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Shadows Of The Past Episode 135

Shadows Of The Past Episode 135

Shadows Of The Past Episode 135

Severiano stops for a moment then drives through them in full speed, the police start chasing him. Lola tells Aldonza the little time she spend with Simonetta made her feel like her mother has started to regret abandoning her. She would have been glad to have a little brother in town but unfortunately she is dead. They both hope Severiano pays for all the harm he caused them. Severiano on the run, the police continue to chase him. Prudencia assures Valeria she loves her and would anything to have her released. She wants to go and plead with Aldonza to change her statement but Valeria refuses. Nava asks her to think about her mother’s proposition. Prudencia begs her to put her pride aside, the most important things is her freedom but she refuses. She doesn’t want to owe Aldonza any favor, Prudencia get angry and slaps her. She reminds Valeria that she is accused of killing her father; Valeria holds her cheek and cries. The chase continues, Severiano take the bush road, Police follow him with both motorbike and patrol cars. Renato informs his father about the death of Humberto. Gonzalo also informs him about the conversation she had with Silvia, Renato wants details. He tells him he felt Silvia wanted him to know about her plan; anyway it is just his imagination. Renato asks to know about them, Gonzalo informs him she bought a one way ticket to Europe.
Emmanuel tells Lola and Aldonza he knew Severiano could down at any moment. However, he never thought he could for the death of Lola’s mothers. Lola is still pissed off about the death of her mother and brother. Aldonza consoles her and tells her she knows exactly how she feels. Lola decides to go and take her phone in her room. Aldonza tells her brother she is glad he made up with Lola. The chase continues in the bush, Severiano get stuck in the mud. He decides to go on foot; the police see his empty car and go running to search for him. Renato recalls his last conversation with Aldonza, when she told him he is in love with Silvia and asks him to think about it. The chase continues, Severiano falls but he gets up and continues. They see him walking in the river and follow him. the police fire several gun shots, Aldonza and others hears the shot. Severiano is now at the edge of the waterfall, more gun shots. Severiano is desperate, the police are approaching, and he scratches his forehead. More gun shots, he turns and notices they are getting closer; he runs out of option and jumps into waterfall. The police get to the waterfall edges and shoot more, Severiano swims away. Irma visits Prudencia at home, Prudencia cries and tells her Valeria is been accused of killing her father. They start talking about Valeria and Irma tells her she heard her baby is not a Mendoza. Prudencia confirms it and tells her he is a Lagos, Irma offer to take care of the child.
The police inform Candela and Christobal that they lost Severiano around El Santuario. Christobal wants to know what will happen next, they will continue the search but for now Severiano is a fugitive. The inspector asks them to inform him if Severiano get in touch with them. Melesio offers to see them off but Christobal offers to do it. He will take advantage and update Aldonza.

Father Jeronimo calls Aldonza to check on her. She updates him on Humberto death, Valeria arrest, Simonetta body found and Severiano possible arrest. He asks her to be very careful, she tells him not to worry; Emmanuel and Lola are always with her. Christobal informs Aldonza that Severiano is been accused of Lola’s mother murder. She tells him they already know, he tells them Severiano escaped; he was last seen around El Santuario. Christobal tells Aldonza he hopes what happen won’t affect their hearing tomorrow. She assures him he won’t, Christobal leaves, Lola asks her if she really going to divorce him. Valeria informs her mother and Nava that has made a decision concerning their proposition to plead with Aldonza to change her statement. Prudencia once again offer to plead with Aldonza. Valeria tells her no, they are not going to plead with her.
She wants Aldonza to change her statement in exchange of El Santuario. Christobal joins the police to search for his father. they see a black scarf and he confirms that he belong to his father. Emmanuel offers to go with Aldonza to the hearing but she refuses. He asks her to think about it again. she tells him there is nothing more to think about. He reminds her that Valeria’s child isn’t Christobal. Severiano will soon be arrested, so what is her excuse again. Aldonza meets Christobal at the hearing, soon after the judge calls them in. Renato and Pato stands at the door. The judge reminds Aldonza and Christobal that is their second and final hearing. They still have the opportunity to change their mind; he asks them if they are sure they want to divorce. Aldonza reply yes, Christobal remains quiet but later says yes. The judge asks them to sign then, they both remain quiet. The judge asks them who will sign first. They both don’t say anything; he asks them if they are still thinking about it. Christobal takes the pen and sign. Aldonza takes the pen, tears start flowing on her cheek, and her hands shakes. She hesitates, and tells them she can’t, she doesn’t want to divorce him and they kiss. Renato and Pato smile, the judge asks them if he can annul their divorce. They both say yes and he congratulates them. they meet with Renato and Pato at the reception.
They both congratulate them. Renato and Christobal shakes hands and make peace. Renato informs Aldonza that he is leaving Santa Lucia and left Pato in charge. She hopes he is going after Silvia. Pato gives her an envelope from Humberto. Irma informs Lola she wants to make her a partner of her shop. her grandparent show up and interrupts their conversation. Aldonza asks Christobal what would happen if she is unable to give herself to him. He asks her no to think about it and kiss her then makes some promises to her from the theme song. Aldonza and Christobal give the good news to Emmanuel. He asks Emmanuel to watch over Aldonza and leave, Aldonza thanks him for making her see reasons. Dominga gives Lola a picture of her father and two scapulars for her and Emmanuel. Nava comes to El Santuario to propose Valeria’s offer to Aldonza, she listen to him until he finish his speech. She tells him she and her brother are the only owners of El Santuario, then shows him Humberto’s will. Emmanuel asks Don Camilo to escort Nava out; Don Camilo rather drags him out. Nava goes straight to the police station and gives the news Valeria and Prudencia.

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