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Unforgivable Episode 29

Unforgivable Episode 29

Unforgivable Episode 29

Martin is at Demetrio’s grave, he tells his brother he can’t take it anymore. he admits that vowed to avenge his death. he didn’t except to fall in love with Veronica. he feels guilty because she also loves him. he asks Demetrio for direction. break the oath of vengeance or tell Veronica the reason why he married her then leave her. “ I want to hate her but I love her”. he asks his brother for a sign, he begs and cries. he waits but no sign, he asks Lorenzo to help him. Lorenza tells him Demetrio was a good man. he thinks he will send him a message. at least Nancyiaga always says the dead send messages to their love one. they turn and see a white bird on Demetrio’s grave. Magdalena tells Jorge she came to see Salma for some advises. Joaquin comes to Martin’s house to see him but meets Veronica. she tells him Martin is at the mine. he decides to go there and talk to him. Veronica asks him if Demetrio is buried in this village. he says yes and she asks him to take her to his grave.

Ana Perla hugs Julio and tells him about her broken heart. Joaquin takes her to the grave but he tells her the priest will be angry at him. Nancyiaga hides in the trees and watches them. Ana Perla apologizes to Julio for hugging him. she tells him she always feels at peace with him. Martin is at mine giving instructions to the miners. Nancyiaga runs to him and informs his the white lady is at Demetrio’s grave. the PI informs Magdalena that her husband is dead. Manuel and his grandfather come to the canteen and talk about Claudia’s performance. Cresencio asks him to return to work. Ireri returns Cresencio’s jacket to him. Cresencio says at least Veronica knows how to wash and iron. Manuel says he is sure it is Nancyiaga who washed and ironed his jacket not Veronica. Virginia quickly closes her laptop when she notices that Salma and Jorge are coming to her room. she tells them she is a bit tired and want to rest. after they leave her room she opens her laptop and writes a message to be sent to Daniel. but later she realized it is inappropriate to send this kind of message by fax. Veronica is at Demetrio’s grave with flowers. Martina and Nancyiaga hides and listen to her. she cries and remembers all the time they spend together and the argument he had with Virginia. she wonders why he came to this place.

Martin tries to get closer and listen to what she is saying. the PI thinks Magdalena’s child was adopted. she tells them she wants to see Aaron’s grave. Pablo gives a drawing of Ana Perla to her. he tells him he sketched her from his mind. Magdalena tells Botel Veronica was adopted so she could be her daughter. Medel tells Cresencio to be grateful to Martin and Daniel. they were able to minimize the casualties at the mine. Claudia enters the bar and hand over some documents to Cresencio to sign. he orders Manuel to leave the bar and speaks harshly to Claudia. she ignores his comment and asks him to sign the document. they end up arguing then Pierre shows up and defends Claudia. he begs Cresencio to sign the documents. Pablo and Ana Perla again at the river. painting turning kissing and hugging. Blanquita interrupts with tears, the teacher is dead. Claudia lets Martin knows that she is aware he married Veronica for revenge. Martin is shocked, Veronica goes to the church after visiting the grave. she tells the priest Demetrio was her friend. the priest says Demetrio never mentioned her name to him. what of Martin? Did he tell you they were friend? the priest doesn’t know how to answer. Claudia assures Martin that Alfredo didn’t tell her anything. she heard him talking about revenge on his wedding day figured it out. she tries to convince him to forget about Veronica. she doesn’t deserve all his suffering. she suggests he leaves Veronica and come back with her to the city.

Martin tells her he appreciates her concerns but he is not interested in her offer. Veronica tells the priest she doesn’t understand why Martin didn’t tell her about Demetrio’s death. he was also buried in this same village. the priest tells her Martin is the best person to answer all her questions. the priest advises her to listen to Martin and leave. she tells him she won’t, she will stay and fight for his love. as soon as she leave Nancyiaga enters the church. she tells the priest she can feel the storms approaching. Cresencio orders Manuel to help the miners dig. he warns him not to leave until they are done. Medel and Ireri try to convince Claudia to drop by their canteen to sing from time to time. Pierre arrives and tells her it is a good idea. Magdalena sees Aaron’s grave and tells Botel she is at peace now knowing he will never hurt her. they see Veronica’s grave and she collapse. Pablo goes to the school to comfort Ana Perla. she tells him not to see her again until he breaks up with Mariana. Martin and Veronica meet outside on their way home. Veronica reprimands him for not listen to the doctor advises because he is now bleeding. he tells her he had something important to do. he went looking for her. he tells her she was right, and thinks it is time he learn how to forgive. he asks her for a second chance. he asks her if she is willing to start all over again. she wonders what made him change his mind. “it is the love I feel for you, Veronica I love you” followed by passionate kiss.

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