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Unforgivable Episode 119

Unforgivable Episode 119

Unforgivable Episode 119

Manuel takes his sister and cousin at gun point and drags them to the Virgin’s status. He asks them to get on their knee and make their past prayers. Blanquita uses the flower basket to hit and tries to run away. Manuel catches her leg, she hit him again and they finally run off. Martin takes Rebecca’s assistant to the Prado Castelo’s club and introduces Sanson to her. Jorge warns Salma he won’t hesitate to report Virginia to the police if he finds any evidence that she committed a crime. Virginia sneaks into someone’s room and steal a ring. She goes to the kitchen and takes the jewelry out of the box and he puts the box in Chucho’s jacket. Salma has no intention to change who she is just to please Jorge. If Jorge is willing to accept her that is cool if not so be it. Manuel catches the girl and now has his gun pointed at them. Arturo shows up and they start fighting. Manuel knocks him down and now points his gun at Ana Perla. Goodbye little sister. Julio shows up from nowhere and takes the bullet. Ana Perla yells for someone to call the police. Manuel run away, Julio is badly hurt. Veronica walks to the stable and sees Sanson. Martin shows up behind her and asks her if she remember him, they met thanks to Sanson. Veronica caresses Sanson, and recalls when she first met Martin at the club. She turns to face him; he holds her hands and kisses them. He suggests she takes Sanson out for a ride. Arturo and the girls ask Julio to be strong; Julio knows his time is due. He is at peace knowing that Pablo loves her and will make her happy. Julio asks Ana Perla for her blessing to die in peace. She does and he dies in her hands. Virginia goes to a jewelry shop to sell the ring. She has no option than to accept the money been offered though it is very little. Manuel informs Virginia he is on the run.
He also informs her Veronica doesn’t remember anyone not even Martin. Virginia feels it is the right opportunity she was waiting for. Martin takes Veronica to see the star. He asks her if she remember there is a star name after her. He gives the certificate to her and she recalls when they had their romantic dinner at the hotel when Martin gave her the certificate. Martin and Veronica walks in candle light path to one corner with a romantic table set for dinner. Martin asks her if she remember their romantic dinner at the hotel. They now walk on rose petal walkway that leads them to Pablo’s portrait. He asks her if the remember when they first made love by the waterfall. She recalls the first time they made love. Martin hugs her tight and whispers in her ears if she remembers he love her. She turns to face him and tells him she remembers she is his and no one else. On this note, Veronica remembers Martin and they kiss passionately and make love. Veronica still doesn’t remember everything. Martin tells her little by little she will remember. She is worried about Virginia; Martin asks her if she thinks Virginia is responsible for her accident. Aaron threatens Virginia to send the video to Martin. Virginia isn’t afraid and even proposes they work together to get back at Veronica. Veronica explains to Martin what Daniel told her. She tells him she had a lot of images that she can’t understand. He was the only one she could remember but she was afraid. Martin tells her little by little she will remember everything. he tells her not all her memories will be happy moment.
They also had some painful moment; he admits that he did hurt her. Daniel knew they had problem in their marriage and use that information to hurt them. He caresses her face and tells her it is time to get justice for his brother Demetrio and her nanny Matilde. Veronica recalls Matilde and tells martin the night of the accident. She went to meet Daniel because he had some information about Matilde’s death. She recorded Virginia confession on her cellphone that is why they tried to kill her. Daniel sees Demetrio in the area and asks of Victoria. Arturo knows no one called Vitoria here. Daniel feels Virginia is deceiving him and feels he has to protect himself. Aaron agrees to work with Virginia, but knowing her he is sure she wants someone in return. She wants him to help her get rid of someone who is getting in her way. Martin tells Veronica to pretend that she doesn’t recognize him and reject him. He wants her to keep believe that Virginia is her protector. Daniel sneaks into Martin’s apartment and leaves a pen drive in one of his drawer. Veronica informs Martin she had already met Magdalena. she promise to take her to a special place in the evening. Daniel had no option but to hide when he hears Botel and Magdalena come into the apartment. He gets the opportunity to listen to their conversation about Veronica. Jorge hopes Virginia will attend the event in the evening. He hopes the family will come together to celebrate in memory of Veronica. Virginia agrees to attend with Salma; she put her head on Jorge’s shoulder and curses Veronica. She feels Veronica will always be in her shadows until she get rid of her. Daniel quietly walks behind Botel and leave without him noticing.

He however leaves the door open. Botel notices it and assumes Magdalena forgot to close it. Nancyiaga informs Raymunda and Joaquin that Cresencio didn’t die, he was killed by someone. Joaquin demands to know who killed him. Nancyiaga tells them someone with bad intention. Martin brings Veronica’s to Blanquita’s apartment and sees them mourning Julio’s death. Martin suggests they report him to the police in Pueblo Nuevo. Manuel returns to his house at Pueblo Nuevo. He sees Raymunda and wonder what she is doing in his house. Raymunda reminds him that the house belongs to her father that he killed. She ends her sentence with a hot slap on his face. Manuel goes crazy and tries to attack her but Joaquin protect his wife. Raymunda tells him the priest was right, his soul is condemned and God will never forgive him. Manuel careless about what they think about him, he owe no one an explanation. The police are already here and inform him he is under arrest for the murder of Cresencio Alvares. Manuel manages to escape before they can arrest him. Everyone gets ready for the event; Magdalena brings a new dress to Veronica. Martin decides to wear Veronica’s embroidered shirt given to him by Rebecca. He opens his drawer and doesn’t notice the pen drive. Virginia wears a black dress and wonders where her cousin may be. She needs to find her as soon as possible. Martin informs Rebecca that Veronica’s memory is back and she remembers him. He thanks Rebecca for her the help.
Rebecca asks him not to worry and reminds him they are friend. Ana Perla and Blanquita return to the village, Raymunda informs them about Cresencio’s death. Ana Perla also tells them Manuel insisted she drinks some tea he prepared for her. She also informs them Manuel killed Julio, speaking of Manuel. He goes to the priest for confession. He asks the priest to pray for his own soul because he came to kill him. The priest pushes the curtains and sees Manuel on his knee, they stare at each other. The event at the Prado Castello is going on smoothly. Manuel points his gun at the priest and accuses him of telling his aunt about Cresencio’s death. The priest reminds him he confessed to his crime under the oath of confession. Manuel doesn’t care and still want to kill him. The priest tries to put him on the right path before he adds one more crime on his conscience. Manuel pays no attention to him and orders him to be on his knees. Father Juan obey, Manuel takes out the silencer and tries to attach it to the gun. Father takes advantage and pushes him away and run off. He tells Manuel he is leaving for Manuel sake not his. Manuel laughs, takes his time to fix the silencer then goes after him. Everyone at the event seems to be glad about Veronica’s collection. Manuel catches up with the priest and shoots him. Martin suggests Rebecca model the ultimate design since the model can’t make it to the event. Martin and Rebecca acknowledge Veronica at the event though she is not with them. Just at that moment, Veronica slowly walks towards them. Rebecca stares, Jorge, Emiliano and Salma get on their feet. Virginia remains on her seat. Emiliano says she is alive, Claudia doesn’t understand what is going on.

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