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Shadows Of The Past Grand Finale

Shadows Of The Past Grand Finale

Shadows Of The Past Grand Finale.

Candela drops her gun and checks in her coat, she realized she has also been shot and slowly goes on the floor. Christobal enters and sees his mother fighting for her life. He quickly holds her in his arm and asks her to calm down. Aldonza tells him what happen, Candela asks for forgiveness and give them her blessing to get married. Aldonza tells her she has forgiving her, Candela asks him to promise her he will be happy. Candela dies in her son’s arm; Christobal weeps uncontrollably and kisses her forehead. Javier informs to the police inspector about Severiano’s crime. He assures them he is not a criminal, Severiano ordered him to Kill Don Camilo and Emmanuel but he didn’t. What happens with Don Camilo was an accident; the inspector ordered them to take him to his cell. Lola and Emmanuel bring flowers to Simonetta’s place. The police inspector informs Uriel and his family that it was indeed Severiano who killed their son Abelardo. Renato send a mail to Silvia in which he confesses his love to her. She replies and informs him about her whereabouts. He quickly runs to inform his father. Tomas says goodbye to his parent. he is going to the seminary he wants to become a priest. Aldonza, Christobal, Lola and Emmanuel visit Don Camilo at the hospital.
the nurse interrupts them and asks them to make less noise. Father Jeronimo assures the bishop he went back to Santa Lucia for an urgent personal matter. He now ready to return to his new parish, bishop tells him he won’t be possible. He informs him the parishioners of Santa Lucia send him a petition to request that he returns to Santa Lucia. Father Jeronimo tells him he didn’t know about it. bishop informs him it was organized by Lulu. Bishop informs Father Jeronimo he is officially the priest of Santa Lucia once again. Emmanuel takes Lola for a boat ride and proposes to her with a ring. Aldonza and Christobal go to the spot where they first met to smooch in the water. Month later, Aldonza dreams to see El Santuario flourish like the way it way when her father was in charge comes true. Jaoquin brings her the first vegetable, Emmanuel informs her they already sold out. Christobal, Melesio and two of las Animals workers join them and inform Emmanuel that Solitario is going to be a father. Valeria gives birth but refuses to hold the baby, Prudencia visits her in jail. Joaquin and Aldonza shows at the waterfall at the same time.

They both miss Adelina and decide to come here to remember her. Aldonza will always be grateful to Adelina. Prudencia plays with her grandson, she tries to convince Valeria to have a look at him but she refuses. The nurse takes the baby away and hands him over to Irma and her family. Uriel thinks the baby look like him, Mari request to hold him but Uriel get the chance to do that first. Prudencia joins them at the reception and plead with them to also take care of him. Father Jeronimo is back to Santa Lucia, Lulu is glad to see him. He tells her it thanks to a lady called Lydia Martinez. Tomas interrupts them in his uniform; he thanks the priest for not giving up on them. Prudencia returns home and sees a man moving her furniture. Juana comes out with her suitcase. She tells Prudencia the furniture now belongs to her; she is taking them as her payment. Prudencia begs her not to leave; Juana informs her she already got a job at El Santuario, Prudencia return to her bottle. Humberto ghost with blood all over his face appear to Valeria again. This time he holds her hands, she freaks out again, the doctor and guide comes in and tries to calm her down. She struggles with them and they end up injecting her again. Tomas sees Prudencia sleeping under a tree in the street. He gets closer to her and offers to help her. He wants to send her to rehab, he takes the bottle away from her and hugs her.
Christobal is all dressed up for his weeding but he first comes into his mother’s room. Dominga joins him and gives him some words of wisdom. Here comes the bribe, Father Jeronimo celebrates their wedding mass. Emmanuel hands her over to Christobal, Renato and Silvia made it to the wedding. Melesio reads the first reading taking from 1 Corinthians 13 “Love”. The priest declares them husband and wife and asks Christobal to kiss his wife. Christobal and Aldonza go on their honeymoon, she tries to unbutton his shirt he stops and asks her if she is ready. She tells him completely and they start undressing each other. Aldonza has only her pant on, they end up on the bed and make love passionately. Pato once again put the ring in Mari’s cake. She intentionally keeps it her mouth and eats her cake. He watches her desperately, then takes the spoon from her and search for the ring in the cake. She smiles and brings out from her mouth; he takes it and proposes to her. Lola and Emmanuel get married; they ride on Soliatrio after the weeding. Uriel and Irma take good care of baby Abelardo. Aldonza and Christobal return to their spot at the waterfall, and she gives him the news that she is pregnant.
Christobal and Aldonza

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