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The Tempest Ep. 016

The Tempest Ep. 016

Hernan tells damian that he is the new captain of “the tempest”. Damian tells him that he doesn’t have any experience with boats and that it is not A luxury yacht that just anybody can steer. Hernan tells him that it is obvious that it is nothing but an old piece of junk that needs various adjustments in order to make it more efficient. Damian warns him not to dare change anything in the boat. Marina tells damian to keep his threats to himself and to leave. Candy tells jazmin to forget about lazaro and to do her work like all the others.

Jazmin tells her that she loves him too much. Candy tells her that if she really does love lazaro, she should let him go so he can be happy with some other woman who really does deserve him because he is a good young man. Lieutenant lara tells hernan that he overheard captain fabre say he was going to rent a sailboat to go on his honeymoon with his wife. Hernan tells him to make sure he gets lots of fireworks. Lara asks him if they are going to blow up the sailboat with fulgencio’s daughter on it.

Hernan tells him that nobody is going to care if they both suffer an accident and that fulgencio is not going to suspect it was provoked. Eusebia tells damian that she is sad to see he is abandoning what is most important for him; the boat he inherited from his father, her and the woman he loves and that, without realizing it, he is destroying his own life. Damian tells her he is only aware of reality; that his love for marina is like the stars with which he guides himself but that he will never be able to reach.

Beatriz tells marina that she met damian fabre and that he is very manly; she asks marina if she is having an affair with him. Marina denies it but beatriz tells her she cannot fool her and that damian is a man who doesn’t go unnoticed. Marina confesses to her that she is in love with him and that he loves her too but that he is engaged. Beatriz tells her that breaking an engagement is far easier than a divorce; that they are both free so, they should forget about any commitments and they should defend their love. Bagre tells damian to break his engagement to esthercita and to be happy with marina because she loves him too.

Damian tells him he proposed that to marina but that she did not accept and that is why he resigned from the packaging company. Jose tells damian that marina is suffering a lot for him; although he is not there to discuss his personal life but to talk business; he tells him that marina has sacrificed many things in order to be able to get the packaging company back on its feet but that she is not going to be able to do it without his help. Damian tells him that bagre is going to be the new captain of “the tempest” and that he is just as capable as he is. Jose tells him he has no doubt about it but that there is nobody else like him (damian).

He tells him not to let marina’s effort be useless. Damian, as a farewell gift, gives marina a doll and he tells her that it reminds him of her when she was a little girl. Rebeca tells beatriz that she knows that she likes hernan as a son-in-law but that marina is in love with damian; but, that the trouble is that she did not accept damian so he is getting married with another woman. Hernan tells damian that now that he is getting married, he should go far away from marina. Damian warns him that he (hernan) might try to beg marina for her love, as much as he wants but that he is never going to win her love because she loves him (damian). Damian and marina kiss each other.

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