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The Neighbor Episode 002

The Neighbor Episode 002

The Neighbor Episode 002

Sara and Antonio both find it weird that they are neighbors and he happens to be the new boss (he corrects her and says it is “Director”) and asks her to sit down. He goes over her credentials and cannot see any experience in dealing with gases or anything chemical. She assures him she is willing o learn as she is good with public relations.
He calls out to Marina to bring him cold water (he is till sweating very much) and asks her to switch on the air conditioner. Then, he tells Sara that he cannot hire her as she is not qualified for the position seeing as she was a chef (while continuously reminding her of the fracas they made the previous night during the party) and wishes her a good day.
Marina consoles her outside the office –before being called out to loudly again by Antonio.
Rafael takes Antonio round the plant explaining to him the work cycle then they get to the control room where the men are busy eating quesadillas. He lectures them about how they are so laid back and will not repeat that they are all about work. Isabel calls him in the middle of the lecture and he leaves. Ramon complains about how the new boss is so stern. Rafael, on the other hand, tells them to watch how they view the boss as he is there to set the company’s problems straight.

Isabel asks him about his night. He says he did not sleep a wink and she starts to suggest that he was partying with his neighbors. He denies and she starts to grind him about the neighbor. He asks which neighbor and he says the girl who was hanging about him. Rafael comes to Antonio and he hangs up. He wants a policeman he can rely on and Rafael suggests Fidel and Antonio tells him to do what he must.
Isabel’s conscience is torturing her about the neighbor and if she is pretty when the doorbell rings. Emma, Antonio’s mother, has visited Isabel and asks what happened to the wedding plans and Isabel tells her that Antonio had to go to San Gaspar for work. She couldn’t leave with him because of her exhibit. Emma lashes at her and tells her that their marriage is more important than her work and leaves Isabel’s house in a huff.
Bruno is helping Simon fix a tractor when Sara arrives and surprises them with the news that Engineer Nacho Lopez is no longer at Conatrol. The most surprising news however is that the neighbor, Antonio, is the new director. They cheer her up considering hoe stern Antonio is that they end up laughing.
Antonio comes back to the office and orders for the music to be put down and when he gets into his office and feels the heat gets Marina all fuzzy about not calling the repair man. She then calls him to come fix the air conditioner.
Pepe arrives with Antonio’s car and tells Ramon it is Antonio’s, He leaves the keys mistakenly on top of the car and Ramon looks around and takes them.
Just as he is about to do a test drive, Rafael comes into the premises with Fidel, and he sits up straight so they do not see him. As soon as they pass, he exits the car, opens the bonnet to look at the engine and closes. He runs back to work.
Nelson fills Pepe’s head with nonsense about how the new boss is going to make working at the plant unbearable.
Fidel comes into the office in Rafael’s company. He leaves the two and Antonio and Fidel introduce each other. Antonio explains to Fidel of the gas thefts at the company and how he needs the police’s help to censor although Fidel is not quick to get his hopes up. Antonio shows Fidel some papers of the dates where oil theft has been consistent (while fanning himself and calling Marina for water).
Mercedes calls Sara and gives her some news while asking her about how work is going along at Conatrol. Sara assures her that things will get better with time and Mercedes blesses her. Simon cheers up his niece once more and tells her that she will win over Antonio’s confidence soon.
Father Vicente arrives at the church on his bicycle and is informed that Magda and her son are waiting for him. Apparently, Magda is Fidel’s wife and their son, Vladimir, wants to take part in communion without Fidel’s consent. At first, Vicente does not think it is a good idea but they beg and he accepts.
Marina. Rafael and Pepe try to convince Antonio to join them for a get together with some friends for drinks but he does not accept and they ask him if he can go with them the next day, but he says he prefers his privacy. Nelson tells them to stop trying to convince him.
They leave and he starts his car but it does not work. (Ramon must have messed with the car apparently)
Magda and Vladimir walk fast to the church but Fidel is doing his rounds and offers them a ride to the pharmacy (there the lie they are headed) and in the car, she starts to text on the phone and he asks her to whom she is texting and she says her aunt Belen although he does not believe this fully.
