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Shadows Of The Past Ep. 028

Shadows Of The Past Ep. 028

Severiano’s mistress Mrs. Alvetrie pays a surprise visit to him at his apartment in Las animas. She arrives and meets his absent, she introduces herself to candela as a widow who has come over to see Mr. Severiano to learn about ranch management she needs the experience to manage the ranch her husband left behind for her, candela immediately becomes fond of her after their chat. Severiano sees her and becomes so nervous, he asks her to follow him into his office, she is about caressing him but he warns her to stop and asks her what she wants here,   she tells him she only came over to see the beautiful and great Las animas ranch and she also misses him. Severiano tells her that coming over to his house was a very stupid decision on her side and walks her out of his house; he tells her he will not allow her to ruin his marriage.

Prudencia gets home and as usual nags at her husband, she tells him he made her a laughing stock of all the people of Santa Lucia, now everyone know that he is having an affair with Aldonza. Humberto shouts at her to stop saying nonsense since there is nothing going on between them and asks her if she really even think that Aldonza can even being interested in him looking very old as such. Prudencia then discloses to Humberto on how she has put Aldonza girl at her rightful place by stoning her like Mary Magdalene and Humberto in all furiousness tells Prudencia that she is crazy and therefore can’t sleep beside a woman like that. Father Jeronimo tries all his best to convince Aldonza to stop that foolishness of going to live at el-Santuario since it is going to cause more problems for them but Aldonza still insists on going to stay there she tells him it is her nurturing home and nothing is going to scare her away from the place, she will definitely claim what is rightfully hers.

Mr. Uriel goes to see Cristobal’s parents to inform about what Cristobel what Cristobal did his son, Candela is shocks, she doesn’t believe her son can beat Abelardo to the extent of leaving him bedridden, she decides to call him to find out, Cristobal comes and tells them he knows nothing this, Cristobal feels bad and leave because his parent couldn’t defend him. Prudencia after her husband left goes to see father Jeronimo to ask him to control Aldonza, she tells him to ask Aldonza to stop seducing her husband, father Jeronimo stops her from insulting his niece and tells her the one who deserves to be controlled is rather her and not his niece. He warns her that if she ever attacks his niece even with her words, he will take her to the police himself since he can’t continue to have her go about to disgrace his niece and if she dares to do that again she will have him to contend with, Prudencia becomes nervous and tells him she has never been threatened by a priest all her life except him and she will never forget that.

Aldonza goes to their old apartment at el-Santuario, unfortunately for her Cristobal arrives, she tells him not to worry she is on way back she is fully aware it is their property, but Cristobal ask her to stay, he takes the opportunity to find some answers from her, he wants to know the reason why Aldonza left Santa Lucia without saying anything to him. Aldonza then asks him to go ask his father since he was the one who made them leave. Whiles they keep talking, Cristobel becomes eomotional, he pulls Aldonza closer to him and try to kiss her but she decide to walk away.

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