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Shadows Of The Past Episode 116

Shadows Of The Past Episode 116

Shadows Of The Past Episode 116

Joaquin walks by and sees Flavia and Gonzalo having dinner. He stands there and watches them as she caresses his hand. Humberto asks Adelina how they found out. She tells him after they open Raymundo’s coffin. She gives him all the details and tells him all this while she thought the child was a girl. It never occurred to her that it was Emmanuel. Humberto asks her how Aldonza found out it was Emmanuel. Adelina tells him her niece is very stubborn. She added one or two thing together and even confronted Severiano. Humberto assures her she didn’t hear it from Severiano. He is too cynical to admit so easily. They feel guilty from hiding the truth; Adelina hopes Aldonza is able to forgive her. Aldonza goes to the police station and requests to speak with Emmanuel. The officer informs her he is not allowed to received visitor, he will soon be transferred. She starts arguing with him until Pato shows up. She tells him she is not allowed to visit Emmanuel.
Prudencia goes to see Valeria’s gynecologist. She tries to convince him to allow Valeria stay with her at home. She tells him since she is no longer bleeding she wants her to return home. She doesn’t want people to start calling her name because Valeria and Christobal are not yet married. Aldonza goes to see Renato; he tries to inform her father’s body at the grave. She tells him she can’t handle it at the moment. She just discovers a lot of thing after opening the coffin. She tells him the baby was never a girl but boy. He is still alive and he is Emmanuel. Renato asks her if it is same Emmanuel in jail, she says yes his own father send him to jail. Candela and Severiano plan their next move, operation “denies being the father of Emmanuel”. She tells him Valeria has started asking a lot question. She is getting worried now; he asks what she told her, she says nothing. She tells him if Christobal ever find out that Emmanuel is his half-brother. He will never forgive them. They begin to blame each other for what happen.
Severiano reminds her it was her idea to take that child away from Roberta. She also reminds him that all this won’t happen if he didn’t have an affair with Roberta. He assures her he didn’t regret it because Roberta is much better woman than her. She gets angry and slaps him. He advises her to go lock herself up in her room because

Christobal will come for explanation. Irma asks Mari what he relationship with Severiano, she tells her nothing. They were talking about Valeria’s pregnancy and remind her she and Valeria are friends. Her mother tells her not to visit Valeria in that house again. Christobal gets home and starts yelling and banging his father’s office door and demand he opens his door. Severiano pays no attention to him, he rather smoke his cigar peacefully. After several attempts he goes straight to his mother’s door and start yelling and banging the door for her to open. She also pays no attention to him and keeps praying her rosary. Lola goes to the candy shop and asks Marga if she dating Melesio. Melesio gathers a lot of worker alongside with Joaquin with the intention of saving Emmanuel. They all show up at the police station, Aldonza and her legal team also joins them. They inform the inspector they have some information about Emmanuel’s case.
Melesio tells him he is a worker of Severiano Mendoza. Renato tells the inspector Melesio had some vital information to prove Emmanuel’s innocent. Melesio tells him Emmanuel didn’t steal the horse, he gave it to him and all the workers nod their heads in approval. Marga starts laughing at Lola for thinking she is dating her grandfather. Lola reminds her it is a very important issue for her and Dominga but Marga keeps laughing. She assures Lola she is not dating Melesio. Lola tells her he mentions her name in his sleep, she thinks it is another Marga not her. Lola asks her for forgiveness and begs her not to tell Dominga about their conversation. Melesio and his gang continue with their commotion at the police station. Prudencia enters Humberto’s office and wonders why he is drinking at his time. But she is here for another reason; she wants him to convince Valeria to return home. Humberto listen to her as she continues with her explanation. All of a sudden he stands up and bangs the table and orders her to shut up. He asks her if she can’t worry about him even if it is just for a second. She tells him Valeria is his daughter; there is nothing more important than her. He tells from now going his and Emmanuel life will change. Nava is furious; things are not going according to their plans. Renato tells the inspector with the new evidence that was presented; his client should be released immediately. Nava tells them they initiated the whole things.
Pato informs Lola about Emmanuel’s case, she decides to join them. Nava informs Severiano that he is needed at the police station to give another statement. He refuses to come and orders him to get Emmanuel transferred as soon as possible. Candela waves her hand is disapproval, she tells him Christobal will never forgive them if he sends his son tojail. She takes the phone from him and orders Nava to drop all the charges against Emmanuel. Adelina informs the priest that Aldonza already know that Emmanuel is her brother. Humberto also confirmed it; Emmanuel thanks his friend back in the jail. The officer show up and free all of them, he also informs Emmanuel that he is also free. They start shouting and jubilating at the police station. Veronica and Don Antonio join them, Melesio suggest they go celebrate. Aldonza volunteers her house, Father Jeronimo calls Humberto. He informs him about Emmanuel freedom, he wishes he will finally tell the truth to Emmanuel. He invites him to join them to celebrate Emmanuel freedom at Aldonza’s place but he refuses. Lola calls Dominga to invite her to join them in the celebration. Dominga refuses to come; she is not in the mood to celebrate. She is still waiting for Melesio, Lola tells her he is with them.

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