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Shadows Of The Past Episode 136

Shadows Of The Past Episode 136

Shadows Of The Past Episode 136

Nava informs Valeria and Prudencia that Humberto changed his will before he died and willed El Santuario to Aldonza and Emmanuel. Valeria quietly sit with her mouth open while her mother insists it can’t be possible. Nava asks her to calm down and shows her his will. Christobal hugs Dominga from behind and tells him Aldonza didn’t divorce him. Candela show up and interrupt their moment and reproaches Christobal for sharing the news with Dominga instead of her. He wonders why he should even tell her. She tells him no matter what happen, she is glad to see him happy, Christobal doubt it and walks away. Renato says his goodbye to Pato, and assures him things will work out between him and Mari. Lola shows up as soon as Renato leaves, Pato tell her he is now the only one living here. Dominga advises Candela to try and accept his relationship with Aldonza if she really wants him to forgive her. Lola agrees to talk to Mari on behalf of Pato. Javier and Severiano meets to give him some instruction, Javier is a bit scare but he assures Severiano he can always count on him. Pato informs Lola that Aldonza and Christobal didn’t get divorce.
Aldonza takes out her wedding gown, she and Emmanuel chat when the light goes off. Renato goes to Silvia’s place and the maid informs him she has already left to Europe. Aldonza offers to go with Emmanuel to check on the light but he refuses. Javier shows up behind Don Camila and point a gun at his head. He removes Don Camilos’ gun and orders him to keep quiet and follow him. Emmanuel goes to check on the meter, Aldonza goes for Don Antonio’s gun. Severiano shows up behind Emmanuel and knock him down. Aldonza holds a candle and comes out looking for Emmanuel. Severiano hears her and hides, Aldonza shouts Emmanuel but he doesn’t rely. She comes out and sees him on the floor before she could do anything. Severiano shows up behind her and covers her mouth with a handkerchief. She struggles with him until she loses consciousness, he then asks Javier to bring the car. Don Camilo is still alive; Javier pushes him on the floor and goes for the car. Severiano point the gun at Don Camilo and orders him to keep quiet. Severiano order Javier to put Aldonza in the car boot, Severiano points his gun at Emmanuel and curses him.
Javier points his gun at Don Camilo while Severiano drives off with Aldonza. Don Camilo tries to get up but Javier knocks him. Christobal calls the inspector for any updates on his father but nothing. Renato goes home and informs him Silvia is already gone to Europe. He calls him an idiot for not recognizing that Silvia was the woman of his life. Lola brings Don Arnoldo and his grandson to Marga’s candy shop. Don Camilo and Emmanuel are both awake with Javier gun pointed at them. Aldonza is also awake and shouts calling Severiano names, Severiano Calls Javier for an update. Javier tells him he is still at El Santuario and asks him what he did with Aldonza. He orders Javier to kill Don Camilo and Emmanuel and yells at Aldonza to keep quiet. Javier doesn’t want to kill them, Severiano reminds him it is either kills them or he ends up in jail. Lola and Don Arnoldo grandson decide to leave so his grandfather and Margo can catch up. He shows her the letter and the rings in the candy shop. Don Camilo tries to convince Javier that he is not a murder and asks him to put down his gun. Javier orders him to keep quiet and asks them to move, Don Camino and Javier end up fighting. Emmanuel knocks Javier but Don Camilo gets shot in the process. Emmanuel calls Christobal and informs him about that his father kidnapped Aldonza. Don Camilo is badly injured; Christobal quickly goes for a gun. Candela asks him to inform the police but he refuses she tries to prevent him.

