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The Super Series Effect or What is Telemundo up to?

The Super Series Effect or What is Telemundo up to?

The Super Series Effect or What is Telemundo up to?

Telemundo Africa has famed itself in showing the best love stories straight from the heart of their Studios in the USA.
A paradigm shift however seeks to question the path being taken by Telemundo screenwriters and producers over at the internationally acclaimed Hispanic broadcaster with the unveiling of titles that have people turning heads.
The genre, known as Super Series, has a catalogue of stories action packed with suspense and thrilling action that is far from the telenovela cliché love stories that has been imprinted in the Africans since time immemorial and the brand new titles from Telemundo are proving just that.

On December 11th, Telemundo Africa premiered the narco novela, The Queen of Miami (Dueños del paraíso) which chronicles the tale of Anastasia Cardona, who will find herself immersed in the illegal business that her late husband, Nathaniel Cardona was involved in, and this will lead her to acquire the immense wealth that she has so desired all her life, but along with this comes threats over her life from powerful cartels, as well as betrayals and tests of allegiance and loyalty from those closest to her.

Queen Of Miami - Telemundo

Queen Of Miami – Telemundo

As if that were not enough, Telemundo Africa will be premiering Prisoners of Love (La Querida del Centauro) this February. The action packed plot will see the lead character, Yolanda Acosta, become the lover of a powerful drug trafficker El Centauro, played by veteran Mexican actor, Humberto Zurita, and this relationship will become more twisted when upon release from her prison sentence, she becomes an ally to detective Gerardo who will use her as leverage to trap El Centauro.

Prisoners Of Love - Telemundo

Prisoners Of Love – Telemundo

With numerous productions daring to tread the path of drug trafficking tales, it is no wonder that their popularity is under the test in Africa. Some shows like Woman of Steel (Señora Acero) have already proven that the narco novela trend can boom anywhere and it is no wonder Telemundo Africa is placing its bets on the two above named telenovelas above. Will the narconovela succeed in wowing the typical African who is accustomed to immense love, damsels in distress and knights on shining armor from telenovelas?
Only time will tell.



By: Ian Walter

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