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Unforgivable Episode 120

Unforgivable Episode 120

Unforgivable Episode 120

She is alive; I don’t understand what is going on, so do I. Virginia remains on her seat and wonder if Veronica has recovered her memory. Rebecca introduces Veronica and asks her to join them on stage. Veronica joins them and walks by Martin, they stare into each other. Martin tries to touch her but she refuses and rushes into Virginia’s hand. She begs Virginia to protect her from Martin. Manuel kneels beside the priest dead body, takes some sun and drops it on his dead body. From dust we came, from dust we shall return, he says his last prayer and smile. Cresencio’s will is read in the presence of his family except Manuel. Father Juan isn’t dead; as soon as Manuel leaves he opens his eyes. He says a prayer and closes his eyes again. Virginia takes Veronica to the mansion, she claims he brought there to protect her. Jorge joins them and Veronica tells him she doesn’t know him. Jorge wants Virginia to explain to him what is going on. Virginia also has no explanation; they both leave to the room. Jorge doesn’t understand anything; Veronica is alive and doesn’t recognize him. Martin and others come and decide to explain to him. Salma and Rebecca chat in the study, Rebecca doesn’t know much. Veronica is alive but lost her memory. Virginia calls her Victoria; she replies yes and wonders why everyone is calling her Veronica. Magdalena told her she is her mother but she doesn’t believe her. The doctor told her she had no relatives. She only remembers that Martin made her suffer and wants to take his revenge on her. Nancyiaga runs into Father and realized he is wounded.
Martin, Magdalena and Botel talk to Jorge about Veronica. Jorge wonders why he wasn’t informed. Martin tells him things happen very fast but he wants Jorge to listen to him. They tell Jorge that Virginia is behind Veronica’s accident and fake death. They don’t know the details but Daniel and Virginia found out that she lost her memory and made her believe she is someone else. Jorge wants Virginia to pay, Martin promise she will. He however want Jorge to play along because Veronica is pretending she is still doesn’t remember anything. Virginia tells Veronica she needs to continue with the injection and assures her it is the way she can get her memory back. Veronica agrees but she doesn’t know where to find Doctor Jimenez. Virginia will take her to him but wants to know if anyone else know Dr. Dantes is treating her. Veronica tells him no, she didn’t tell anyone because she trust no one. Virginia wants her to stay in the house and promise to take care of her. Veronica hugs her thank her for taking care of her. Jorge feels they are putting Veronica at risk but Martin assures him it is the only option they had. He tells Jorge they have a plan but begs him to not tell anyone not even Emiliano. Nancyiaga and Blanquita attend to Father Juan wound in the presence of the rest of the family. Father is awake and tells him he was shot by Manuel. Chelas get basted; Aaron enters the house and sees him counting the stolen money. Aaron reproaches for reporting him to the police. He tries to strangle him but stop and goes for his money. Joaquin informs Martin about Father Juan. Martin can’t believe and tells Joaquin he is coming to Mina Escondida. The villagers go against Manuel. they carry torches and weapon and go looking for Manuel.
They find him but Manuel isn’t scared, he points his gun at them. He tries to shoot but the gun failed him, he goes on the run and they follow him. Virginia explains to Jorge and Magdalena she has no idea why Veronica thinks she is her protector. She intends to tell the truth to Veronica. Jorge and Magdalena disagree with her and feel she is the only who can help Veronica at the moment. Virginia is fooled and tells them she will help Veronica. Pablo has a plan against Mariana. He wants her to feel embarrassed just like she did to Ana Perla. Virginia updates Daniel on Veronica’s situation. She agrees to meet with Daniel to take the injection and leaves. As soon as she does, Jorge comes out of his study. Veronica calls Martin and tells him Virginia believes her. Martin is glad but informs her Manuel tries to kill Father Juan. Father Juan isn’t doing well; they decide to pray for him. The villagers trap Manuel but he manages to escape and jump into the river. Jorge enters Veronica’s room, she asks of Virginia. Jorge tells her she went out thinking no one saw her. Veronica tells him she went to Daniel to get the injection. Aaron interrupts Virginia on her way. He reproaches her for not doing her part of the deal. Virginia has a proposal for him. Jorge and Veronica have a chit chat and Jorge feel guilty. He was fooled by Virginia and he hopes she can forgive him. Veronica asks him not to worry, she understand how he feels. Botel and Martin arrive in Mina Escondida and Botel attend to the priest. Magdalena is scared for her daughter’s life and wants them to stop their plan. Veronica refuses; she wants justice for Matilde, Demetrio and herself. Magdalena hands over a drug to her, it was given by Botel to reserve the effect of the injection. Botel, Blanquita and Rebecca extract the second bullet from the priest.
Botel hopes his heart can stand. Virginia returns with the injection but Veronica takes Botel drug before Virginia can inject her. Virginia wants to sleep with Veronica so she can take care of her. Botel informs them the priest isn’t doing well. Out of desperation, Martin carries him in his arm despite everyone objection. Martin carries the priest to the church; the whole village has joined them to pray. Martin put him in front of the cross and they all pray. Martin leads the prayer, a light appear on the status, then on the priest’s face. Father Juan opens his eyes and we hear the church bell rings.

