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Unforgivable Episode 121

Unforgivable Episode 121

Unforgivable Episode 121

Manuel points in gun at Ana Perla and Pablo, he is and will remain the same evil Manuel Sanchez. He takes his document and leave. Daniel is up but tie up, Veronica tells him she remember everything. She is Veronica not Victoria, Daniel feels Virginia didn’t inject her. She betrayed him and yells. Chelas opens his door and good morning the police point their gun at him. Virginia calls Manuel and they agree to meet. Jorge interrupts her on way out. She wants to go look for Veronica; she doesn’t want her to run into Martin. Jorge refuses to let her leave the house. Martin and Rebecca arrive and no news of Veronica. Martin and Rebecca leave to search for Veronica. Virginia wants to also search but refuses to let her out of the house. Veronica decides to leave Daniel tie up until the police shows up. She tries to leave his apartment and Aaron shows up. Veronica tries to leave but he stops her, they start struggling until Martin shows up. Virginia wants to leave; Jorge has no intention to let her out of the house. She makes up so many excuses but the man isn’t fooled. She decides to use her heart condition, Jorge offers to bring her drug but he makes sure he locks her up in his study before leaving. She hears him and checks the lock they are all locked. She feels something is wrong. Martin VS Aaron, Veronica begs him not to kill him. Veronica wants Daniel to confess that Virginia betrayed all of them. Aaron doesn’t believe Virginia can betray him because he has her in his hands. Police sirene, Aaron takes advantage and escaped. Martin and Veronica goes after him leaving Daniel tie up. Virginia takes advantage of being lock up in her Jorge’s office and goes through his stuff.
She sees his will, too bad Jorge left everything for Emiliano and Veronica. She says to herself that she hates him. She quickly arranges the will and return to her seat before Jorge returns to with her drugs. She complains to Jorge that she is in pain; Jorge turns to pour some water for her. She takes something on his desk and hits his head from behind. Jorge falls unconscious; she locks him up in his study and leaves. Gaby, Ramon and the school children have fun in town. Virginia goes to Daniel’s apartment and sees him tie up. She makes fun at him, they start arguing. Daniel feels betrayed him, he tells her about the pen drive he left in Martin’s house. Jorge is awake and Chucho manages to open his study. Chucho wants to call the doctor or the police. Jorge refuses; he wants to locate Martin as soon as possible. Virginia has a knife in hand and on top of Daniel. She uses it to caress his body and tries to open his belt. Daniel begs her, she uses the knife to torture him and laughs. Takes note that Virginia is wearing black gloves all this time. She kisses Daniel and stab at him at the same time. She leaves the knife in his stomach and watches him die while kissing him. She hides the gloves behind his drawer and leaves to the bathroom to clean the blood stain on her shirt. Magdalena comes in and sees him. She runs to him and accidentally touches the knife. Daniel is already dead; Virginia comes out of the bathroom and sees Magdalena. She uses the cloth and tries to choke Magdalena for meddling into her problem. Mariana is up to no good. She hides in her a car few meters away from Pablo’s apartment.
Ana Perla, Blanquita, Arturo and Pablo come out. Ana Perla leaves first; Mariana takes advantages and drives straight into Ana Perla. She hits her and run. Veronica returns to Daniel’s apartment and sees Virginia choking Magdalena. Veronica holds tight unto Virginia and tries to kill her. Martin and the rest come in and Veronica again tells her she will end up in prison. She wastes no time and gives all the information in at their disposal to Virginia. Ana Perla is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Pablo is with her and assures her everything will be fine. Virginia hears the sirene and tries to escape, Martin and Veronica stops her. Jorge, Salma and the police arrive. Virginia accuses Magdalena for killing Daniel. The police notices both women have blood stain on their blouse so they decide to arrest both of them. Blanquita informs her parent about Ana Perla’s accident. Mariana tries to run away with her suitcase when the police show up at her apartment. They arrest her for attempting murder.

Polo and Dorila pretend to get married looool. Lucia joins her son at the hospital; the doctor informs them Ana Perla case is delicate. If necessary they will have to save one life. Virginia and Magdalena will be judge for first degree murder. They will remain in prison until then. Pablo begs the doctor to save both life, the doctor reminds him it will be very risky but accept to try his best. Salma apologizes to Veronica; Botel wants Martin to do something.
He doesn’t want his wife to go to jail. Martin has hired the best lawyer in Mexico. He makes his entrance, new character and he seems to have a past with Rebecca. Jeronimo informs them he was once engaged to Rebecca. Martin does the introduction, they all assures him Magdalena is innocent. Jeronimo wants to speak with Rebecca. She hopes he will explain to her the reason why he broke her heart. He assures her he has an explanation, he had an accident. Pablo and his mother pray for Ana Perla and the baby. Jeronimo assures Rebecca he never abandoned her. He will never abandon her because she is the woman of his life. He was attack on his way to present some important evidence against a dangerous criminal. He got shot by his accomplices and went into coma for about 4 months. Virginia made it to the front page of the newspaper. Manuel and Aaron buy a copy and read; Manuel feels Martin is responsible. Aaron asks him if he thinks Virginia really betrayed them. Manuel doesn’t know but they have to find out and plan their revenge against her. Jeronimo hopes Rebecca can give one more chance. Veronica informs Jorge and other about the pen drive Daniel left in Martin’s apartment. She hopes they find it and present it as evidence against Virginia. Rebecca agrees to give another chance to Jeronimo. They make up and kiss. Apparently Veronica found the pen drive and they all watch the video in court. The judge rejects the video as evidence against Virginia. Virginia is happy about the outcome.
She smiles while the others look worry, Salma on the other hand cries. No news from Ana Perla and they are all worried. The prosecutor presents evidence against Magdalena. The finger prints on the knife belong to Magdalena making her the only suspect in the case. Jeronimo objects to the new evidence. Ana Perla loss of a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. Pablo offers to give his blood. Salma hands over her phone to Veronica. She tells her it content a video in which Virginia confessed killing Matilde. She has no idea who sent the video to her. Ana Perla is finally out of danger and has opens her eyes. Veronica takes the video to Jeronimo. The prosecutor refuses to accept it as new evidence. The judge on the other prefers to listen to it. The second video is projected on the big screen for everyone viewing. The judge decides to study the case carefully and suggests he find solid evidence. Jeronimo returns to Daniel’s apartment with specialist to look for evidence. Bingo, he finds the black gloves. Back to court, the expert informs them about the gloves. Jeronimo takes them out and hand them over to the judge. They have already examined and it has Daniel’s blood on it. They assume it belongs to Virginia because it has her initial on them. Virginia denies, she and Veronica have the same initial. Magdalena probably stole it, Jorge offers to check the gloves. He recognizes them and confirms it belongs to Virginia. He gave it to her on her birthday.
The judge orders Magdalena to be released immediately. Virginia is sentence to 50 years. She begs Jorge and her mother not to let her go to prison. Jorge consoles Salma, Veronica and her mother celebrates. Virginia fakes a crisis on her way to prison and she is taken into an ambulance to the hospital. They encounter a fault on their way to the hospital. Both the driver and the male prison paramedics check on the vehicles. Virginia is left alone with the female prison paramedics in the vehicle. The ambulance problem is solved, the male prison paramedics returns in the vehicle and notices Virginia is gone. The female prison paramedics lie on her stomach with blood on her head.

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