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The Tempest Ep. 081

The Tempest Ep. 081

Claudio tells Damian to inform his crew to come to the capital as soon as possible because they have to learn how the ship is built, Claudio realized that Damian is absent minded today, Damian explains to him his problem with Marina, Claudio advices him to be patient, he tells him he is afraid of losing Marina. Marina, Claudio and Mercedes arrive at the party, Hernan tells Marina he has hired Susana, the lady Marina defended when Ernesto raped her, Marina is pleased to see Susana, Esthercita hires Consuelo as Michel’s nanny, and she gives the baby to her and tells her she will come pick him up later.

Suzzy approaches Hernan and Marina at the party, she flirts with him but he pushes her away, Hernan apologies to Marina after Suzzy leaves, Officer Guerrero meet Esthercita on his way, he tells her he want to ask her some questions about Ernesto, he is aware that she was his wife, he informs her that if she refuses to comply he will charge her of being Ernesto’s accomplice. Damian enters his apartment, his job with Claudio has really change his life, he thinks Claudio is right, he needs to trust Marina and fight for their love, Marina want to leave the party, Hernan convince her to stay a little more, he invites her for a dance, Claudio tells Mercedes to protect Marina from Hernan, he doesn’t trust him.

Esthercita tells Guerrero she doesn’t know much about Ernesto’s business, she had amnesia when he married her under a different name but people used to come to the house a lot, Guerrero ask her who was Ernesto right hand man, she tells him it could be Blas, Fulgencio sees Esthercita and Guerrero at the restaurant, he hopes she is not telling him the truth otherwise he will have to kill another officer, Damian arrives at the party and see Marina dancing with Hernan, the security guard asks him to leave, he informs him it is strictly by invitation, Damian tells him he only want to speak to Marina, the security guard tries to prevent him from going inside, Damian punches him, Hernan sees Damian and  tells Marina not to worry about the commotion, it must be a drunkard,   Claudio and Mercedes ask him to calm down.

Damian leaves and Claudio follows him, Fulgencio asks Esthercita what she told Guerrero, she tells him nothing, he asks her same question again she still insists nothing and he slaps her, Mercedes narrate the incident to Hernan and Marina, Hernan tells her if he was aware it was Damian he would have allowed him in, Marina wants to talk to Damian but Mercedes prevents her, she tells her it is not the right time, Damian was really hurt seeing them dancing, Marina tells her she has explains to him that there is nothing between she and Hernan. Claudio follows Damian to his apartment, Damian is pissed off, Claudio tells him Marina would not be happy if she feels like he doesn’t trust her, he says he trust Marina but doesn’t trust Hernan, Claudio tries to calm his down but Damian will not listen, Claudio advices him not to allow his anger to control him otherwise he will lose Marina forever.

Esthercita tells Fulgencio they talk about her marriage to Ernesto, she tells him she didn’t say anything to incriminate him but threatens him to reveal the truth if he ever lays his hand on her again, Marina talks to Damian about his jealousy, he tells her he could not stand seeing her dancing with Hernan, she remind him it was just a dance and tells him they will talk tomorrow when they are both calm. Magdalena is better now, she will soon leave the rehab, Valentin watches her and smiles, Damian tells Marina that he will not allow his problem with Esthercita to affect their relationship, he is in the process of divorce, she remind him that her relationship with Hernan is purely business nothing more, Damian disagrees with her and tells her she is also aware that Hernan intentions towards her has nothing to do with business, she is his woman not Hernan’s, she tells him he can’t take away her freedom she needs to work to support her mother, Mercedes and Valentin teach Magdalena some table manners, Hernan sees in the newspapers that three of Mercedes’s company are on strike, Mercedes discusses her companies situation with Jose, Marina has a flaskback, she remembered the good moments she spent with Damian and how he proposed to her.

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