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The Tempest Ep. 046

The Tempest Ep. 046

Ernesto happy announces to his guests the news that he will become father and he will marry hada. Damian is pronounced guilty of esthercita’s death, their friends are shocked and furious and threaten to get together to stop them to take him to prison, damian tells them that he knows that it was an unfair decision but they must not handle this with violence, he tells them that he trusts that justice will be done. Marina Tells judge aldana that he is committing an injustice, but he responds that damian was judged by the law and he was declared guilty of charges so he cannot do anything about it.

Fulgencio says that damian is a murderer and he has to pay, mercedes tells fulgencio that he knows perfectly well that damian is innocent and she will prove it. Papacito finds magdalena and she tells her that a very elegant lady is looking for her, who is her mother and she needs help, but he warns her that she will not let her escape once again, magdalena responds that she will do anything he tells her but he must help her hide of that lady. Rebeca tells candy that hernan has been a great support for marina, but she tells her not to trust him because they know very little of hernan and he has no friends, besides bagre says that he is capable of doing anything to get what he wants.

Hernan is surprised when mercedes tells him that she knows of a good source that he is one of the leaders of a criminal gang so she will end up with their partnership and she wants him to stay away of her business and especially of marina, hernan assures her that this is a lie and he is ready to show her his accounts so she can see that everything is legal. Rosario slaps and insults jazmin when she finds out that she is a prostitute and she warns her that she wants her to stay away from lazaro or she will pay, jazmin tries to explain her that she has been kidnapped but rosario does not listen to her.

Mercedes is shocked when officer guerrero tells her that commander robles is dead. Ernesto very happy tells macario that they have to make a toast for his first child and heir of his fortune. Jazmin tearful tells lazaro that now his mother knows what she is doing and she does not want them to see each other again, lazaro tells her that she also told him that she will never accept jazmin and that even for the moment he cannot tell her the truth for her own safe, when he tells her, he is sure that she will understand and accept their relationship.

Fulgencio tells mercedes that due to one fabre’s fault she never accepted his love and he swore that he will take revenge and now he is doing it, because innocent or not, damian will rot in jail, mercedes responds that he does not love anyone, he only loves himself and she will make everything to set damian free. Marina tells damian that in spite of the damage he caused to her, she wishes him luck.

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