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The Neighbor Episode 003

The Neighbor Episode 003

The Neighbor Episode 003

When Mercedes picks up Antonio’s cell, Isabel thinks it is a wrong number and apologizes. She dials again and Mercedes picks up. Isabel asks her who she is and she says that her name is Mercedes. She then asks if the phone belongs to Antonio Andrade. Mercedes says it does but he left it behind accidentally. She offers to give him the address of Carlos, the man whose house Antonio is headed and Isabel decides to pen down the address.

After thanking Mercedes, she hangs up. She tells Natalia and Sebastian that a woman named Mercedes picked up. Natalia thinks it is the neighbor. Sebastian says he does not know who Mercedes is.

Isabel also tells them he is headed to the home of Carlos Arevalo and Sebastian still does not know who that is, after Isabel asks if he knows anyone by that name at Conatrol.

They decide it is best if she calls the San Gaspar office. Sebastian even thinks Mercedes could be a secretary at the office. She dials and waits for a response.

Meanwhile, Fidel walks in on his wife. He wonders what she is doing and she decides to ask if he is hungry. He says yes. Magda walks away and Fidel decides to got through her messages. He is upset by what he reads.

Isabel hits a dead end and decides to make some coffee with Natalia’s aid. Sebastian takes the phone and calls Antonio’s cell. Mercedes picks up again. He asks her where Antonio is and she insists he forgot his cell. Then, he asks Mercedes if she is the neighbor but Mercedes says no. She is the mother of Sara, his neighbor. Then she tells him he is at the home of Carlos Arevalo.

Mercedes gives him the address to Carlos’ home and hangs. Natalia and Isabel come in with the coffee and tells them that Mercedes is the secretary and Carlos is the mechanic.

After dinner, Fidel asks Magda is she is happy by his side, and she says she is. He walks out suddenly and she wonders what is going on with him.

Bruno makes a wrong pass during football practice and Father Vicente starts to scold him. He starts a lecture to all the players who are bored as he reminds them the importance of team work.

A party is in full swing at Carlos’ home. His girlfriend tries to get Antonio to dance but he declines because he wants to get a cab to San Gaspar. He checks his pocket and realizes that he left his phone at Sara’s.

Carlos’ girlfriend, Gloria, tells him not to worry since Sara will solve it all. Another girl tries to get Antonio on the dance floor but he refuses.

He sees Sara flaunting her dance moves to him.He grabs her and takes her outside where he tells her that his cell phone is at her place. She tells him to calm down but he cannot. It is her deception that brought them this far. She apologizes and promises to get his phone back and they can leave for San Gaspar. As she starts to leave, Cheo’s car pulls over. She tells Antonio to go back inside. Antonio tells Cheo speedily that he has no intentions with Sara. Cheo does not even say a word, but punches him in the face. He warns Antonio to be careful and tells Sara he is not going to tolerate any hoodlums taking advantage of her. Then he leaves. Sara frets he should go to see a doctor but all Antonio wants is to get a taxi.

They go back into the house and everyone there frets over him as Gloria goes to get something for his wound.

Vicente is riding his bicycle. He finds Fidel sitting on a bench all alone and stops. He asks him what is wrong.

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