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The Tempest Ep. 096

The Tempest Ep. 096

Damian is shocked to know the truth about Marina real mother, Claudio  wishes her good luck and  Damian decides to go with her , Robles thanks Zully for all her help but tells her he needs evidence, she assures him to get those evidence to save her sister, Robles thinks she must wear a wire, Lazaro visits Jasmin to ask for forgiveness and once again she rejects him, and tells him she has decided to name her son Fugencio if he is a boy, Jose confronts Oso about Rebeca but Oso tells him there is nothing between him and Rebecca, they are just friends and decides to help him win Rebeca’s love, Mercedes narrates her life story to Damian, she tells him all she wanted was to be a great singer but Ernesto Conteras deceived her and made her life miserable.

Fulgencio tells Lazaro that Jazmin saw him kissing another lady in town, Lazaro informs him it was Abigail, he gives him money to buy a gift for Jazmin, Damian asks Mercedes if it same Ernesto who married Esthercita. Ernesto reminds Nereo to call him Frank not Ernesto, he tells him as soon as he feel much better they will return to Mexico to get back at Mercedes and his former wife and in due time he will take his son, Marina tells Hernan Beatrice is gradually moving her mouth, it seems she is about to talk, Hernan quickly asks to see her, Marina leaves Hernan alone with Beatrice giving him the opportunity to maltreat and threatens her again, the crew see the ladies they save from drowning.

Fulgencio threatens Abigail to stay away from Lazaro, Ursula gives Hernan’s medicine to Marcelino and reminds him to always drop it in his juice, Consuelo enters Michel room and sees a scorpion around his bed, Esthercita and her cousin are having fun by the pool while Zully is busily looking for evidence in Hernan’s office. Consuelo runs into Marina and Hernan, she tells Marina Michel was bitten by a scorpion, Marina decides to take him to the hospital, Esthercita catches Zully in Hernan’s office.

Damian consoles Mercedes but tells her to informs Marina as soon as possible, she tells him she scared Marina will reject her, he promises her to talk to Marina, the  doctor informs Marina and Consuelo that the baby is fine, the scorpion didn’t bite him, Consuelo tells Marina and the doctor that Esthercita warned her not to disturb her and Damian is in Mexico at the moment, Fulgencio sees Olinto’s posters on the wall get furious and remove them, Mercedes informs Magdalena she has decided to tell the truth to Marina, Magdalena wants to go with her to see Marina but she says no, Zully spies on Esthercita and Ursula at the pool, Hernan walks in and slaps Esthercita calling her stupid, Marina plays with baby Michel.

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