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Sebastian Rulli to star alongside with Angelique Boyer in “Como Tres Gotas De Agua”

Sebastian Rulli to star alongside with Angelique Boyer in “Como Tres Gotas De Agua”

Sebastian Rulli confirmed in an interview that he will be working together again with his girlfriend Angelique Boyer in “Como Tres Gotas De Agua” which is a forthcoming Mexican telenovela that is scheduled to premiere in 2016. It is an adaptation of the telenovela, Lazos de amor which was produced by Carla Estrada in 1995.

“Yes, I am officially in the project, until  few days ago I did not know, all we knew was that Angelique Boyer was the protagonist of these three important and good characters, thank God everything went well and I am also part I hope the public is as happy as I am” Sebastian Rulli confirmed in an interview.

“We are partners and we really understand each other, we have the confidence to talk, to respect each other space, I think it will be an amazing experience, I definitely think it will be the last telenovela we do together, “he concluded his statements on the issue.”

The actors confirm their relationship in September 2014, through social media “First coworkers, then friends and THANKS to God’s perfect timing, we are united today by the love we feel for each other,” he said. “And we want to continue walking together, with our feet on the ground and our eyes toward the moon. We’re a couple!” tweeted Sebastian Rulli alongside with a picture.

  Angelique Boyer also took it to Instagram with the post below: 


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