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Shadows Of The Past Episode 129

Shadows Of The Past Episode 129

Shadows Of The Past Episode 129

Candela decides to shot the pillow instead; she points the gun back at him and assures him she is not an idiot to end up in jail because of him. Christobal opens the door and sees his mother holding the gun at his father. She asks him not to worry, it is nothing, she is only saying goodbye to his father because he no longer lives here with them. Christobal get closer to her and begs her to give him the gun, but she refuses. She won’t until his father leaves her house at once, Christobal asks his father to obey her. Severiano request to at least get some stuff and change but she refuses, he is leaving with what is on him and nothing else. Christobal begs his father to leave, Irma advises Mari on her Lola Pato issue, she wants Mari to give it a try with Pato because Lola doesn’t love him. Mari tells her Lola is also angry at Emmanuel, her mother assures her what happen isn’t her fault. Mari reaction says otherwise, her mother asks her she hopes she is not responsible. Candela holds the gun pointing at Severiano and leads him outside Las Animas. Dominga and Christobal follow her, she refuses he takes anything along. All the workers hears them and gather to watch, Severiano barefooted with only his pajamas on been chased out of Las Animal. Severiano tells her she can’t do this to him and threatens to take her to court. She asks him to leave, she is ready to face him in court but right now she wants him out. Christobal begs his father not to make things difficult and asks him to leave.
Candela shouts at him to leave quickly, Severiano wants to take his stuff, she tells him she will send to him and asks him to leave. She yells at him to walk quickly, she stands at the gate and watches him leave in shame. Severiano gets to the gate and turns to face her, Candela shoot again over his shoulder. Severiano turns and finally leave Las Animal. Valeria reproaches her mother for mixing vodka and orange juice to take her pills at breakfast. Prudencia tells her it was her doctor who recommended it, to help her calm her nerves. She tells her moreover that what people do in Europe, Valeria tells her she is having a drinking problem. Prudencia reminds her she has a bigger problem, Valeria agrees but it was thanks to her. Prudencia reminds her she wasn’t the one having sex with Aberlado and asks her not to blame her. Valeria decides to leave to fix her problem and runs into Renato at the door. Renato introduces him to Prudencia and hands over the divorce papers to her. Candela informs the workers Severiano is no longer in Las Animal, no longer working in Las Animals. He is doesn’t have any right in Las Animals and he is no more their boss. From now on their new boss is her son, Christobal, they should report to only him.
Christobal asks them to return to work and begs them not to say anything about what happen. Candela hands over the gun to Christobal and he asks her to tell him the truth about what happen. Severiano goes to Simonetta’s house, and calls Nava to join him immediately. Christobal follows his mother inside and insists she tells him the truth but she refuses. Christobal informs her about Severiano attack on Father Jeronimo. Nava informs Severiano about what the legal things they can do against Candela for throwing out of the house with a gun. Severiano tells him for the meantime he should find a way to oblige Candela to make him return in his house. He also wants him to start with the divorce process and state the reason as Candela’s infidelity with the priest. Valeria goes to Las Animals and requests to speak with Severiano. The workers inform her he no longer live here, they also don’t know where he is.

Christobal takes his mother to visit Father Jeronimo, they meet Aldonza and Emmanuel there. Christobal informs them his father no longer lived in Las Animals. His mother throws him out with a gun and leave without giving details. Aldonza wonders if she heard him right and Emmanuel assures her she did. She wonders what happen, he tells her it is not important, but he going to buy a bottle of tequila to celebrate. Candela tells the priest Severiano is a monster, he asks her not to worry he already knows. He notices she is a bit sad but she tells him it is nothing and asks him to forgive her.
Severiano swears to Christobal that he didn’t do anything to Candela. Valeria goes to Simonetta’s house to talk with Severiano but he refuses to let her in. She asks him to help her but he refuses and makes it clear to her that he will never accept her child as his grandson. Valeria asks him to get ready to face the consequences. She threatens to tell everyone, especially Christobal about what happen between them. Severiano asks her what does she wants, she tells him he either helps her or she accuses him of rape. Severiano grabs her arm and pulls her inside and closes the door. Valeria goes to the doctor and request to have an abortion; he refuses so she decides to leave and have it elsewhere. Prudencia informs Valeria that Humberto already asks her for a divorce. Valeria tells her she doesn’t care and goes straight to her room. The inspector informs Uriel that Adriano is dead; Uriel wants to know what will happen to his son case. The inspector tells him there is nothing they can do since the prime suspect is dead. They have no evidence to link the death of his son to Severiano. Prudencia graduates from drinking in glass to drinking directly from the bottle. Christobal gets a phone and agrees to meet with the person. Candela tries to find out who it was but he refuses to tell her and informs her he is going out. Renato notices Silva’s sad mood and questions her but she assures him she is fine. He later overhears her call Tomas to meet with him.
Uriel enters Mari’s room; she takes advantage and asks him about the person who paid off her mother’s debt. They realized it must be Lola who paid off the interest; Lola tries to find Alrando on the internet. Silvia ends her relationship with Tomas, Christobal meets with Valeria doctor. The doctor informs him about Valeria intention to have an abortion. Christobal tells him they have already convinced to keep the baby but the doctor tells him he is wrong. He shows the ultrasound result to him and tells Christobal at 12 weeks, she too advanced to have an abortion. Christobal tells him she can’t be 12 weeks pregnant, but the doctor assures him she is at least that what the ultrasound result stated. Christobal tells him if she is indeed 12 weeks, then the child isn’t his.

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