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Shadows Of The Past Episode 134

Shadows Of The Past Episode 134

Shadows Of The Past Episode 134

Severiano strangles Humberto to death then quickly rushes to call the doctor. The doctor checks and records the time of time, Severiano offers to inform his family. Valeria is taken away, the inspector advice Prudencia she contacts their lawyer just at that moment she received a call. Severiano informs her about the death of Humberto. Prudencia also informs her Valeria has been arrested. Don Camilo informs Lola about Mari visits but Lola refuses to see them. Emmanuel asks him to let them in, Uriel start with apologizing to Emmanuel. Prudencia visits Valeria in jail. she asks Valeria to be strong and tells her about her father’s death. Valeria breaks down and ask her to leave and starts crying. Severiano tells Nava to do everything possible to get Valeria out. She will be the only one to inherit El Santuario so he needs to win her trust again. Prudencia comes out and meets them at the reception. Severiano asks her to calm down and promise her everything will be fine. Uriel and Emmanuel shake hands and make peace after Mari apologies to them. Emmanuel tells Mari he holds no grudges against her. Joaquin leaves the house but lies to his son he going on a trip and will be back soon. Lola, Emmanuel and Aldonza get to hospital and Emmanuel decides to ask for information at the reception. Severiano comes out and walks pass them without saying a word to them.
The doctor soon follows, and informs them about Humberto death. Renato joins them and sees Emmanuel crying, he consoles Aldonza. Severiano meets Christobal and his mother at the entrance of the hospital. Candela tells him they came to see Humberto. he requests they go and change into their funeral dress. Humberto is dead; Candela asks him if he is satisfied now but he tells her he is also hurt. Candela doesn’t believe him and calls him a hypocrite; he informs them about Valeria’s arrest. He tells them Humberto will be buried right away. Renato informs Aldonza that Valeria has already been arrested. Tomorrow is the final hearing for her divorce with Christobal. He asks her if she still want to go ahead. she says yes but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Aldonza tells Renato he might be in love with Silvia and suggests he thinks about it. Emmanuel, Christobal and others carry Humberto casket to the cemetery follow by everyone. Severiano stands from a distance and watch them. Valeria cries in the cell and blames herself for killing her father.
Prudencia cries uncomfortably, Candela holds her shoulders to console her. After the burial Candela runs into Emmanuel but Lola begs her to respect his feeling. Emmanuel asks her to calm down, and decides to listen to Candela; she assures him she is very sorry for the death of his father. the truth is Humberto has always been a father to him.

she takes advantages and asks him to forgive her for whatever she did to him. She knows it won’t be easy for him to forgive her but she still wanted to tell him. For the love of her son and what people will say she committed a lot of mistakes that she doesn’t think even deserve God’s forgiveness. She cleans her tears and tells him she hopes he get married to Lola and walks away. Candela asks Melesio to take her where Raymundo died. Lola tells Emmanuel about her mother’s disappearance, she was pregnant for Severiano. Emmanuel tells her about the coffin he found in the river. The police told him it was the body of a pregnant woman, she freaks out immediately but he asks her to calm down.
He promises to take her to the police for more information. Valeria insists that what happens with her father was an accident. Aldonza is responsible for what happen, the inspector asks her how is Aldonza responsible for the accident. Valeria tells him because he destroyed her life, she is responsible for her father’s death, she should be the one in jail not her. Prudencia also add that Aldonza was also her husband’s lover. The inspector asks her not to interfere; Valeria is the one making her statement not her. The inspector asks Valeria to tell him what happen. Prudencia interfere again and Nava asks her to listen to the inspector and keep quiet if she wants to help. Prudencia turns to the inspector and tells him Valeria wanted to kill Aldonza not her father. Valeria yells at her to keep quiet and they end up yelling at each other until they take Valeria back to her cell. Lola and the rest comes to police and Lola tells the inspector her mother was Severiano’s lover. He asks her if can identity the body she says yes and he leads to the morgue. She sees the coffin and recalls the night she saw the coffin at the back of Severiano’s truck.
Emmanuel wants to go and confront Severiano but Aldonza once again reminds him Severiano is a murder. Mari goes to the Law firm and asks Pato what will happen to Valeria’s child if she sentenced. Her parents want to file for custody of the child because he is the son of her brother. Pato takes advantage and tries to convince her to accept his proposal but she refuses. Emmanuel informs Christobal that his father will be arrested any moment from now. Christobal asks him what he did this time. Emmanuel tells him for killing Simonetta, Lola’s mother; Christobal goes home and informs his mother. Severiano notices the cops in front of his house at a distance and stops his car.

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