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Shadows Of The Past Episode 128

Shadows Of The Past Episode 128

Shadows Of The Past Episode 128

Severiano goes on his knee and begs. Don Antonio tells him he will kill him and free the town of an animal like him. Don Antonio asks him if he indeed Emmanuel’s father, he asks him to be grateful to Emmanuel. He won’t kill because of him and remind him that he Severiano now owe his life to Emmanuel. Don Antonio walks away and, Severiano says to himself he should have killed him. Aldonza and Emmanuel talk about her divorce with Christobal. they had already received the letter for the second and final hearing. He advises her to fight for their love but Aldonza feels it is not worth it. Christobal is the son of the man who hurt her the most in life. Emmanuel agrees but Christobal can’t be blamed for his father’s action, she begs him to stop insisting. What she and Christobal shared is very beautiful but there is no remedy. Especially after the death of their aunt, she takes the documents and goes to her room to cries.
Uriel shows up at his date late, but he gives her good news, the loan issue has been solved. She won’t lose the shop again; he tells her he only paid the principal amount. Someone already paid the interest, she wonders who and why but he doesn’t have any answers. Aldonza watches her rings and cries, Emmanuel soon interrupts her and feels he was only thinking about himself when he asks her not to leave with the priest. She knows she will be separated from her uncle but she has a lot of things to accomplish in Santa Lucia. She promise she will revive the farm, just like her did before; she will do anything to keep that promise with his held of course. Emmanuel wants to go visits Joaquin but he doesn’t want to leave her alone in the house. She asks him not to worry, Don Camilo is around moreover she has Don Antonio’s gun. He prefers she comes with him but she decides to go to the church to see her uncle. Emmanuel brings her to the church before heading to Joaquin; she enters the sacristy and sees Tomas attending to the priest’s wound. She asks him what happen and he tells her nothing. Tomas tries to tell her but the priest asks him to leave, Aldonza insists on knowing what happen to him. Candela sits in front of her dressing mirror and takes off her brace.
She starts massaging her neck and sees Severiano’s image behind her in the mirror. She manages to turn but sees no one; she sits properly facing the mirror. She sees him again in the mirror; she turns and sees him coming out of the shadow in the room. She asks what does he wants and tell him leave her room. He calls her his love and tells her he should have never allowed her to sack him from his own room. She sarcastically repeat his own room, Severiano says yes his own room and pushes her till she falls on the bed. They start struggling, and he tells her from now on he will not allow her to close the door again and uses his handkerchief to close to her mouth. She struggles until she becomes weak and can’t struggle anymore; Severiano takes advantages and caresses her. Candela begs him not to hurt her, he rips her dress off, licks his finger and continue to caress her. Father Jeronimo begs

Aldonza not to report Severiano against the attack. She wonders how long they will have to put up with Severiano evil deed. First it was her mother, his car accident, Adelina death, and what he did to her. he reminds her that had no evidence that it was him who shot her. She tells him she wasn’t referring to that, he asks what then she is referring. Aldonza doesn’t say anything, he begs her to tell him what Severiano did to her. She tells him years ago, hesitate, then sit beside him again and confesses to him that Severiano raped her. “When was that?” “Before we left town”, “and why didn’t you tell me”, “why didn’t you report him”. Aldonza tells him no one would have believed her.
Lulu knocks at the door and informs them Humberto is around. Dominga brings Candela’s drugs to her and notices that her door is opened. She enters and sees Candela holding herself on the floor crying in the dark, she quickly rushes to her. Candela tries to talk but she can barely open her mouth, she manages to say Severiano and Dominga quickly embrace her. Severiano enjoys his cigarette back in his room. Candela holds tight unto Dominga, Dominga kisses her forehead and hold her tight to console her. Lola console Christobal and asks him not to give up, Christobal tells her he lost all hope on getting back with Aldonza. Once they are divorce, he will have nothing left to fight for in this town. Dominga helps Candela to take her bath and wear a different dress. Candela assures her he will pay for raping her but begs Dominga not to tell anyone, especially Christobal. Dominga offer to give her a tranquilizer so she can sleep, but she refuses if she sleep Severiano will rape her again. Humberto runs into Emmanuel outside, Emmanuel tells him he doesn’t want to talk to him. He asks Humberto why he decided to put El Santuario in their names. Humberto tells him he is giving to him alone but him and his sister. Aldonza offers to take good care of the priest since it is his last night in Santa Lucia. Father Jeronimo informs her he is no more leaving, even if he has to give up on his vocation. Emmanuel tries to force himself into Las Animas but the guards stop him.
Christobal and Melesio intervene and ask them to allow him. Emmanuel wants to go in and confronts Severiano but Melesio calm him down. Emmanuel tells them Severiano went to the church to attack the priest. Severiano comes out and tells them the priest should be grateful he didn’t kill him. Emmanuel apologies to Christobal for treating him badly, he got mad at him because of his father; Christobal reminds him it is their father. Emmanuel tells him he can never accept Severiano as his father he prefers to be called a bastard. Pato joins Mari at the restaurant with a bouquet of rose. He informs her he broke up with Lola, Mari wants to go and confronts Lola but he asks her not to. He broke up with her, because he is in love with her. Lola tells reports to Melesio on Margo and Arlando love story, she still wants to look for him on the internet thought Marga asks her no to. Mari tells Pato it can’t be possible, she thinks her mother and Lola will speak ill of her. Pato tells Lola told him she only took the job because of him.
She says yes, and tells him she only loves him as a friend. Lola informs Melesio that she broke up with up. Mari comes to her mum crying, she could not accept Pato proposal and lied to him she only loves him as a friend. Pato tells Renato he broke up with Lola and confessed to her that he is in love with Mari. He proposed to Mari but she says she only sees him as a friend. Day break but Severiano is still sleeping, next thing someone point a gun at him. He opens his eyes and sees Candela holding a gun pointing at his head. He asks her what she is doing, she tells him paying back for what he did to her last night. He asks her to put it down, she doesn’t know how to use it, but Candela assures him she does. She will kill him like the dog he is and pulls the trigger.

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