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Road To Destiny Episode 8

Road To Destiny Episode 8

Road To Destiny Episode 8

Pedro joins his family in the kitchen; Amelia hasn’t changed her attitude towards him. Fernanda wonders what her father and Luis talk about. Pedro notices her attitude and wonder if she is ok. The nun questions Fernanda and Camilla about her missing violin. Fernanda tells her she found it at her doorsteps. The nun intends to find out who stole the violin in the first place. Pedro helps Amelia to set her food stand. Amelia tells him she is tired to pretending to everyone that he is Fernanda’s father. Pedro loves Fernanda like his own yes, Amelia agrees but she is not. She is Luis Montero child, can’t he understand. Fernanda scores another goal at the match; the nurse joins them to play. Camilla and Fernanda take advantage and run away from school. Fernanda comes out and meet with Felipe, she is needed in court. she can’t stay for long because she has class. He assures her it won’t take long; she only has to rectify something. She also wants him to take her to see Carlos. Pedro asks Amelia if has been in touch with Luis recently. He wonders if her cold recent behavior is attributed to her meeting with Luis. Amelia doesn’t need to speak with Luis to know he is doing well. She always believed in him and he had dream to become a lawyer. Pedro doesn’t understand why she keeps defending Luis. He wishes he can see him and confront him, Amelia surely knows how to make Pedro feel inferior. She tells him not to waste his time because he can’t compare himself to Luis.
Marisa and Luis walk around to enjoy Pedro’s work. Amelia continues to be rude to Pedro, she claims Pedro didn’t give her the luxurious life she deserve. She asks him to be grateful she married him. she married him because she had no other choice and walks away. Fernanda visits Carlos in the hospital, she wants to know if he knows what her father and Luis spoke about. Carlos tells her he wants to check her pause to see if she is ok. He uses her hand to touch his chest and kiss her. the mean girls report Fernanda absence to the teacher. Fernanda and Carlos share their first long and passionate kiss. She smiles and wonders if she really touched his heart. Carlos has never been so sincere in his life, they both admit the like each other. Isabella comes home to see Carlos, Marisa tells her he already left. Isabella tells her she was rude and threw him out of her house. Carlos doesn’t want a jealous girlfriend in his life yet he plays the jealous kiss partner. Fernanda tells him he is jealous, he bends to kiss her when Felipe arrives. Felipe tells Fernanda he is her lawyer and she doesn’t have to hide stuff from him. he wants to know what she was talking about with Carlos. he invites her out and she refuses. Fernanda gets out of his car and he says to himself he saw Carlos was about to kiss her. he like Fernanda and won’t let Carlos have her. Camila confronts the mean girls about Fernanda’s violin.

Fernanda joins Camila just at that moment her phone rings. It is Felipe but he tells her not to let Fernanda knows it is him. Camila joins him at the gate, he lied to her that Carlos told him he likes her. Camila is all excited, Felipe asks her to convince Fernanda so they four of them can have dinner.
Fernanda day dream about her first kiss instead of eaten. Pedro tells himself his little daughter is in love, Carlos also daydream about the kiss. he calls Fernanda his beautiful school girl, just at that moment Isabella calls. She wants to speak with him, he tells her he is a busy. Camilla tells Pedro it was Carolina and her friend who broke Fernanda violin. Isabella complains to Marisa, she is sure Carlos is having a lover. Marisa advises her to control her jealousy and invite her for dinner in the evening. Mother superior interrupts class and calls Fernanda to her office. She wants to know what wrong with Fernanda because she has been missing class lately. Marissa tries to convince her father to go to the clinic instead of the general hospital. Fernanda prefers the general hospital because Carlos works there. she agrees to go with him so they can discuss about his will on their way. He wonder what will, she tells him the will he spoke with Blanca about. Fernando tells her he never discussed his will with Blanca. Pedro and Camilla help an old man to make a new violin for Fernanda. Camilla wants Fernanda to go with her on a date with Carlos. Felipe told her Carlos confessed he likes her. Fernanda can’t concentrate on her game and her team lost.
She goes to washroom and feels Carlos lied to her. Mariana tries again to talk to Carlos about the kiss but he refuses to listen to her. he doesn’t want the details of her relationship with Luis. She follows him to the examination room and tells him she and Luis dated in the university. She tries to explain further but he takes her out and asks her to leave. Mariana informs him about the father losing his memory. Fernanda inaugurates her new violin in the school staircase. Amelia feels her father will forgive her now after so many years. She decides to call the house and Blanca picks the call, Fernanda comes in and she hangs up. Fernanda wonder who she is talking to that made her cried. Camila and Fernanda lie to her and give Fernanda to go out. Fernand tries to kiss her but she refuses, Felipe calls Carlos to invite him for the dinner. Carlos feels it is the perfect excuse to see his school girl.

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