The guard tells Antonio that there are not many taxi drivers in San Gaspar who offer phone and he will just have to wait by the road stage to hail one. He stands there and Sara shows up with her Jeep. She asks him why he is standing there and he says he is waiting for a car. She offers him a ride although at first he refuses. She tells him she wants a chance to prove she is good. He accepts half-heartedly and boards her car.
She drives him out of San Gaspar for a while much to his horror and he tells her to relax because she only wants him to enjoy the view.
Mercedes is trying desperately to get through to Sara but her daughter is not picking up. As she gets up the phone rings and she thinks it is Sara but it is a young lady named Gloria. She has something that she needs to deliver for Sara.
Apparently, Fidel is also the coach of the local football team and calls Ramon to ask where Pepe and Nelson are why they are not at practice. He then sees Magdalena texting again and wants to know if it is her aunt and she says it is. She leaves for the bathroom and he runs to her bag and checks the phone but she arrives and he lies that her phone rang and he wanted to bring it to her, but she says there is no missed call. She calls Vladimir and they walk away somewhere. He watches them and does not even notice the ball coming his way and hits the back of his head.
Gloria visits Mercedes and brings her the cheque. She leaves and Mercedes asks Juancho to look over the cheque in case Sara calls them back.
Sara pulls over a nearby shop and goes to grab some water. Isabel calls Antonio and wants to know if he is at home but he says not yet. Then, she tells him of the visit from his mother and he tells her they will talk about it when he gets home. He tells Sara who has overheard the conversation, that he cannot speak to his fiancée in front of her because of what she may think. Sara then tells her that it is okay and she will drive them back home. He asks why she does not have seat belts but she says there is no big deal about seat belts.
Sara and Antonio are stopped by the police because of seat belts. She shows them her driving license and they complain because it is a photocopy. They make Antonio pay them a bribe but then when they say that they will find them, Sara sweet talks the officer into letting them go and handing Antonio back his money.
Cheo goes to Sara’s home and Juancho sees an opportunity to help Cheo by handing him the cheque that belongs to Sara so that his sister can get it directly from him.
Fidel and Magda arrive at home in the night. Once they are in the house, he goes back to the car to fiddle through Magda’s things and gets her phone but it off and he is frustrated.
She takes him to her old workplace and gets news that her cheque was taken to her home by Gloria and much to Antonio’s discomfort, has to go to her home.
They arrive home much to Mercedes’ and Cheo’s surprise and she introduces Antonio as the new boss at Conatrol.
He asks to use the bathroom as he wants to talk to Isabel. Unfortunately, her cell phone is on voice mail.
Juancho tells Sara and Mercedes that Cheo has the cheque and they scold him before Sara leaves for Cheo’s house.
At Cheo’s, Sara wants her cheque and tells Cheo he had no right to take it, but he wants to know who escorted her home. She wants to know how he knew she was with someone and he tells her that Juancho told him and she tells him it was a friend of Simon’s.
Mercedes offers Antonio a plate of food and some punch and he declines at first but eventually he softens up and accepts.
Gloria and her boyfriend arrive at Mercedes’ and greet Antonio. He wants Mercedes to call Sara as they are getting late. She does but her cell phone rings in the house and they realize Sara left her cell.
They call Cheo’s house and he picks up. It is Mercedes asking for Sara and he hands the latter the phone. Sara tells them in disguised talk to have “Simon’s friend” (Antonio) taken to San Gaspar since Carlos (Gloria’s boyfriend) lives there and to make sure they carry her phone too.
A friend of Cheo’s arrives with a beer box ready to watch a game and Sara flees. Cheo is angered.
Juancho leaves the house and calls Cheo to tell him that Sara is leaving for San Gaspar. Cheo leaves in hurry.
After Antonio leaves with Carlos and Gloria, Mercedes hears a mobile phone ring and goes to the dining table. She realizes the phone ringing is Antonio’s. He has also left his behind. She picks up the call and Isabel is surprised to hear a voice which is not Antonio’s.

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By: Ian Walter

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