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Shadows Of The Past Episode 093

Shadows Of The Past Episode 093

Shadows Of The Past Episode 093

After their passionate kiss they decide to talk about the whole issue. he tells Aldonza he went to look for Emanuel but he didn’t find him, however, he learnt he won the competition. He called Dominga and she told him they are not brother and sister. Aldonza tells him may be his parent changed the result, Lola and Mari continue with their argument about Emanuel. until Mari insults Lola’s mother, Lola gets angry and slaps her, Mari slaps her back and they start fighting. Aldonza tells Christobal, she is a bit concerned about what his parent can do to her uncle. he tries to assure her but she quickly kisses him again. Christobal tells her he knew his heart could not deceived him. Lola shows up at the shop all messy with bleeding lips. Irma tries to take care of her wound but she refuses and advises her to go check on Mari. Severiano knocks at Valeria’s door but she doesn’t answer. he enters her room and notices that she is in bathroom.
he sees her night dress on bed and walks towards it, he fingers it smoothly, then smell it and put it down before she comes out of the bathroom. he tells her he only came to welcome her and leave, she notices that her night dress was tempered with, Dominga brings tea to Candela and notices that she going through some old stuff, she asks her if she trying to get rid of Father Jeronimo’s picture, she says yes because he betrayed her, she thought he was an honest man, incapable of .. Dominga interrupts her and asks her what? Telling the truth, and reprimand her for her action, Candela tells her she is not in the mood to listen to her sermon, but Dominga continue talking, until Candela gets angry and knock the tea on the table shouting at Dominga to leave her alone, Dominga leaves the room and Candela cries and curses the day she fell in love with father Jeronimo, and eventually throws the tea cup on the floor, Dominga eavesdrop behind the door. Irma takes care of Mari wound and scolds for insulting Lola’s mother, but Mari tells her she only told her the truth, and get annoyed at her mother for always defending Lola.
Pato takes care of Lola wound, she asks him if he dint want her back because he thought she is savage, he tells her no, he knows she is in love with Emanuel so he accepted it, but she tells him she like him a lot, and confesses to him that she was blinded by the love she felt for Emanuel that she didn’t notice, he then kiss her, Aldonza offers to take Christobal home but she refuses.

she removes her scapular from her neck and put it on his neck, he asks her to promise him that no one will ever separate them again, they kiss, Prudencia tries to convince Valeria to come back home, but Valeria tells her it is her only chance to be closer to Christobal and she is not going to miss it, Prudencia suggests she convinces Candela to also allow her stay with them but Valeria refuses, Silva asks for the death certificate of Aldonza father and sibling so she can exhume their body, Aldonza promises her to give it to her as soon as possible, Adelina burns the death certificate, Severiano tells Candela and Valeria that he intends to inform the authority if Christobal doesn’t show up, Christobal enters and tells them it won’t be necessary, they try to questions his whereabouts, but he tells them he rather needs answers and asks them about the lie that made up to separate him with Aldonza, Tomas informs the priest he wants to help in the church, they continue with their discussion until the police show up, Candela tells him they only told they might be siblings, he accuses them of changing the DNA result, but she denies it, Severiano get angry, knocks the table and demands he respect them. Christobal informs them he is going to marry Aldonza and there is nothing they can do about it, Severiano asks him not to be sure because at the moment Father Jeronimo may already be in jail, Father Jeronimo agrees to go with the police but Tomas tries to prevent his arrest.
the priest asks him to inform Aldonza so she can call their lawyer, and he leave with the police, Aldonza informs Lola and Adelina that they are having their church wedding tomorrow, Tomas shows up and informs them about the priest’s arrest, Aldonza informs Renato about Jeronimo’s arrest, they agree to meet at the police station, Valeria enters Christobal’s room and informs him that she is only here because her parent are fighting, but he thinks his mother did that to bring them together once again, she asks him to be tranquil and remind him she is not here because of him and leaves his room, Valeria suggests to Candela she convinces Severiano to drop the charges, because Christobal is already angry about the lie, and if the priest get arrested for telling the truth, he may never forgive them, Aldonza is finally allowed to see her uncle, she feels responsible for his arrest but he assures her he doesn’t regret what he did, the most important things is her happiness, Candela tries to convince Severiano to drop the charges against the priest but he refuses, she reminds him that they are losing their son but he care less, they start arguing until Melesio and Dominga interrupt them to confess that she is the priest accomplices, she helped him in forging the document, so if the priest is in prison, she should at well be arrested.

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