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The Tempest Ep. 082

The Tempest Ep. 082

Father Tomas  is finally home, he is still wrapped up in a bandage though, Lazaro arrives home dressed in his Naval uniform, Claudio informs Damian to tell his crew to come over to the capital, he has already set up an appointment with the architect  for them to start learning, he tells Damian his office will have a sea view, Esthercita helps  Guerrero to sketch Blas, the federal are now on the look for Blas, Mercedes informs Jose she wants to mortgage her night club due to the strike, Marina overhears them and tells Mercedes she will keep on working at the packing company.

Hernan visits Marina, she informs him she can’t work for him, she is going back to R-Laydee to work in the packing company, Hernan tells her to come with him to London, he is meeting some hotels executives, he tells her it will be a very good opportunity for her, Marina isn’t too key about the idea but as usual he is able to convince her to join him, she remind him it is only a business trip, he accept and leave. Damian calls Esthercita to find out about Michel, she start nagging about their relationship, he informs her he will be staying in the capital for a little longer, he will be working for Claudio, Esthercita hung up and tells baby Michel that daddy doesn’t care about them.

Marina calls Damian and informs him about her trip to London with Hernan, Damian is really fed up, he tells her to do what she want with her life, Fulgencio overhears Rosario’s friend tells Consuelo that Rosario nearly caused Jazmin to miscarriage, Damian shows up at the work, Hernan is shocked to see him, Damian tells her not to trust Hernan, he tells her if she insists on going to London with Hernan he will end their relationship, Fulgencio reprimand  Rosario for what she did to Jazmin, Jazmin eavesdrop on them she now knows Lazaro is Fulgencio’s son,  Marina tells Hernan she can’t go with him, she walks towards Damian, smile and hug him.

Fulgencio tells Lazaro he want to help him, he will buy a house for him, Lazaro refuse his help, he tells him he will only accept Fulgencio’s help if he explains to him why he is keen on helping him, Hernan is furious, Macario tries to calm him down but no way he is too angry, he want revenge, Marina enters Mercedes’s house with Damian, Rebeca is surprise to see them, she  tells Rebeca she didn’t leave with Hernan because she didn’t want to be far from Damian,  she tells her it is time they go back to R-Laydee, Damian also has to go see baby Michel in R-Laydee. Lazaro tells Jazmin about Fulgencio help to buy them a house, she tells him to consider his offer, Lazaro remind her that Fulgencio is part of the human trafficking organization, she understands him but she wants him promise her that he will be nice to him.

Hernan is uncontrollable, Macario tells him that what he feels for Marina isn’t love, it is called obsession, Hernan grabs him by collar and tells him no one knows how he feels, time to say goobye, Marina asks Mercedes for her blessing, Hernan is back in R-Laydee he want no one to know that he is back, the Reverte are finally back home, Beatrice tells Rebeca she feels her time is up, Rebeca tells her to be optimistic, the new treatment could work, Beatrice tells her it is time for her to tell the truth to Marina.

Damian visits Esthercita, he wants to see baby Michel, she tells him he is asleep, she want to talk to Damian, he tells her he came to see the baby not her, she threaten to keep him away from the baby, Marina tells Damian she wants to spent some time alone with him, Fulgencio watches Ursula perofrms at the Guacamaya, he smiles and says to himself that thank God she is not is real niece, La Tempestad has been decorated with flowers, and light, a romantic table is set for dinner, Damian covers Marina eye as the enter La Tempestad, he has a surprise for her, there are a million roses that have been shaped into a square with a heart in the middle, Marina love it, Damian gives her a glass of wine to toast, he tells her he loves her , she loves him too, they dance to their own music, the sit on the flowers and kiss passionately, Marina lays on the flowers, the kiss more, Damian unbutton Marina’s blouse.

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