It is a miracle, he is alive, the villagers sing. Father Juan thanks Martin, Martin thanks God. Gaby is back to the village and takes the kids out. Didn’t Martin tell Jorge not to tell anyone, not even Emiliano? Well Jorge does the opposite and Emiliano is pissed off. He feels Virginia made them look like useless people. He hopes Jorge will now take her out of his will. Jorge doesn’t know; he is still her adoptive father. Virginia wants to take Veronica to see Dr. Dantes Jimenez but doesn’t her to tell anyone. Veronica agrees not to tell anyone, after all she only trust Virginia. Pablo feels bad he wasn’t there for Ana Perla during Julio’s burial. He also informs them he is getting married to Mariana today. Veronica updates Martin on Virginia’s plan to take her to Daniel. Magdalena runs into disguised Aaron, he wants Martin in exchange of Veronica’s safety. Jorge runs into Veronica and Virginia on their way to see Daniel. He wants to take Veronica to see another specialist and hopes Virginia joins them. She initially refuses but Veronica wants her around so she decides to go with them.
Pablo and Mariana have a simple civil wedding. Mariana sign first, Pablo takes the pen but refuses to sign. Just at that moment Ana Perla walks in. Pablo tells her he can’t marry her because the only woman he loves is Ana Perla. She gets angry and slaps him calling him names. Pablo wants her far away from them and leaves with his wife. Mariana gets angry and destroys everything in the room and swears to take on them. Pablo and his wife return to his apartment. She feels he went too far with Mariana. Pablo disagree he only wanted to make Mariana understand that he doesn’t love her. He tells her he loves her; she loves him too and hopes they can finally be a family. Virginia informs Daniel that Jorge took Veronica to a specialist and she was given drugs. She feels Veronica will soon recover her memory. She asks him to come for Veronica while she distracts Jorge. Manuel shows up at Pablo’s apartment with a gun in his hand. He takes out a document from his pocket and asks them to sign it to make him the only heir of Cresencio’s will. Veronica turns her back and tries to call Martin. Daniel shows up from behind and injects her neck. Veronica collapses and he takes her away. Ana Perla and Pablo sign the document at gun point. Manuel believes he deserve everything, Cresencio never love him. He yells and confesses to them that he killed Cresencio by poisoning him. Virginia returns to Veronica’s room and starts yelling and throwing things around. Jorge enters and she tells him Dr. Dantes came into the room and took Veronica away. Daniel takes Veronica to his place; she is awake and thanks him for rescuing her. She tells him she trust no one in that house, she tells him Virginia asks her to be very careful about him. Daniel feels Virginia is trying to double cross him. Virginia calls Aaron and updates him.
She tells him where he can find Veronica. Daniel wants to know what Virginia told Veronica. Veronica doesn’t remember probably due to the injection. She only remembers Virginia telling someone on phone, she will get rid of him when everything ends. She wants to know why Virginia said that, Daniel tells her she can’t trust Virginia. Virginia isn’t what she thinks; he left a drive in Martin’s drawer. Veronica pretend to be afraid of Martin and feels Daniel is his friend and also want to kill her. Daniel tries to calm her down but she doesn’t want him to touch her. Daniel goes for an injection, he yells at Veronica to keep quiet and leave. Veronica removes her shoes and start searching for something. Manuel breaks down and Ana Perla hugs and consoles him. Pablo doesn’t believe him and eye Manuel gun. Veronica pours some slippery liquid at the door. She hides behind the door with a wooden box in her hand. Daniel enters slips and falls; Veronica hit him twice then tries to tie him up.

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