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The Tempest Ep. 001

The Tempest Ep. 001

In a hotel in mexico city, ernesto rapes a chambermaid named mariana. Marina finds mariana crying and helps her. They inform ernesto that he will be sued. In the greenhouse beatriz has a tight feeling in the chest and faints. Marina does not accept the money ernesto offers to pay the chambermaid. Lawyer cabanas demands marina to withdraw the report against ernesto because it can be the end of her career.

Marina refuses and ernesto is taken to the police precinct handcuffed while the press takes photos. Mercedes reads in her ipad that ernesto was taken to jail and tells jose that she needs to speak with marina. The president of the hotels chain tells marina in a meeting to withdraw the report. She refuses, takes her badge off and exits. Doctor gonzález takes beatriz to the hospital and tells marina that beatriz has a tumor in the lungs.

Mercedes listens when a newspaper vendor shouts that the chambermaid withdrew the report. Marina reads that ernesto was set free. Jose tells mercedes where to locate marina. Doctor gonzales advises marina to sell her house and the greenhouse and take beatriz to live by the sea. Jose rescues marina from the press hounding and they get in mercedes’ car, marina surprised to see her asks her who she is.

Mercedes introduces herself. In the hospital, beatriz prays for marina and says to herself that she is her daughter. Mercedes tells marina that invisible bonds tie people and offers to help her giving her the management of her sea products packing company that is located in the town “nuestra señora del mar” in alvarado, veracruz. Mercedes reminds marina that her mother should live by the sea.

Marina tells her that she does not know how much she knows about her life and accepts. Mercedes tells marina that she should work with damian the captain of the ship “the tempest”. In open sea, the ship “the tempest” is attacked by pirates. Lazaro falls into the sea and damian rescues him. Marina tells mercedes that she loves beatriz very much. Mercedes tells her that she is a very good daughter.Fulgencio the local political boss of the town crowns his daughter esthercita as queen of the festivity in honor or the lady of the sea.

The people applaud and the festivity starts. Damian goes back to the dock with his ship. Marina thanks mercedes for the job kisses her on the cheek and exits. Mercedes weeps. Esthercita is happy to see damian. Detective medina tells hernan what happened to marina and where she is going to live now. Hernán looks at a photo of marina and says that fate unites them again. Olinto tells damian that the new administrator for the packing company will arrive. Damian tells him that the company needs a real man.

Beatriz tells marina that she met her father at the sea. That she worked in a tourism agency. In the saloon oso reminds damian that the death of damian’s father marked him because he was his friend, damián makes him member of his crew. Esthercita gets drunk and goes to the dock to see damian and goes with him to his cabin. Damian and esthercita wake up next day half naked in his cabin. When she goes out, she bumps into marina who arrives with jose. Esthercita insults her and exits. Marina enters the cabin asking for damian. He comes out in underpants and introduces himself.

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