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Shadows Of The Past Episode 113

Shadows Of The Past Episode 113

Shadows Of The Past Episode 113

Severiano interrupts their conversation and tells Mari she is always welcomed in his house. Mari excuses herself and leave. The priest visits Emmanuel in jail and gives him some words of encouragement. Renato goes crying to Adelina about his broken heart, Aldonza promised him she was going to give him a chance to get to know each other. But the Christobal came to interfere into their plan. Adelina asks him why he keep insists when he knows very well she is still in love with Christobal. Renato tells her it is because he loves her, she begs him to take Aldonza away from Santa Lucia. That is if she ever gets divorce from Christobal. The police Inspector reads Emmanuel’s verdict to him in the presence of Silvia and Pato. He will be transferred to another prison. Silvia asks him not to worry and promise they will get him out. Severiano questions Valeria about her conversation with Mari, he asks her how many men are she slept with.
She tells him her relationship with Aberlado was nothing serious, moreover both Christabal and Candela know about it. Severiano promises to keep her secret on her condition that she re-transfers the ownership of El Santuario in his name. Humberto assures Aldonza she will be fine. She asks him to let Christobal know that she doesn’t want to see him. Emmanuel and Pato have a chit chat about Lola. Candela goes to see the bishop to plead with him not to transfer the priest. She puts in some good words on his behalf. The bishop finds it a very strange that she is praising him while someone else came to complain about the priest attitude. She tries to find out who it was but the bishop refuses to tell her. The priest informs Renato and Adelina that Christobal brought Aldonza to Humberto’s clinic.
Humberto confronts Christobal for his behavior and tells him while he left with Aldonza. Valeria was here fighting for her life and the life of their baby. Humberto tells him Valeria is now with his parents and suggests he goes see her. Christobal agrees to go but first he has to see Aldonza. Humberto prevents him and informs him Aldonza doesn’t want to see him. Christobal leaves the clinic and runs into Renato, Adelina and the priest.

Father Jeronimo has to come between the two men to prevent them from fighting. Uriel questions Mari about relationship with Lola’s boyfriend Pato. Christobal comes home and gets into an argument with his father. Don Camilo informs Melesio and Lola that Christobal and Aldonza are back but Aldonza is sick. Christobal comes to Valeria’s room to see her; she assures him it was not her intention to lose the baby. She got angry when she heard about him and Aldonza after he made her feel they have a chance together. Christobal tells her he never gave her any hope.
Renato tries to convince Aldonza to press charges against Christobal for kidnapping her but she refuses. He later informs her on phone about Emmanuel’s case, she quickly calls Christobal to inform him. She begs him to plead with his father to drop the charges against Emmanuel. Nava also gives the news to Severiano, Dominga brings him his food but he tells her he is going to celebrate with a bottle of tequila. He tells her to inform Candela not to wait for him and leave. Christobal pleads with father to forgive Emmanuel but Severiano refuses. Christobal promises to stay with Valeria and her baby in order for him to drop the charges. Severiano tells him that is the right things to do, however he can consider his proposition if he promises him to stay away from Aldonza. Christobal tells him his love for Aldonza is not negotiable. Severiano also tells him Emmanuel’s freedom is not negotiable. Dominga wraps the candy house that Candela gave her and offers it to Melesio as their wedding anniversary. They smooch in the kitchen for some time then decide to open the gift; Melesio tells her he has already seen it before. Severiano plays with his rifle when Candela enters his office. She calls him name and accuses him of trying to get the priest transferred.
Dominga tells Melesio Candela gave the candy house to her, she thought it was a gift from the priest.
Melesio tells her if he can remember very well one of his friends made this candy house for the girl he loves. Dominga tries to get the lady’s name but Melesio doesn’t know all he remembers is that she had big eyes. Aldonza cries to her uncle that once he needs they will be no one to take care for her. Don Antonio assures Silvia and Pato that he will make Severiano drops the charge against Emmanuel. Prudencia shows up at the law firm and tries to convince Silvia that Tomas is only interested in her money. Silvia calls Tomas and cancels their date. Severiano and Don Antonio meet a bar, Severiano tells him he is waiting his time if he intends to plead with him. Don Antonio assures him he has no intention of begging him. Renato informs Aldonza there are no record of her sister, both her birth and dead certificate. Her sister doesn’t exist at the registry general.

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