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The Originals; An Unwanted Goodbye

The Originals; An Unwanted Goodbye

The Originals; An Unwanted Goodbye

Why should The Originals take a final bow after Season 5?

That is the question that many around the world are asking themselves after an adrenaline packed season four came to an end last year on the 13th of June. The season encompassed the introduction of a new villain, Inadu, known entirely throughout the season by a creepy title, “The Hollow” (played by Blu Hunt).
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Just a short recap of what went down – Inadu, The Hollow, is a witch who was born in 500 A.D. to a tribe that foolishly, bestowed all their power to her through her pregnant mother. First of all, the dodo heads believed that her birth would be a new age of prosperity for the two tribes to whom she would be a descendant.
Anyhow, she was born with immense power that she found uncontrollably amazing and used it to terrify all those who came her way. The tribes had her killed and her bones were separated to avoid her resurrection.
Well, as we all know, through a lot of killing and bloodshed as we have all come to get used to in The Originals, Inadu resurrected and caused massive mayhem in New Orleans.
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I am obliged to point out that for a little kid (I mean for someone who was born in 500 A.D., she has the form of an immature know-it-all teenager), she was really cocky with all that power that has come to grow over the centuries. Back to my point…
Inadu at some point managed to possess the body of Klaus and Hayley’s daughter, Hope and was going to channel all of the young one’s power to create an army and do God knows what to the city.
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The Mikaelsons, with the help of Vincent managed to stop the psycho witch and sepearted her once again. But this time, her essence is trapped in the bodies of The Mikaleson vampires, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol.
This led to them having to accept that their vow of Always and Forever was to be no more.
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However, The Originals Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on April 20th and it is no longer a secret that this happens to be the series final season. Many writers, critics and bloggers have varying opinions concerning the relevance of a fifth season. However, I have my opinion, which happens to be the opinion of many fans worldwide.
The Originals is a series which does not deserve the killing it is headed after the end of season 5 as it has even proven to be better than it sister show, The Vampire Diaries.
A lot of fans around the world have commented to The Originals not only being fast paced but utterly adrenaline rushed. Some characters whose complexiites have been adavnced, that we cannot help but love each one of them with their (a lot of times) fatal flaws.
The fans have numerous questions concerning issues that have traversed all past seasons such as the never-ending debacle on what is to sprout out of Elijah and Hayley’s love for each other. The progress of Keelin and Freya’s relationship, Rebekah and Marcel’s happily ever after. The bad boy Kol finally settling down to some real loving by Davina’s side – in holy matrimony no less.
We also have serious issues to think about, such as Inadu’s hiatus from wrecking the lives of Hayley and Hope, safely locked away in Mystic Falls. Also, a friend of mine has even pointed out to it being pointless as to how
The Originals escapes the clutches of a villain as berserk and devious as Satan himself (as seen in The Vampire Diaries) yet the show has proved worthwhile and much more gripping than its predecessor. The trailer to the fifth season of the show introduces the viewers to a teenage Hope. Who has taken to her father’s penchant for art and is narrating to us the advnetures that The Mikalesons have had from the beginning of the show. The family had to split up in a bid to escape Inadu’s horrific madeness.

The teenage Hope vows to restore the promise of Always and Forever. This tease cannot help but whet the excitement of fans around the world. The knowledge that there will be no more of Klaus’ unbearable paranoia. Rebekah’s surprising sensitivity. Freya’s devotion to her family. Kol’s devilishly handsome smile and Elijah’s never ending quest for his brother’s redemption (which I still cannot believe was stripped from his conscience), is not something fans are willing to accept.
Well, we cannot wait to watch the final season but I wonder, will Julie Plec, creator of this amazing story, end this saga in a manner than will be befitting of the calibre of a show that it is. I am not ready to wallow in sadness of a story not concluded properly.
Let us hope there is something amazing in store fot us, because until then, I am not ready to accept the fact that we will have no more of this marvellous epic at all.

The Originals season 5 premieres on 20th April on THE CW, USA.

By: Ian Walter

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