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Unforgivable Episode 18

Unforgivable Episode 18

Unforgivable Episode 18

Martin visits Demetrio’s grave and asks him to help him carry out his revenge. Ana Perla asks Pierre to deliver a letter to Pablo on her behalf. he informs her that Pablo is already around. Pierre notices Julio watching them and informs her. she asks him to worry about him. Nancyiaga enters the house and startles Veronica. Veronica introduces herself and try to shake her hand. Nancyiaga won’t shakes hers too. Veronica shows the blood stain to Nancyiaga. Jorge tells Emiliano he hopes Martin send the gold as soon as possible. Emiliano thinks Veronica didn’t send them the letter because they will soon be back. he tells his dad he still loves her and want to work with her again on their project. Jorge advises him to work on this project alone. Veronica bends to have a clear look of the blood stain. she asks Nancyiaga if someone killed an animal here. she didn’t get an answer so she turns to face Nancyiaga. only to realized Nancyiaga is no more in the room. Martin tells Botel to inform Magdalena not to ever talk about Demetrio and the gold mine in front of Veronica.
Virginia tells Daniel she is worried people will find out that she had an affair with Demetrio. Pablo hides behind the school.
he puts a note on Polo’s dogs for Ana Perla to meet him there. she reads and quickly runs to him. Magdalena visits Martin but meets Veronica she hugs her. she tells her she has the same as her mother. Magdalena is surprised when Veronica mentions the problems at the mine. Martin shows up before she gives her the details. Polo explains to Blanquita how Pablo tricks Cresencio and Manuel. Veronica shows the blood stain to Martin and informs him that he won’t go. Martin and Veronica join Botel and Magdalena for dinner. she asks them about the issues on the mine. she informs them she want to go have a look. Julio interrupts Ana Perla and Pablo conversation. he rushes her home because Cresencio is looking for her. Martin tells Veronica not to discuss business over dinner. Father Juan asks Veronica to come visit him in the parish. he wants to discuss something very important with her. Pablo confesses to Ana Perla that he has a girlfriend. Veronica insists he tells now. Father Juan tells her Martin is planning a revenge. if someone doesn’t stop him now it would destroy him. Veronica is a bit confused and want him to explain. Martin joins them tells her another version of the story. Nancyiaga joins them and goes to the kitchen to talk to Magdalena.

Father Juan asks Veronica to be a little patient with her. Madgalena tells Botel she doesn’t know why Martin want them to lie to Veronica about Demetrio. Botel tells her Martin thinks she is only interested in his money. Nancyiaga tells them she also think Veronica is a bad woman. Magdalena tells Botel she feels something special for Veronica. Martin tells Veronica about Father Juan plans for the community. she offers to help him in any way she can. Martin informs them about his encounter with Cresencio. Botel tells him he is the owner of Perla Mine. everybody in town is afraid of him. Ana Perla apologizes to Julio for getting him into trouble with Manuel. Salma tells Dr. Fernandez that Virginia is in love with Emiliano. so she wants to know if they can have a kid. Daniel is shocked, he asks her if they are already dating. Magdalena tells Martin she can feel Veronica has a good heart. Martin tells her not to be deceived she is only pretending. she tells him people in town may talk about their gold mine. his relationship with Demetrio so Veronica will sooner or later find out. they later discuss their contract with the Prado Castello.
Magdalena tells Martin she and husband have an important issue to attend in Mexico. he will be in charge of the mine. Martin wants to know how long they will stay there. she tells him she doesn’t know. she is going to look for her lost daughter. Magdalena seems a bit surprise when Martin mentions their gold buyer is his father-in-law. Before he leaves Magdalena tells him she may not know Veronica very well. however if he truly loves her he should make her change. crying Ana Perla apologizes to her grandfather for going out without Julio. she promises him he won’t happen again. she tells him not to worry anymore because she won’t see the stranger he warns her about. she turns to Manuel and tells him he didn’t have to beat Julio. she left without him, Cresencio asks Manuel to go get Julio. Pierre hands over Ana Perla’s letter to Pablo. Martin goes to church and tells Father Juan he wants to have a confession. he angrily tells the priest he married the woman who is responsible for his brother’s death so that he can have his revenge.

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