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The Tempest Ep. 033

The Tempest Ep. 033

Fulgencio after making love to mayuya tells her that he does not believe that from one day to another she felt in love with him, she tells him that this happened a long time ago, but as he was always scolding esthercita, she was also afraid of him. Fulgencio arrives to the hospital and tells beatriz and rebeca that he is aware of the attempt of murder that damian suffered and that he will assign a policeman to take care of him, rebeca tells him that his offer came late because the crew of the tempest is Changing turns to watch over damian, fulgencio tells her to tell them to leave and jose tells him that the sailors will stay.

Commander robles arrives and tells fulgencio that he agrees with jose and that he will take care of the investigation. Doctor san miguel tells marina that damian is starting to react and this is a consequence of her love and devotion, she tells her that she may stay with him and that the sailors may keep on watching because damian is recovering really fast, but even so he cannot say that he is out of danger.

Fulgencio tells commander robles that he must be very busy with other matters, so the local police can take care of this but commander robles tells him that he is taking care of that too, but it is also necessary that someone takes care of investigate about that things that have been happening as the pirates attacks, the fire in the packaging company that was provoked, the explosion in the vessel that had explosives and as a last thing, the attempt to damian. Beatriz tells them that nothing of that has been investigated and she feels more confident with the police presence.

Marina tells hernan that damian is recovering and that commander robles will start investigating. Esthercita has been rescued by genaro who lives close to nuestra senora del mar town, but she lost her memory. Genaro tells aurelia to clean her and dress her because he is going to sell her. La muneca gets upset because hector tells her to be careful with the trays and not to break the wine glasses or on the contrary he will discount this from her salary, mercedes tells her that if hector does this is to make her be better because she would now want her to go back to the streets.

La muneca tells her that if she goes back is her decision. Alicia tells her not to feel guilty for la muneca. Esthercita is bought by macario and he takes her to ernesto contreras. Mayuya enters damian’s room and furious demands marina to go away, usebia tells her that she is seeing her future and if she realizes what will happen she would be terrified. Mayuya tells her that she does not impress her with her visions that she is crazy, el oso tells her not to insult damian’s mother or he will take her out, as she does not understand, he takes her out. Damian wakes up and marina excited tells him that she is with him.

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