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The Tempest Ep. 052

The Tempest Ep. 052

Rebeca tells jose that damian did not stop loving marina, that he made her believe that to protect her, jose responds that he knew that something was happening of what happened, that he does not want anyone to know much less marina. Marina tells because he could not believe that damian was so cruel, but they cannot tell his secret, that damian is the only one who can tell marina the truth. Damian asks his godmother not to tell Anything bagre that they have to go fishing immediately and that he will be the captain while damian is absent. Esthercita and ernesto celebrate their civil marriage.

Ursula visits damian in jail to tell him that they met when they were children when she went to her uncles’ house to spend the summer and that her aunt delfina told her who he was, because she would never recognize him, she tells him that she wants to keep on with this friendship, damian tells her that she does not want to compromise her to visit him in this place but ursula tells him that she will do it gladly, she pretends to be sorry and tells him that she is sad that he could not have a relationship with marina because now hernan is taking advantage of the situation to win her over and he is achieving it because they walk by holding their hands.

Mayuya tells fulgencio that since ursula arrived, he has forgotten her, fulgencio responds that he will not expose himself with his niece in the house and remembers her that thanks to him she is living in his house and if she does not want him to change his mind, she has to behave. Mayuya responds that she is getting tired that he treats her bad and as she discovered that lazaro is his son, he will have to please her in everything she wants of she will tell everyone in town about it, fulgencio is furious but pretends and tells her that he would love to spend the afternoon with her in a beach with no people, that way no one will bother them. Jacobo souza introduces himself to damian as his lawyer and tells him that if everything turns out as he is planning, he will soon be free.

Hernan excited kisses marina but she upset rejects him and she tells him that it was not what they agreed, she told him that her heart is hurt and she does not know if she can love once again, besides, she still loves damian, hernan apologizes. Fulgencio makes love to mayuya and then she asks her if she could be capable of revealing his secret, mayuya responds that she will do it if he abandons her, but if he gives her everything he used to, before his niece arrived, she will stay quiet. Fulgencio tells her that she is becoming a nuisance, mayuya frightened tells him that she will not say a word and asks him not to kill her, but fulgencio suffocates her.

Hernan tells beatriz and rebeca that marina accepted to have a relationship with him, beatriz happy tells them that this is the best news she can have. Rebeca tells hernan that mercedes hired the best lawyer to handle damian’s case and asks him if he will agree to leave marina when the man she loves will be set free.

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