He decides to leave without the gun and asks her to call the ambulance and leaves. Don Arnoldo proposes to Marga again and she accepts it. Lola goes to Mari and orders her to listen to her. She reproaches Mari for making Pato suffer and asks her to go to Pato and tell him she also loves him. If he asks her to marry her, she better say yes if she knows what is good for her. Humberto ghost appear to Valeria outside her cell, she begs him to forgive her. She turns and sees him beside her; she freaks out and starts shouting. The guards enter and try to calm her down but she struggles, the doctor joins them and injects her. Dominga asks Candela to relax and assures her things will work out fine. Candela asks her not to be too optimist, Dominga tells her she is not optimistic. She has faith that the Virgin of Carmen will protect Aldonza and Christobal. Candela tells Christobal will be capable of killing his own father if he does something to Aldonza. For the first time Candela admit that her son loves Aldonza.
Doming assures her there is no way; Severiano will take Aldonza to Simonetta’s house. Christobal joins Emmanuel and others at El Santuario, Emanuel tells him Don Camilo is feeling very bad. Christobal takes the gun and point it at Javier demanding to know about Aldonza whereabouts. The police soon join them begs him to put the gun the point. Severiano takes Aldonza to the same place her father was killed. He uses his leg to push her from behind and she falls, he stands right in front of her and gives a dirty look. The police manage to convince Christobal to give them the gun. Severiano sits beside Aldonza, unbutton her coat with his gun and tries to kiss her. She begs him to stop until she assures him Christobal will find them and kill him. Severiano gets angry and yells at her not to mentions his son and orders her to keep quiet. Severiano pushes Aldonza on the floor and tells her he is going to end everything. Father Jeronimo shows up at El Santuario and the place is empty. Christobal gives order to his workers to search for his father.
The priest calls him and asks Him if he knows where his niece and Emmanuel are. Christobal informs him his father kidnap Aldonza and Emmanuel is in the hospital. Severiano asks Aldonza if she knows this place, she doesn’t responds so he yells at her and repeat his question. She tells him no, he tells her this is where her father dead and asks her if she knows exactly what happen. She asks him to go to hell, she knows enough. She tells him her mother shot her father to defend him, Severiano start laughing. He tells her that the version her aunt told her. He kisses her and tells her Raymundo was killed out of two gun shots, the first one was fired by him. Flashback of the scene when he shot Raymundo, then tells her the second one was fired by her mother, another flashback of that scene. He tells her this place was his and her mother meeting point. Flashback of him and Roberto love making and the night of the accident. He pulls her blouse down and begins to kiss her cleavage, then her neck. Aldonza throws sand into his eyes and kicks him, he goes on his knee. She removes Don Antonio gun and point at him. She tells him he disgust her, they only way he knows how to be with a woman is to rape her. He only arouses anger and pity in her.
She asks him to pray because no one is going to save him this time. He shakes his head and tells her she doesn’t know what she is doing. Candela prays and asks God to protect Aldonza so she can return safe and sound. She pray for Christobal not to end up killing his father then cleans her tears.
Father Jeronimo meets with Christobal to join the search, Joaquin returns home and sees Flavia playing with Ray. He enters without them noticing it, Ray asks her when his dad coming back. Joaquin stand at the door and listens to them, they make up and he kisses her. Aldonza with her gun still pointing at Severiano tells him she was able to make Santa Lucia knows exactly the kind of person he is. She tells him at the end she managed to get El Santuario back and his plan to separate her from Christobal also didn’t work. Christobal hates him and they are soon having the church wedding. Severiano asks her to keep quiet then dares her to shoot; she shoots him in the ear. Severiano curses her and cries out of pain, Christobal hears the gun and runs to that direction. She tells him the shot was for killing her father and Adelina and tells him she hates him. Severiano holds her legs and pushes her, she falls and he now has the upper hand.
He takes her gun and point at her and assures her she is going to die then tries to pull the trigger. Don Antonio puts only one bullet in the gun which she already fired. They both try to get Severiano’s gun but he gets it first and point it back at her. Before he could shoot, Candela calls him and enters holding a gun. Severiano turns to her direction and they both hold gun pointing at each other. Candela fires the first shot, Severiano also fires his before ending up on the floor. Candela stands and cries while Aldonza watches her.

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