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Unforgivable Episode 24

Unforgivable Episode 24

Unforgivable Episode 24

Martin informs Cresencio he has agreed to drop the charges against Manuel. first he wants to inform him about his condition. Cresencio accepts Martin’s condition. Veronica gives him the documents to be signed. Joaquin and Lorenzo run into Martin’s house. they informed them that the mine workers of both mine are sick. Claudia calls Pierre to find out about Martin’s health. he assures her Martin is feeling much better now. Emiliano comes in her office. she tells him she is going to Mina Escondida to see Martin. Emiliano wishes he could also go but it not possible. he asks Claudia to keep him informed. Pablo informs Ana Perla that Martin has agreed to drop the charges against Manuel. he is discussing it with her grandfather and the outcome will determine Manuel’s freedom. she hugs and thanked him for speaking to Martin on Manuel’s behalf. Martin and Cresencio questioned Joaquin about the sick miners. Joaquin tells them they both have the same symptoms. Veronica asks them if the two miners shared something in common. Lorenzo tells her they both drunk the same water. Cresencio asks them to inform Botel but Martin tells him Botel is in Mexico and he has no idea when he will be back. Martin tries to get up but Veronica scolds him. she reminds him he can’t leave the house and this condition. she doesn’t understand why all this has to happen now that they don’t have money.

Martin asks her if that her only concern. she gets angry and tells him she is worried about the miners’ health. she knows the mine means a lot to him because it is his inheritance. Pablo joins Ana Perla at the river. she tells him she is still angry at him for lying to her. she informed him they can’t be together again. he promised her to end his relationship with Mariana. she ends up kissing him. Emiliano informs Virginia that Claudia is also going to Mina Escondida. she pretends she didn’t know, when Emiliano hangs up. she smile and says things are going according to her plan. with Claudia and Daniel away nothing will stop her to have Emiliano all for herself. Cresencio visits Manuel in jail. Manuel begs him to get him out. Cresencio tells him Martin has agreed to free him but he is no longer allowed to carry a knife on him. he should not approach Martin and his wife. he has to stop harassing and disrespecting people in town. Manuel swears to his grandfather that he will obey. Veronica helps the priest to take care of the sick miners. one miner talk about Demetrio. Veronica is shocked and asks him Demetrio’s full name. he tells her Demetrio Silveria, that he was Botel partner. Martin wonders why Veronica hurt Demetrio. she is showing so much concern for his health and the miners.

Cresencio asks Manuel if he replaced the water underground filter. Manuel tells him he forgot. Cresencio get angry and informed him that Martin workers are sick. he wonders if Martin will still forgive him when he finds out that Manuel is responsible for the contaminated water. Botel asks Daniel to stay a bit longer in Mina Escondida. he can spend more time in the city and promised to compensate him. Daniel promises him to think about it. Claudia joins them and introduce herself to Daniel. Botel looks at the way she dressed and advises her to change her cloth. he suggests she wear something more comfortable for the trip. the priest introduces Veronica to Joaquin as Martin’s wife. Veronica tells him they have already sent for another doctor. Father Juan asks Joaquin how come he is not sick just like the other miners. in his explanation Joaquin mentioned Demetrio’s name. when Father Juan leaves Veronica asks Joaquin about Demterio. he tells her he is dead, she shed tears. she asks him how he died and want to know where he was buried. Blanquita interrupts them. Martin tries to get up but Nancyiaga tells him not do. he tells her he has to go to the church and see his sick miners. he is also scared that his wife will be contaminated. Nancyiaga tells him not to worry about Veronica because she is very strong.

Lorenzo informs Martin that the water is poisoned. Martin thinks the water may be contaminated with the cyanide used to extract gold. Emiliano tells Virginia that Claudia was affected by Martin’s health. Virginia now regrets sending her to Mina Escondida. Ana Perla sees Pablo at the church and walks towards him. she goes back when she sees her grandfather and Manuel. Manuel approaches Pablo and asks him to leave. he blames them all the misfortunate. Cresencio intervenes and asks Pablo to stay and help. Veronica tells Martin she found out that Demetrio is dead. she is a bit surprised at his reaction so she asks him if he already knew. he admits that he already knows and want to know who told her. she says Joaquin but she doesn’t understand why Martin didn’t tell her. he knows she loved Demetrio very much. Martin get angry because she said she loved Demetrio. she reminds him it was Demetrio who thought her how to take care of the ranch. Martin disagrees and rather says she had an affair with Demetrio. she get furious and yells at him to shut up. she tells him she never had an affair with Demetrio. she doesn’t know where he got this idea from but she is wife and he has to trust her. Martin tries to hold her but she asked him not to touch her and goes inside the bedroom. Cresencio tells everyone at the church why all the workers are sick, and leave with Manuel. Veronica tries to leave but Martin asks her not to. she comes closer and hold his hand. she tells him love isn’t enough to keep a relationship. they need trust and understanding and she kiss him.

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