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Unforgivable Episode 111

Unforgivable Episode 111

Unforgivable Episode 111

Arturo want the girls to work with him, Ana Perla refuses because she doesn’t want to be a burden to him. Ana Perla informs the old lady who sell the flower that she is looking for a job. The old lady informs them about her intention to leave town and suggests Ana Perla sells the flowers. Sir Manuel is pissed off because his miners haven’t found any gold yet. His phone rings and he throws Juancho out of his office. Virginia calls to give him the good news that will also make him happy. She tells Manuel that Veronica is dead. She is finally out of their way and Martin has decided to bury her in Mina Escondida. Father Juan prays for Veronica’s soul to rest in peace. Jorge pays his last respect to Veronica, Magdalena sobs at the background. Ana Perla is officially selling flowers now; Blanquita I guess will be doing a part time job with her prince charming. Arturo excuses himself and leaves the girls for a moment. Ana Perla notices Blanquita anxiety and questions her. Blanquita tells her about the conversation she overheard between Arturo and Chelas. Arturo refuses to give her the details but he asks her to trust him. She doesn’t know what to think. Ana Perla advices she gives him time, after all they are now getting to know each other. La Morenita miners found another huge amount of gold. One of the workers and Joaquin feels it will make Martin and Veronica very happy. Emiliano pays his last respect, he asks for forgiveness. He never thought he will lose her this way.
Lucia offers her condolence to Martin. Botel consoles Martin. Pierre mourns Veronica back at the hotel. Rebecca and her assistant arrive at the Prado Castelo’s mansion. She goes directly to Martin and offers her condolence. Martin hasn’t said a word since Veronica’s body arrives at the mansion. He looks confused and incomprehensible. It is night time; father Juan leads the procession to the cemetery. Martin, Botel, Emiliano and Joaquin carry the casket. The town folk follow with flowers and candle light. Nancyiaca’s voice is heard aloud. She is the only person who hasn’t changed to black attire. She speaks in parable as usual “the stars show pain and tears flowing like rivers made windy by confusion and desperation”. The gossip women are also present and feel it is a tragedy. The casket is laid on the ground beside the hole; Magdalena sobs more on the casket. The priest starts with the burial ceremony, Martin finally speaks, and he wants answers. He sobs and falls on the casket and weeps inconsolably. Pablo and Botel console him and beg him to calm down. The priest asks him to be strong; Virginia fakes tears and holds tight unto Jorge. Aaron wants to take his time and plan the second face of his revenge. He informs Chelas as he reads the newspapers.
He sees Veronica’s death in the headline, and can’t believe life robbed him the pleasure of taking the life of his own daughter. Well he still has her mother. Back at the cemetery, Magdalena sobs on the casket again; Botel joins her and consoles her. Ana Perla reads the letter she wrote for Pablo to Blanquita. Sir Manuel finally arrive at the grave side, he puts his hands on Martin’s shoulder from behind and offer his condolence. Everyone sense danger, Martin pays no attention to him. The priest yells Manuel’s name, he removes his hand. He tells them he only came to do the Christian things.

Offer his condolence to Martin, he understand Martin’s pain. He also lost his grandfather not long ago; Raymunda reminds him that he didn’t show up at his burial. The priest asks Manuel not to be cynical and respect people pain. He asks Manuel to leave, Manuel wonders what wrong with them he only came to offer his condolence and they are treating him this way. Pablo, Botel, and Jorge ask him to leave. He pays no attention to them, Emiliano tries to confront him but Jorge holds him back. Martin yells at Manuel to leave or he will kill him, Botel and Pablo hold him back. Everyone ask him to leave but to no avail, until two villagers escort him. Martin kneels beside the grave.
Monserrat tries to advise her daughter to forget about Pablo. Mariana is not ready to leave him for another woman. Veronica is laid to rest, with flowers all over her grave. Martin kneels beside the grave until everyone leaves the cemetery. He cries and asks Veronica to take him along. Rebecca joins him and console him, she advices him to let his grieve out in whatever way he wishes. Martin asks to be left alone and she walks away. Virginia and Manuel show at the grave but little distance from Martin. She congratulates him for the commotion he did earlier. They both agree that Martin got what he deserves. Virginia tells him it is only the beginning; Manuel wants to know what she is talking about. Nancyiaga shows up at the grave and sees Rebecca around. Martin is still on his knee begging Veronica to come for him; he can’t imagine his life without her. A white dove flies and falls beside Martin, Nancyiaga walks towards him and interpret it. Martin holds the white dove and cries more, Nancyiaga sees death and life joined in absence. Lucia and her son try to convince Martin not to stay alone in his apartment. Martin asks them to return to Mexico and search for Ana Perla. Virginia brings coffee to Jorge in his study. Jorge refuses to take anything, Virginia pleads with him to at least have some coffee. She begs Jorge not to abandon her; he is all she has now. Her own mothers abandon her.
Jorge agrees to strong for her and Emiliano’s sake. Jorge finally accepts to take the coffee. Virginia gives him to cup and smiles as she calls Jorge a stupid old fool. She is going to get rid of him and then get rid of Emiliano. Rebecca and Emiliano go to Martin’s office in Mina Escondida and talk about Veronica strength and quality. Emiliano confesses to her that he was also in love with Veronica. Aaron interrupts Virginia at the entrance of the company. Virginia has a lot of things and tries to leave. Aaron hopes killing Marin’s wife is one of them and smiles. Virginia doesn’t know what he is talking about and tries to leave. Aaron stops her and tells her he has evidence that she and her accomplice are involved in Veronica’s accident. His daughter, she wonders who he is. He finally introduces himself and he hopes she heard about him. Virginia recalls Veronica saying that Aaron killed his own brother in cold blood. She is the daughter of a murder, Virginia tells him Veronica’s father is in jail. He was but now he is a free man, she asks him what he wants. He tells her money, a lot of money. She asks him how much, he says a lot, and as long as she gives him a lot. She and her accomplice won’t have any problem with him. He asks her not to waste her time he is not going to give him a lot of money. He will inform Martin and her uncle about it. Martin is left all alone in his new apartment in Mina Escondida. He stares at the waterfall portrait and recalls the first day they made love at the waterfall. He recalls some happy moments, including their wedding day, their picnic on the waterfall, their trip in cancun and recalls Rebecca’s advices. He yells and destroys everything in the house. He finally coils himself on the floor and cries.

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