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The Tempest Ep. 089

The Tempest Ep. 089

Jose sees Mercedes in tears and asks her what is happening, she tells him Marina want nothing to do with her real mother, Jose consoles her, Marina and Hernan visits Beatrice, Marina leaves him alone with Beatrice, he closes the door and get close to Beatrice, he makes fun at her for being paralyzed, he plays with her oxygen mask, he tells her he can’t wait for her to die, Lazaro tells Father Tomas what happen at the Naval Academy, Father Tomas advices  him to tell the truth to his wife, Abigail meets with Fulgencio and  tells him the work is done, Fulgencio tells her he doesn’t want her near him anymore, he pays her and warns not to tell anyone about their deal.

Beatrice moans, Hernan slaps her and laugh at her, he takes Jesus statue beside her bed, waves it at her say and save her, save her. Surprise, surprise, instead of drinking, Magdalena goes to Valentin and tells him what Macario told her, he thinks Magdalena should talk with Mercedes first, he thinks Mercedes spent a lot time looking for her, she should trust her, his mouth get close and closer to hers, and they kiss, he stops and apologies, it is against ethical standards, he is her Godfather and therapist as well, they can’t have any sort of romantic relationship, she tells him not to worry and leave. Lazaro gives the bad news to his mother and wife, he says he can’t stay away from his wife and baby, wify is so happy, she hugs her husband , Rosario isn’t convinced about his reason, Father Tomas rolls his eyes, Magdalena cleans the floor, she stops and recalls the kiss, Lazaro tells Fulgencio is left the Naval Academy and promise to pay him back, Fulgenico tells him not to worry about it, he want Lazaro to work for him, the boys says no and leave, Fulgencio swears he will find a way to make him work for him, Magdalena goes through Mercedes drawers, she sees the newspaper with Marina and Hernan at the restaurant and can’t believe Mercedes didn’t tell her she had a twin sister.

Mercedes comes home and see Magdalena dress exactly like Marina, she is surprised to see her, Magdalena tells her she is not Marina but Magdalena, Mercedes is shocked, Magdalena demands answers, Mercy tells her she feel bad Magdalena got to know through the newspapers, she was waiting for the right time to tell her, Magdalena accuses her of being selfish, she was working with Ernesto and sold her daughters for money, Mercedes tells her Ernesto stole her when she was a baby, Mercedes explains to her how difficult it was for her to live all these years without her children, Magdalena doesn’t believe her, she tells Mercedes Macario told her the whole story,  Mercedes tells her Macario lied to her, he works for Ernesto, Damian tells Fulgencio to stay away from Lazaro, Rosario goes to the Naval Academy for more information, The Officer informs her Lazaro didn’t leave but it was expelled for misconduct, Mercedes asks Magdalena to believe her, she is telling her the truth, Magdalena hugs Mercedes but tells her she doesn’t trust her and runs to her rooms, Rosario tries to convince the Officer that her son is of good behavior, but he will not listen.

Damian hold baby Michel and tells him how wonderful they life will be with Marina and his other brother, Esthercita comes in and tells him her son won’t be part of it, Damian asks her to keep quiet, he has heard enough, she says she will accuse him of cheating, he asks her to go ahead, he will also start investigating her marriage with Ernesto, Damian tells Jose he is tired of Eshtercita blackmails, he wants custody of his son, Jose promise to work on it as soon as possible, Fulgencio asks Ursula if she willing to spy on Hernan for him, he wants to all his plans and movement, Hernan comes home and meets Zully with her suitcases, she tells him she came for a visit, Marina tells Damian she feel bad separating Esthercita from her son, Damian tells her Michel is better off with them, Jose brings the divorce papers to Esthercita and advises her to get a lawyer, she tells him she doesn’t need one, Urusla agree to spy for Fulgencio, he brings out a necklace and put it on her neck,  she thanked him, Esthercita enters the office and Ursula pushes the box under the chair, Esthercita   wants to know what she is doing in her dad office.

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