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Shadows Of The Past Episode 104

Shadows Of The Past Episode 104

Shadows Of The Past Episode 104

Candela calls Valeria stupid and asks her why she did such a thing. Valeria tells her Christobal doesn’t want have anything to do with her, because of Aldonza. Candela assures her Christobal will never forgive her when he found out she was the one who shot Aldonza. Valeria tells her Aldonza has already been discharged, Candela asks her how she knew about it. Valeria tells her she called the hospital, Candela gets angry again as asks her what is wrong with her. How she can do such a stupid thing, Valeria tells her she wanted to know what was happening. Candela asks her about the rifle, Valeria tells her it is her and Candela asks her to bring it to her. Tomas cleans the status while talking to it; Prudencia stands behind him and smile. She confronts him when he start talking about Silvia. Tomas turns and sees her. Joaquin and Silvia discuss about his chance of having full custody of his son, she asks him not to worry. As soon as his divorce is finalized, they can start with the process. He tells her he is a bit worried because mostly after the divorce the mother wins custody of their child. She agrees with him but reminds him they are also exceptions. Joaquin enters the boy’s room and notices he isn’t there, he searches everywhere but nothing.
Tomas drags Prudencia out to continue with their conversation. Tomas tries to deny but she is sure of what she is heard. She demands to know who is that lady who is rubbing her of his love; Tomas tells her he nothing to explain to her. He tells her they are no in a relationship, she tries to explain but he tells her he is not interested. He reminds her that he even tried to kill himself and she did not even bother to show up. She tells him she was confused, and tries to convince him but he refuses and leave. She stops him and tries to tempt him, she starts kissing him and touching him but he pushes her away. Father Jeronimo reprimands Adelina for not informing him about Aldonza incident. She tells him she called his house several time but he didn’t pick up. He doesn’t understand how she couldn’t insist that she spent the night in the hospital. She assures him she tries to convince her but Aldonza didn’t want to listen to her. He asks her if they have any evidence that it was Severiano who shot Aldonza. Valeria asks her father about Aldonza’s condition, he tells her she is fine. He treated her and she was discharged the same night, she asks him why he treated her.
He informed her he is a medical doctor and it is his duty to treat patient. Moreover he has no problem with Aldonza, she tells him she has and he should have allowed her die. Aldonza destroyed her life, she hates her, and if she dies all her problems will be solved. Renato asks Aldonza why no one informed him about her condition and informs her he is coming over. She asks him to calm down, she is doing fine and he doesn’t have to come to her house. Valeria comes to the law firm; Mari leads her to Renato’s office, and lets her in while Renato is on phone.

Valeria tells him she came to discuss something very delicate with him. Valeria asks Renato they should work together and make sure Aldonza and Christobal get divorce as soon as possible. He doesn’t even allow her to finish taking then opens his door and asks her to leave. Renato tells Mari not to allow someone in his office without an appointment especially when he is on the phone. He informs Silvia about Aldonza’s condition and leaves the office to visit her. Christobal walks on Candela as she put the rifle beside the fireplace, she tells him after his accusation last night.
She wanted to take a look at it, he tells her they were right when they told him they were home yesterday. She leaves and he takes the rifle to check it. Emmanuel receives two gifts, he opens the first one and it is riding cloth. He sees a card inside and read it, the gifts came from Veronica. Someone calls Mari to inform her she won a television and advises she claims her prize right away. Mari quickly leaves the office without informing anyone. Lola planed the whole thing, as soon Mari leaves, she thanks the man and goes inside the law firm. The doctor examine Flavia, she tells him she sees blood particle when she cough. He suspects she has Tuberculosis but they need to make x-ray first. He asks her not to worry it is curable with the appropriate treatment. Joaquin’s call interrupts their conversation, he tells her about Ray’s disappearance. She gets up and tries to leave but she collapses, she wakes later on a hospital bed. The doctor tells her what happen and tells her he want to check her for diabetes.
She tries to leave but he asks her not to worry, Renato will inform them if there is any development. Mari gets to the place to claim her prize but the receptionist tells her no one called her and there is no prize for her. Lola and Pato enjoys their lips back in his office, he asks her how she managed to get in without his secretary. She tells him she didn’t see any secretary, the door was open when she came in. Silvia comes into Pato’s office looking for Mari but no one seems to know where she is. Renato is taking his boyfriend role too serious, he visits Aldonza and continues with the same arguments. Emmanuel tries the outfits for Veronica, and thanks her; she takes off his hat and kisses him. She throws him on the bed, takes off her jacket and continues kissing him. Joaquin get home and Ray comes running to him, he hugs him his tells him he went to look for his mother but he didn’t find her. Joaquin calls Flavia to inform her that Ray is home. Christobal and Renato meet at the entrance of Aldona’s house, Renato tells him his parent must be responsible for what happen to Aldonza. He even suggests Christobal is their accomplice; Christobal gets angry and attack him. Camilo breaks them apart to avoid more casualties, and remind them this is not way of settling differences. Adelina tries to stop Christobal from seeing Aldonza but she comes down and accepts to see him. Christobal agrees to stop insisting that she gives him another not because he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t want his parents to continue hurting her; he walks to her and kiss her forehead. He leaves and she starts crying

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