma get up and want to follow Virginia to console her but Jorge stops her. Virginia eavesdrops on their conversation. she says she will one day leave her uncle penniless.

Cresencio gather all his family members without Manuel. Raymundo is worried Manuel is still working at the mine. Cresencio asks her not worry about him. Ana Perla informs Cresencio that Veronica will teach until the find a new teacher. Cresencio disapproves. Father Juan asks Veronica if she can take over teaching the children. she tells him she doesn’t mind and asks Martin if she can. Martin agrees on condition that Cresencio doesn’t disrespect his wife. Martin tells Claudia to leave for the city as soon as possible. she has to make arrangement for the needed material. she agrees to leave the following day. she get closer to him and tells him they have not finish talking about his revenge. Martin checks the door and tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it. Veronica hides behind the door and listen to them. Martin tells Claudia he wants to make things right in his marriage. Veronica smiles, Nancyiaga is at Demetrio’s grave crying. she is not happy about the current situation, but she is ok. Martin is now happy with Veronica. she grabs some sand in her hands and says if Veronica makes Martin suffer she won’t forgive her. the priest visits Martin and he is glad Martin and Veronica are getting along. he advises Martin to forget about his revenge. Veronica is a good woman. Martin hides the V. pendant necklace as soon as he hears veronica’s voice. Veronica tells him she feel uncomfortable to accept the teaching position. he is sick, he kiss her and they hug. Martin takes advantage and put the pendant back in the drawer when Veronica isn’t watching. she hears the noise and asks him what he is hiding. he tells her it nothing that matters anymore.

Claudia have her last flirt with Pierre before she leaves. Magdalena wants to return to Mina Escondida. Botel tells her they have to wait for Claudia. she has to bring the mine documents and other stuff they have to do. before they can leave. Veronica wakes up in Martin’s hand and they start cuddling. she checks his wound, and they cuddle more. she has to get ready to go school. Martin asks her to stay a bit longer with him OK enough this lovebirds are making me jealous. Veronica finally gets up and leave. Nancyiaga enters with the sad face. Martin asks her what wrong with her. she says she is happy to see her patron happy. that is what Demetrio wanted and leave. Magdalena is back to her sense and apologizes to Botel. Martin accompanies his wife to her first day in school. they meet Cresencio’s young generation. Veronica introduces her husband to them. Martin kisses his wife and leave. Ana Perla thanked him for releasing her brother. Ana Perla and Veronica chat. later Veronica comforts Ana Perla because she looks sad. she lost her teacher and feels guilty for dating Pablo knowing he had a girlfriend. Mariana on the other is very happy that Pablo is coming back to Mexico. she runs and informs Virginia. Virginia is eager to know how things are going between Veronica and Martin. she wishes Daniel stays there as long as possible.

Ana Perla gives a table mat to Veronica with the initial V N M. she tells Veronica that she reminds her of Magdalena. Veronica says Blanquita told her the same thing. Ana Perla tells her they have the same way of rubbing their arms. Botel tells Magdalena he will go and visit Aaron’s brother to find out more about her daughter’s death. Veronica returns home in the evening, and see candle light path. she looks surprise and decides to follow it. she smiles as she walks and Martin comes out to meet her. Nancyiaga watches them kissing. Several scenes are showing. Emiliano is back from his trip but he doesn’t look happy. Veronica teaches the kids, even Polo’s dog learns how to write. Virginia is upset because Emiliano doesn’t pay attention to her in the office. Botel meets with Claudia and Afredo. Emiliano looks at Veronica’s pictures in his phone. Veronica takes care of Martin’s wound. Magdalena visits her daughter’s grave. Emiliano and Virginia spend some time together. Martin is now feeling better and kept his promise to bring his wife to a beautiful place. they have a romantic time next to a waterfall. he confesses his love to her once more. He promises to make her the happiest woman on earth. his love for her is greater than any other feelings, and they kiss passionately. next they are both naked still kissing and caressing each other. We see the waterfall bottom forming a beautiful picture with the two lovers. This time there is nothing to stop Martin from feeling the skin of his wife. in the broad day light surrounding by only bird in this beautiful atmosphere the couple makes love for the first time after their wedding.

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